Meeting Minutes 11 12 09


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This document is the minutes of the November 12, 2009 Shreveport EECS steering committee meeting.

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Meeting Minutes 11 12 09

  1. 1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY & CONSERVATION STRATEGY MEETING MINUTES MHSM #0907.00 NOVEMBER 12, 2009 Steering Committee: • Greg Coates • Jeanne Hamming • Stuart Crichton • Leia Lewis • Jeff Welborn Committee Members Absent: • Joe Pierce Jr. • Roy Griggs • Ian Webb • Lee Jeter Sr. Other Attendees: • Kim Mitchell • Bruce Hoffman • Patti Trudell • Murray Lloyd • Caroline Majors • Wes Wyche • Rachel McGee-Johnson Cc: • Lola Kendrick • Tim Wachtel 1
  2. 2. • Sharon Swanson • Richard Lane • Gala Daftary • Mike Strong • The meeting convened at 4:15 p.m. • There.were no corrections to the 11.5.09 meeting minutes. • Greg stated that he preferred the original graphic on the core group graphic. • The strategic doing comparison to strategic planning graphic is not legible. • Stuart suggested graphics to represent the impacts of the EECS projects. These graphics could represent savings, spending, employment, and dividend reinvestment. Greg volunteered at Bruce’s request to prepare a chart / graph. • Bruce reviewed each of the project activity sheets. • #2 Technical Consultant Services activity sheet: Stuart and Leia asked what obligation the City has to follow through on the recommendation to spend savings and on specific planning activities. Bruce explained that once the EECS is submitted the City is bound to use funds as submitted. If there are changes DOE must approve. • Stuart asked that funds be in a dedicated account for planning. Rachel suggested that a specific dollar amount be assigned to each of the planning projects. Leia asked that urban forestry and urban agriculture be listed as separate items, and as plan / programs. An explanation should be added to describe the funding stream for planning. • Jeff asked concerning the #8 Codes and Inspections activity sheet, if there are HERO inspectors in the area. Bruce indicated that there are approximately 16 in the state. • Wes mentioned that to be eligible for many DOE grants, including the retrofit ramp- up, it is mandatory to commit to energy code adoption. • In reviewing #3, Audits, Bruce stated that he could not verify whether local utilities provide free audits, or not. • Leia asked if new codes will require existing businesses to immediately come into compliance. Bruce stated that this applies to new buildings and renovations. • Activity sheet #5 Energy Efficiency Retrofits: Bruce described how a portion of leveraged energy savings funds are allocated to pay for planning activities. Bruce explained the HERO and PACE programs. • Wes expressed concern about the City committing to a bond sell. Bruce explained that leveraging dollars shown do not commit the City to sell bonds. 2
  3. 3. • Rachel said the following are finance mechanisms that could be considered for retrofits in addition to zero interest bond programs. - State Revolving loans. - 3rd party loans. - Energy Savings Performance Contract - PACE - On bill repayment • Bruce confirmed that the leveraging is not a commitment to DOE but is the expectation based on DOE formula. • The tax credit strategies should also be included on the #5 activity sheet. Bruce will develop an example that will increase the leveraging for this activity. • The next reviewed activity is #4, Financial Incentive Program. • The Technical Consultant activity sheet was next in the order. This item was reviewed earlier in the meeting. • The Education and Outreach activity sheet was reviewed next. There was discussion on the energy camp proposal. Jeanne asked that some of the EECS funding be used for additional curriculum development to ensure the energy camps emphasize a balanced perspective on energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.. Patti indicated that the curriculum is already developed and will be customized by CERT. The CERT Committee currently includes BPCC and SUSLA and school systems from 7 parishes. • The Incubator activity sheet was discussed and Stuart commented that it would be desirable to have a building for the programs. The funds allocated are for a staff position dedicated to EEC. This person would work with other incubators and academic institutions. A longer term strategy for a specific facility can be developed by a working group focused on a business / strategic plan for the incubator. • Bruce commented that it is important for the city to adopt the energy codes. Not adopting will be a barrier. This comment should be included in the code activity work sheet. • Wes reviewed next steps: - Activities sheets, with a cover sheet, will be turned into the City on Friday. - All reports should be submitted to the Steering Committee, Mike, the Mayor and City Council ASAP for review prior to DOE submission. - The City intends to submit a complete report to the DOE on December 5, 2009. • The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m. 3