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NEPA BlogCon 2013 - Online Reputation Management


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Online Reputation Management

Presented By: Justin Vacula, Megan Beste, and Lissette Santana
Moderated By: Jonathon Knepper
Track: Marketing
Session Format: TBD
Description: One tweet, one status update, or one post can make or break your online reputation. In this session, this panel of professionals will present advice for bloggers, businesses, internet personalities, and users of social media on building trust and a strong online reputation, including covering topics like handling positive and negative feedback, managing your internet image, and how to respond to criticism through various approaches. Attendees will leave the session with realistic and positive approaches to building a positive online reputation.

Published in: Education
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NEPA BlogCon 2013 - Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management Three quick slides to illustrate a case study