January 7, 2009


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January 7, 2009

  1. 1. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ja n 7, 2 0 0 9 THE BULLETIN Techno-Geek Ministry Manchester Church of Christ 66 Mammoth Rd. Manchester, NH 03109 603.623.5559 This year the church in So, what do you Manchester will be launching into say? Are you ready to do your mht_church@comcast.net delivering our worship services part in scattering the seed to the www.mhtcoc.org and some adult Bible classes to wide world (as in WWW, ha!)? the internet. We have the Elder’s Link: December technology; we just need hands to ""Go therefore and make serve. disciples of all the nations, Lee Davis – ladnlad@comcast.net baptizing them in the name of 547-8876 What specifically is the the Father and the Son and the Larry Glass – plan? We’d like to provide a video Holy Spirit, teaching them to larrycalling@yahoo.com of our first worship services every observe all that I commanded 887-1741 Sunday morning, and an audio of you; and lo, I am with you If you have any concerns that the our adult Wednesday night Bible always, even to the end of the elders should be aware of, or need study, too. It would require that a age."" Matthew 28:19, 20, to speak to with them, please person be willing to be at the NAS95. contact Lee or Larry this month. early services consistently, be Our Worship Services willing to always stay for Bible Sunday AM: 8:30 & 11:00 classes (time when the computer Bible Class: 10:00 would be rendering the video), and a little time after the Bible Sunday PM: 6:00 classes to format and upload the Small Groups: video to the internet. We’ll also West Side Small Group: 6:15PM at need someone (perhaps the same Doug Paul’s person) to record the Wednesday Merrimack Small Group: 6:00PM at night Bible class; it likewise needs Stuart Peacock’s to be someone willing to attend Nashua Small Group: 6:00PM at Paul consistently and do a little upload Mosier's work at the end of services. Park Wednesday PM Devotional/Bible will provide all the training Classes: 7:00 necessary – or find someone News Items? Please submit before more knowledgeable to provide it. 11AM each Tuesday. This Sunday morning our sermon study will John’s account of the arrest and early trial of Jesus be out of John 18. In John 17:1 Jesus says, " Father, Christ, the Son of God. the hour has come; glorify Your Son, that the Son may Sunday evening we’ll be glorify You," John 17:1, NAS95. In chapter 18 the discussing Isaiah in a Bible class format after our brief most momentous events of the seen and unseen devotional and communion (for those unable to attend universes begins to unfold: the most important the assembly in the morning) service. Come enjoy a accomplishment of a life of important discussion of some of the greatest passages in the accomplishments, the mortal wound given to death Hebrew Bible, found right in the book of Isaiah! itself, and the start of the seed of woman crushing the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). Come with your Bible in hand and your heart open to the message of PAGE 1
  2. 2. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ja n 7, 2 0 0 9 “So then you are no longer strangers and Our Family aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” Ephesians 2:19, NAS95. Coming up in January.. chemotherapy. Praise God!! Looking ahead We will be hosting a Life Line Screening New adult Bible classes Park will here on February 21st. They use New Members Please add the begin a new class tonight following to your directory: ultrasound technology to view entitled “Parables of Jesus”. Jim & Elizabeth Cryan, 112 plaque buildup in your arteries Mark Evans will begin Mammoth Rd, Pelham, NH and it takes 60-90 minutes to teaching a class this Sunday 03076, 603-508-6005 complete. More details are entitled “Money and Finances jamescryan@me.com posted on a flyer on the for Christians”. The class will bulletin board in the foyer. Gloria Ramirez, 200 Market be looking at scriptures, Gander Brook The scheduling of St., Unit 3108, Lowell, MA making practical application the canoe trip has been 01852, 978-551-2217 (yes, there will be homework), changed to reduce the camping Shut-ins There is a sign-up sheet time lost from senior weeks by and offering support for any posted on the bulletin board those on the trip. It will now be changes you may need to make for those who would like to from the Tuesday through in your finances. Saturday of 4th week. See the take the Lord's supper to the shut-ins. bulletin board for more details. Small group The singing small group will be meeting Encouragement needed Our sister Saturday, January 17th at the Doreen is still in the Elliot building. Dinner will begin at Hospital in room 675 and 6:00 followed by singing at could really use a call ,card or Wednesday Night Dinner Wednesday Night Supper 7:00. See Mark or Glenna visit. Please take a minute to Evans for further information. encourage her. Next week's menu is: This and that... Chicken, sausage & white bean pancakes What else? casserole Teen parent meeting There will scrambled eggs Thanksgiving Judy Rivera be a meeting during Bible class sausage & bacon Green beans received her pathology report next Wednesday to work on French bread and she is cancer free. She will the teen event calendar. We not need any radiation or will be in the double classroom Dessert after the devotional. Prayer Concerns Worship Leaders Health: Doreen Lee, Pat Arel, Bill Waisnor, Rosemary Landry, Clyde Sunday, January 11, 8:30AM Scripture ....................Gary D. Daggett, Dawn & Kassidy Law, Deniza Songs .........................Brandon H. Lord’s Supper .............Pete S. Chase’s niece, Marge Simon, Penny Prayers .....................Mark C. & Larry G. Coordinator ................Gerry M. Ranger, Manley Jones, Michael Scripture ....................Mark E. Anderson's brother, Diane Lord’s Supper ............Tom B. Sunday, January 11, 6:00PM Bridgewater Coordinator ...............Ken B. Songs..........................Mark E. Leadership: Ministers, Elders, Deacons Sunday, January 11, 11:00AM Wednesday, January 14, 7:00PM Evangelism: Bible studies in Songs ........................Paul M. Songs..........................Doug P. progress, our website, MNFM Prayers .....................Earl M. & Barry F. Return to the Lord: Brethren who have forsaken the assembly PAGE 2
