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El prado

Romans in El Prado

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El prado

  1. 1. Comenius Project, 2013-2015 Classical Times light the way to our future
  2. 2. Madrid ● In Madrid we visited 'El Prado' Museum
  3. 3. We saw a lot of paintings and sculptures. Some were inspired by the Greek or Roman Mythology
  4. 4. Atalante and Ippomene Guido Reni
  5. 5. Danae and the Golden Shower Titian
  6. 6. The three Graces Rubens
  7. 7. Las Furias  ● In Mythology, the 'Furies were women who represented punishment and vengence. ● They made sure those who offended the Gods were punished.
  8. 8. From 1532 : Michelangelo The punishment of Tityus
  9. 9. Tityus punishment : ● Two vultures ate his liver. ● It grew back during the night. ● The vultures came back.
  10. 10. To 1548 : Titien  The punishment ofSisyphus 
  11. 11. Sisyphus Punishment He had to carry a big stone to the top of the hill but it came down
  12. 12. To 1611 : Rubens The punishment of Promotheus
  13. 13. Promotheus Punishment An eagle ate his liver. It grew again at night The eagle came back
  14. 14. To 1632 : José de Ribera Punishment of Titios
  15. 15. Punishment of Ixion He is on a wheel, The wheel is turning