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Introduction fy8 9

Slides for the intoduction of the SDP Business Engineering, Entrepreneurial Behaviour

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Introduction fy8 9

  1. 1. Entrepreneurial Behavior Ing. Matthijs H.M. Hammer M.Sc. Senior lecturer Entrepreneurship School of Business, Building & Technology PhD Researcher Faculty of Product Innovation Management Ir. Han D. van der Meer Professor Innovative Entrepreneurship School of Business, Building & Technology University teacher Faculty of Product Innovation Management Introduction
  2. 2. Programme for today •People •Rules •Practicalities •How we work •What we (you) do •Activity •Homework
  3. 3. People •All people are equal •People interact on several levels •People take responsibility •Only people can make changes •People make mistakes •People can forgive •We are people
  4. 4. Who is your neighbour? •Make couples of two •Person 1 interview person 2; Questions: 1.Who are you? (name, age, origin, etc.) 2.What are your strength? (positive characters) 3.What is your favorite sports? 4.Who / what is your hero and why •Change roles after 10 minutes •Present your neighbour after the 2nd round
  5. 5. Rules •Respect for each other •Do not push over limits •All meetings will be prepared •Every meeting, notes will be made •Do not hesitate to ask questions •Stay in contact during studyperiod •Take YOUR responsibility
  6. 6. Practicalities •WLAN: Eduroam:; password •Webmail / email •Blackboard •Minutes •Assignment •Contact
  7. 7. How we work •Individual in groups •Open •Informal, but formal exams & assignments •YOU are responsible and in charge •Get the most out of it
  8. 8. What do we (you) do Personal Development •IDP (Individual Development Plan) •Learning style •Portfolio Skills •Opportunity recognition •Creativity application •Entrepreneurial strategy Methodology •From opportunity to action (book)
  9. 9. Grades FY 8 & 9 •IDP •Assignment (2) •Presentation (in combination with strategy) •Personal log •It is possible to take your business idea as subject for assignments
  10. 10. Please find out: •Who is Gibb? •Who is Kruger? •Who is Wakkee? •Who is Sarasvathy? And what do they say about entrepreneurship? You may cooperate with each other. For the next few hours: