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Moocs power point final


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Published in: Education
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Moocs power point final

  1. 1. -MOOCs stand for Massive Open Online Course. -It is online learning tool. MOOC’S
  2. 2. Mooc occurs at learning via videos, reading ect The advance students use moocs in their studies. According to reasearch I made over 4 million students registered with mooc. Moocs are based in content, networking and task. ADDITIONS
  3. 3. Mooc happen long time ago Berkley was already offering successfully online courses since 1992. In 2011-2012 Berkley enrolled more than 2000 in online courses academic. MOOC BACKGROUND
  4. 4. Mooc’s help students with more advance information easily. It assist students amongst Universities to share information. It provide material to students. It engage students in technology. Its help students to share ideas among Universities IMPORTANCE OF MOOC’S
  5. 5. There are many sites about mooc that was desire to offer free education The following pages consist the five that I v choose and little explanation on each: SITES ABOUT MOOC
  6. 6. Udemy is the site that allow anyone to build online course. Its goals is to democrise education by unabling anyone to learn from the world exert. It co-founder is Gaden Biyan. 1. UDEMY FREE COURSE
  7. 7. It give students access to all the material for courses in a single place. 2. ITUNE U FREE COURSE
  8. 8. From general biology to human emotion, Berkley offer variety courses. 3.UC BERKLEY FREE COURSES
  9. 9. Harvard Free Courses – From Computer Science to Shakespeare, students may now get a free Harvard education. “Take a class for professional development, enrichment, and degree credit. Courses run in the fall, spring, or intensive January session. No application is required.” 4. HARVARD FREE COURSES
  10. 10. Yale Free Courses – At Open Yale, the school offers “free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.” 5. YALE FREE COURSES
  11. 11. Although much controversy surround the idea of Mooc’s, studies cited several advantages. Some of the areas in which Mooc’s been cited as most beneficial include increased options for accessibility, increased potential for student engagement and expanded life long opportunities. ADVANTAGES
  12. 12. Participants and instructor note beneficial from accessibility that mooc’s offer. Mooc’s are low cost or free, create irresistible appeal for recruiting potential participants. The format of mooc’s offers and flexibility. ACCESSIBILITY
  13. 13. Although some educators recognise the advantages of mooc’s several challenges exist. Among the most common challenges are individual instruction, students performance assessment and long-term administration is over sites. CHALLENGES
  14. 14. The development of technologies in distance education continue to influence the context of education and learning. Mooc’s bring a new perspective to traditional education but still in the infancy stage. It seems that instruction is whole might apprehensive about mooc’s as they relative to access, affordability and student access. CONCLUSION