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Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan products have a unique focus on coverage for all stages of cancer: Prevention, Treatment & Recovery. Employees receive benefits that help them to make positive choices towards a healthier future. They also receive support and advices to stay focused on recovery, should a cancer diagnosis occur.

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  1. 1. Empower Your Employees With benefits, resources and education to advance wellness, plus support should a cancer diagnosis occur. Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan ® ® CLS01B-0909
  2. 2. Survivor Story: “The Miracle Man” Barr At age 54, Richard Barr was diagnosed with advanced Stage IV lung cancer. “When I got the news, the impact was enormous,” Barr said. “I was given only a few months to live. The evening I received my diagnosis, a friend of mine brought me a LIVESTRONG Guidebook and yellow wristband. When I held that wristband in my hand, I felt a glimmer of hope. When I started going through the Guidebook, it gave me direction. I knew I wasn’t alone. At that moment I decided not to give up. It’s been over two years now and I’ve never taken that wristband off. I lean on my faith, my care team and my friends, and I wear yellow everyday because it symbolizes hope and reminds me I’m a cancer warrior! I’m Richard, ‘The Miracle Man.’ I live strong.” Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan ® ® Helping employees take charge of their own health. The Wellness Difference those with cancer stay focused on getting well by reducing If you want a wellness program to be truly effective, it has to the financial stress of their situation. be used. The Transamerica LIVESTRONG group cancer-only Strength In Support and group critical illness insurance products offer a unique There is no way to prevent an employee from being diagnosed wellness benefit that can provide the motivation employees with cancer. However, preparation and support go a long way need to get involved in their own health affairs. Through towards assisting affected employees an annual benefit to participants that and their families. Now employers can includes cancer screening tests, you Transamerica offer a benefit that assures employees can give employees an incentive that LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan they don’t have to make the journey speaks louder than words—a benefit An innovative plan that combines alone. By making Transamerica that protects and pays back. prevention and early detection, LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan products Upon an employer’s election, coverage for out-of-pocket available to your employees, you employees can choose to receive a expenses associated with treatment, facilitate a link between insureds comprehensive blood profile* as their and survivorship support of diagnosed with cancer and the annual wellness benefit. Individual LIVESTRONG, helping the insured resources of the LIVESTRONG results are confidentially delivered attack cancer from all sides. SurvivorCare program which include to the employee, and you receive tangible tools to aid in treatment and an employer wellness report* with recovery. Together, the Transamerica information you can use to help employees focus on their LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan coverage and the LIVESTRONG greatest health risks. Employees must assign their annual SurvivorCare program go beyond cancer survival to help wellness benefit to the lab performing the blood profile, employees make the comeback. and Transamerica will pay the provider directly, assuring no When employees covered by Transamerica LIVESTRONG additional cost to the insured. SurvivorPlan products are diagnosed with cancer and file a The Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan is a unique claim, they will be offered the LIVESTRONG Guidebook. product that goes beyond traditional insurance protection This tool helps guide the survivor through the cancer to promote early detection and prevention. It enables experience from the moment of diagnosis through treatment and employers to empower their employees to take charge of recovery. It helps to facilitate the transition from cancer victim to their health. It also provides vital insurance benefits to help cancer survivor. * If 40 or more participants take the test. Certain coverage minimums apply for the comprehensive blood profile.
  3. 3. EDUCATION Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan products help employers to inspire their employees to choose healthier lifestyles and reduce the risk of future illness. Insured employees who are diagnosed with cancer and file a claim are connected with an array of LIVESTRONG resources designed to help them take control of their treatment and recovery. G Links to online educational tools. G Articles to help employees learn more about cancer. G Resources to help set up and conduct your company’s wellness campaign. G Weekly health tips to e-mail or post around the employer’s premises. G Information on topics such as nutrition, exercise and early detection. G Advocacy programs to enable employees to become a voice for LIVESTRONG and spread its message of empowerment to friends and loved ones. BENEFITS Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan products have a unique focus on coverage for all stages of cancer: Prevention, Treatment & Recovery. Employees receive benefits that help them to make positive choices towards a healthier future. They also receive, support and advice to stay focused on recovery, should a cancer diagnosis occur. G Guaranteed issue** G Annual wellness benefit can defray the cost of yearly cancer screenings or be assigned to cover a comprehensive blood profile. G Benefits paid directly to employees or anyone they choose to help cover indirect, out-of-pocket expenses. G Benefits paid in addition to all other insurance. G Coverage options include Individual, Single-Parent Family (employee and eligible dependent children), and Two-Parent Family (employee, spouse and children). G Backed by the strength of Transamerica Life Insurance Company and inspired by the LIVESTRONG mission. SUPPORT A cancer diagnosis is much more than just a medical issue—it affects a person’s body, mind and spirit. If a covered employee is diagnosed with cancer, he or she will have immediate access to the outstanding support system of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, dedicated to helping survivors make informed, empowering decisions about their care, their finances and their well-being. G Tools to help manage a cancer diagnosis from day one G Advice and support from other survivors G Resources to help people prevent, understand, manage and survive a cancer diagnosis G Information to help friends and family better understand the illness and the needs of survivors G A toll-free number and online access to LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare services for emotional support, individual counseling and clinical trial matching G The LIVESTRONG Guidebook, created by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and available at, includes information about the physical and emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis. ** Subject to eligibility.
  4. 4. Transamerica LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan group cancer-only and group critical illness policies are underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company Cedar Rapids, Iowa). Not available in all jurisdictions; refer to the policy, certificate and riders for complete details of coverage, limitations and exclusions. Transamerica® is a federally registered trademark of Transamerica Corporation. LIVESTRONG is a federally registered trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, used under license. ®
  5. 5. Transamerica Worksite Marketing, the worksite marketing division of Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company (Purchase, N.Y.), designs and markets voluntary group life and supplemental health insurance products. For more information, please visit or call (800) 400-3042. Transamerica is proud to promote LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation by paying a licensing fee to support the mission of the foundation.
  6. 6. LIVESTRONG® The mission of the Lance Armstrong Foundation is to inspire and empower people affected by cancer. It fights for the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today. There can be—and should be—life after cancer for more people. That’s why the Foundation kicks in at the moment of diagnosis, giving people the resources and support they need to fight cancer head-on. The Lance Armstrong Foundation finds innovative ways to raise awareness, fund research and end the stigma of cancer that many survivors face. It connects people and communities to drive social change, and calls for state, national and world leaders to help fight this disease. Anyone anywhere can join the fight against cancer at