CCR ever renewing buildings living lab description


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CCR ever renewing buildings living lab description

  1. 1. Draft 7.3.10 Center for Community Renewal (CCR) – Ever-Renewing Buildings Living Laboratory –  CRI’s Institute for Community Renewal and Training Center  Regional Innovation Cluster for Renewing Communities  Sustainable Communities Laboratory: Research, Development, Demonstration, & Deployment Center for Community Renewal Shreveport, Louisiana A Sustainable Communities Laboratory  Research to Deployment CCR Building CCR Building RDD&D Facility RDD&D Facility Research Operations •Partner open network collaboration •Net Zero energy Living Lab •Smart Grid & LEED •Continuous Commissioning •Technology targets & evaluations •Energy Optimization •Systems integration scenarios •Ever-Renewing •Ever-renewing open ops Development Occupant •Ever-renewing building process Living Lab •Technologies testing & selection •Occupant Health •Performance modeling & simulations Community •Partner development •Occupant Performance •Occupant participation in Deployment •Funding and market strategies Sustainable Operations •Social Technology •Sustainable Communities Demonstration •New technologies •Measurement & Verification Outreach Retrofit •Systems Integration & Optimization Living Lab •Occupant Performance •Education Deployment •Training •Sustainability Trust - retrofits •Workforce Development Deployment •Industry Partner •Deployment / Research loop •Education & Outreach •Industry product improvement Sustainability Showcase •Continual monitoring and adjustment •Product & process packaging •Systems upgrades •Funding, scale-up & replication m h m h New RtoD Model: Ever-Renewing Buildings Living Laboratory s m s m Process Overview. CRI is assembling a team of partners - industry (manufacturers, construction & operations), government, national labs, higher education, foundations, design team, and other partners – to establish outcomes and standards for an “Ever-Renewing Buildings Living Laboratory”. We intend to use the CRI methodology to grow relationships with our partners. We will explore how the CCR project can benefit our partners as well as advance the goals and vision of CRI (i.e., dissemination of the CRI program model, a catalyst for renewal through sustainable / ever-renewing CCR building, and economic development). The CCR project is a platform to demonstrate and deploy new and emerging energy efficiency and conservation technologies. Our partners will work CCR Ever-Renewing Buildings Living Laboratory Description 1 Draft
  2. 2. with CRI to determine, through a Whole Building Design process, the appropriate emerging technologies and innovations in building systems integration to achieve significant increases in building energy efficiency strategies, including net zero energy and LEED platinum. Collaboration and working charrettes are based on a guided open-network discipline, Strategic Doing . This method of collaboration in the design, funding, construction, operations and technology deployment of the CCR will define a new Integrated Ever-Renewing Whole Building Process. Center for Community Renewal Shreveport, Louisiana 2009 Project Budget 12.18.09 Budget Item Units Unit Costs Budget Item Costs Sub Totals Totals Existing 16 Story Renovated Building (basement, 14 floors & mechanical penthouse at 9,000 s.f. per floor) 144,000 s.f. $140 $20,160,000 New Building (5.5 floors at 15,800 s.f. per floor) 87,000 s.f. $150 $13,050,000 Atrium (14 stories and includes 5 elevators, 2 stairs, upper floor lobbies and basement - atrium volume = 720,000 cubic feet) 30,000 s.f. $250 $7,500,000 Building Construction Cost 261,000 s.f. $156 $40,710,000 Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment 261,000 s.f. $33 $8,613,000 A/E & other fees 10% construction $4,071,000 Land Acquisition Allowance $2,000,000 Cost Escalation (3 years) 3% per year increase $4,951,065 Contingency 10% const., FFE & fees $5,339,400 Total Project Costs $65,684,465 Optional Addition to Existing Adjacent Parking Structure (3 floors added at 38,400 s.f. per floor = 115,200 s.f.; includes A/E fees) 300 cars $19,000 $5,700,000 Total Cost with parking option 261,000 s.f. $274 $71,384,465 m h s m CCR Ever-Renewing Buildings Living Laboratory Description 2 Draft