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Quiz Tutorial


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Tutorial on using the Blackboard Quiz Tool for Professor Melissa Hall's Art 109 Renaissance to Modern
Westchester Community College
Spring 2013

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Quiz Tutorial

  1. 1. Blackboard Quiz TutorialArt 109 Renaissance to ModernWestchester Community CollegeProfessor Melissa HallSpring 2013
  2. 2. Quiz TutorialWeekly quizzes will bedivided into two parts:1. Multiple Choice1. Paragraph Response
  3. 3. Quiz TutorialComplete the MultipleChoice before movingon to Part 2
  4. 4. You should review quiz results and feedbackQuiz Tutorial before moving on to theComplete the Multiple Paragraph ResponseChoice before moving portion of the Assessment!on to Part 2 You may learn something that will improve your test score!
  5. 5. Quiz TutorialClick on Quiz #1 and adialogue box will appear
  6. 6. Quiz TutorialClick on Quiz #1 and adialogue box will appear
  7. 7. Quiz TutorialClick on the Beginbutton to begin the quiz
  8. 8. Quiz TutorialClick on Quiz #1 and adialogue box will appear The test will appear on the screen like this
  9. 9. Instructions and test parametersQuiz Tutorial are locatedClick on Quiz #1 and a on topdialogue box will appear
  10. 10. Quiz TutorialClick on Quiz #1 and adialogue box will appear Select the correct answer by clicking the bubble
  11. 11. When youQuiz Tutorial reach the end of theClick on Quiz #1 and adialogue box will appear quiz, hit Save and Submit
  12. 12. Quiz Tutorial A pop-up menu will appear, asking you toClick on Quiz #1 and adialogue box will appear confirm
  13. 13. A confirmation will appear on yourscreen
  14. 14. Click the “OK” button on the lowerright corner of your screen to seequiz results and feedback
  15. 15. Quiz TutorialClick on Quiz #1 Part 2to access the ParagraphResponse portion of theassessment
  16. 16. Paragraph response questions have adialogue box where you can type inyour response
  17. 17. Safety Protocol: prepare yourresponses in a word document andpaste it into the dialogue box toensure that you don’t lose your work
  18. 18. When you are done, hit “Save andSubmit”
  19. 19. A pop-up menu will appear askingyou to confirm
  20. 20. This pop-up menu is alerting me thatI left 3 out of 4 paragraph responsequestions blank!
  21. 21. If you are having problems with thequiz, contact me or theOnline Learning Office. GOOD LUCK!