  3. 3. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ja n 7, 2 0 0 9 Everlasting or Neverlasting There are two great of this temporary world, destined categories in this world — the to become moth food or otherwise "Now as they were everlasting things and the rust — ashes to ashes and dust to traveling along, He entered “neverlasting” things. dust; that’s the destiny of all things a village; and a woman in this world. named Martha welcomed This second category is a Him into her home. She made-up word; I’m not aware that Conversely, there are the had a sister called Mary, it is in any dictionary, but I think it things are everlasting — things who was seated at the does provide us an important that are seldom touchable, but Lord’s feet, listening to His category and description of things lasting and eternal. They are not word. But Martha was that the ordinary guy on the street mortal, temporary, or liable to distracted with all her sort of needs. Yes, there are words corruption. Our souls are preparations; and she like “temporal”, “mortal” and everlasting. Spiritual truth is came up to Him and said, “corruptible”, but they aren’t really everlasting. Heaven is everlasting. "Lord, do You not care that words that you’re likely to use on a The Gospel is everlasting. God’s my sister has left me to do daily basis — and be understood by Kingdom is everlasting. all the serving alone? Then others. But this isn’t an English tell her to help me." But lesson, this is a spiritual Sadly, our human nature the Lord answered and encouragement. tends to lean toward emphasis on said to her, "Martha, the neverlasting, the temporary, Martha, you are worried As we start off on a new things that are of this world. And, and bothered about so year, I’d like to suggest that of all of course, in truth, we must not many things; but only one the resolutions that we might completely neglect the thing is necessary, for make and keep this year, getting neverlasting things. We continue Mary has chosen the good our priorities in order might be the to need food, clothing, and shelter part, which shall not be most life changing and critical one and must spend some of our time taken away from her."" of all. And I’d like to suggest the and energies in procuring or Luke 10:38-42, NAS95. use of the two categories maintaining them. Our bodies, everlasting and neverlasting as a though destined to return to the Martha was quite guide for prioritization. I’d like to dust, must be fed, maintained, etc. concerned with the neverlasting suggest that the reason that we Our families, our relationships, preparations of the dinner. Mary often times don’t grow spiritually our tools all need our attentions. was engrossed in the everlasting as we’d like, don’t change as we But the question is whether the teachings the Master was sharing. know we should, don’t accomplish neverlasting things have become Martha complained to the Lord, the most important things with the most important things in our who explained to Martha about our lives is because we tend to lives to the exclusion of the choosing the best over the better, place the emphasis of our lives on everlasting. We choose the better the everlasting over the the neverlasting things rather than over the best. The neverlasting neverlasting. the everlasting things. things will never last and all our good efforts put into them will be Make every effort this new Neverlasting things are poured into things that will pass year to choose the best over the those things which don’t last, they away with time. The efforts put better, the everlasting over the never will. Our physical lives will into the everlasting, however, will neverlasting. never last. Our houses, no matter never pass away. how well built will never last. All the things that we purchase and This is the struggle and take such good care of will never balancing act of the story of Mary last. They are creations and objects and Martha in the Gospel of Luke. PAGE 3
  4. 4. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ja n 7, 2 0 0 9 Our Congregational Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Happy Birthday: Bible class 7PM Happy Cleon Hoggard Anniversary: Walter & Marcia Franklin 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Bible class 7PM Singing small Barbara Priscilla Jones group 6pm Steffensen & Penny Ranger Te e n N e w s Yo u n g A d u l t s • There will be a parent planning meeting • Come join us for Bible class on Sunday for the teen calendar next Wednesday. morning! Please give your parents any ideas you would like to see on the calendar. Our Statistics Sunday Morning Worship (combined) 207 Contribution $3,629.16 T he Ma n c h es te r c h u r c h o f C h r is t 66 M a m m o t h R d. M a n c h e s t e r , N H 03109 PAGE 4