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Week 5


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Published in: Education
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Week 5

  1. 1. WEEK 5 This Subject in the present day methods for cooperative andgive an idea of the experiments as well as some methods forcollaborativeAnd was initially a good way to heat the participants and the wayBroken ice was to address some of the concepts and views oneducation cooperative and there were some following elements:1. Learning from peers and this is the way of social construction.2. Education through the Education Network And these elements were discussed the work of a smallgroup and large group and discuss the possibility that the benefitof the learner to follow this approach in education.There are several benefits of this lesson:1. Broken ice method where this method leads to the heatinginvolved in the beginning of the lecture which gives a goodimpression and get ready for lecturer.3. View the subject in the elements and make the participants thinkwith an open mind to put forward their ideas and discussed withtheir group. 4. The lecture organization, monitoring and giving instructions tothe participants how to think and to support groups to get ideas onoccasion.5. Each group presented a summary of the ideas and found themrelated to the lecture. These methods in education as possible to take advantage ofthem and their application in working with students and develop asI need for such methods in education