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WSI - We Simplify the Internet
WSI is the world leader in Internet marketing, Web development and Web design.
When you work with WSI you can be sure you’re working with a leading edge company that not only contributes and incorporates the best practices in its field, but also sets new benchmarks and raises the bar for others to follow.

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  • Use this folder to educate your prospect and clients on the services that you provide At your first meeting Introduce yourself to your prospect Get them to tell you what their requirements are Ask the top business questions to introduce “value based” selling Tell them that most businesses need Credibility & Online Brand Awareness To be found on search engines for their products & services Relevant & valuable content to build credibility Testimonials, white papers, case studies, comparisons to build credibility & thought leadership Lead generation Advertising Print, radio & TV which can be interpreted to search engine marketing, blog posts, podcasts & Youtube video Client & Prospect nurturing Word of mouth marketing with email & social media marketing Lead generation when the prospect is ready Stay top of mind Only open this folder after your prospect has told you what their pain is or what they require Use this folder to TELL STORIES on how your various services have helped your clients with; Online brand visibility & credibility Lead generation Customer communication
  • What I am going to show you is how people use search engines to help them with their business decisions This information comes from a survey of over 1,000 people who share; What information they search for online What makes them decide to engage with a company
  • This diagram shows that only 10% of people go to a search engine and transact or engage on the same day This is where Pay Per Click (PPC) comes in This is where we get your company’s ads to appear when searchers type “buying” or “action words” The rest use search engines to look for information that will help them make an informed decision For example, people wanting to buy a house would look for specific information before they actually contact a realtor to find a home for them. They look for; Schools in the area What the road system & traffic is like What is the crime rate in that area What shopping centers are close by What to do in that area If a realtor had this information on their website, they would be found on search engines and this would give them the opportunity to present their brand to the searcher Give them the information they are looking for and have a call to action on the page to either; Subscribe to get local news View listings of house prices in the area Call an agent now to provide you with more detailed information Download a shopping & restaurant guide in the area All of these call to actions can be measured by using Google analytics and will help in determining how people interact with the website GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • This is the information that people look for to help them make a decision Read through few of these that you feel are related to the industry that your prospect is in Tell them that the information is sorted in order of importance, out of a score of 7 At the end say “ all of these factors prove that you need relevant and valuable content on a website to build the credibility required to persuade the prospect to engage with your business Offer to send the PDF version of this report to them after your meeting. This would keep you “top of mind” (This report is in the eBooks & Reports folder on your CD) GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • This diagram from Microsoft also shows what people look for when shopping Use this this slide if the prospect is wanting an ecommerce solution 9 out of 10 people use a search engine when they intend to do some shopping By understanding what people look for when going to search engines helps us as business owners to plan the type of content we should be providing on our websites From a business point of view, search engines enable us to get free advertising by getting our company brochure out of the cupboard. By providing the right type of content and getting it found on search engines will help us generate leads for our business
  • This was an eye tracking study done to determine what areas people look at when they arrive at a website The areas that are red & yellow show where most people are looking This is Google’s home page that we are looking at See how few views there are on the right hand side where the adwords are displayed This verifies that only 20% of people click here (at this stage your prospect could say that they never click on the ads) You can reply “most people that click on the ads are normally in a buying or take action mode” and this is why it is wise to advertize on pay per click to get those 10% of people who are ready to buy. This is the reason that Google sometimes places the top 3 sponsored links at the top of the page so that theu can get more clicks That is the main way that Google makes its money Point out that any call to action that is placed in the bottom right is normally invisible to the eye The red lines show how many people leave the site as they have to scroll below the fold on a web page. This is the reason why call to actions should be placed in the “soft F” (the shape that the red & yellow tracking makes) GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • So based on the eye tracking study we can see where most people click The top sponsored links get around 12% of clicks The right hand side sponsored links get around 13% of clicks We can see that most clicks happen on the left hand side of Google’s page People click here because this is where they find the information that they are looking for This is the main reason why we recommend that a website has many web page on it so that you have the chance to introduce your brand, services, products or company to the searcher This is a term we call “Content Marketing” GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • Now that we know this, how many clicks can you expect if you rank on Google’s 1 st page Read through a couple of these and point out that the number 10 position in organic search can attract over 3 % The reason that PPC position 5 & 7 are higher was really based on the B2B report and it is assumed that these positions got a better click through rate because of compelling adcopy. The better your meta titles & descriptions are, the more chance you have of getting the click against your competitor’s poor description This information also shows that it is not necessary to be in the top 3 to get clicks to your website That can be expensive and take a considerable amount of time & in the end one may not get a return on investment The way we work at WSI is to determine how much more business you need and then to try and get you the necessary amount of leads to get the best return on your online spend We do this by measuring business goals that you wish to achieve I will show you some actual examples as we go through some of my client’s actual reports GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • When people look at the search results page they start scanning from the top of the page looking for the best keyword match that was entered. (In order of importance out of 7) This is why the #1 organic result typically gets more than twice the click throughs of the #2, and so on) Title We first scan the titles of the listings, very quickly looking for information scent indicated by a bolding of relevant terms, usually the query we just used Description If the title catches our eye, we then scan for clusters of words that appear in the description. But the fact is, there’s far more scanning of titles than descriptions by the average user Brand Only if all the above factors work to attract the attention of a user, does that user have a chance to even see the brand presented. If all else works correctly, then brand can “close the deal” and capture the click through GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • All businesses need to have Credibility and online brand visibility To develop trust so that visitors will have confidence in dealing with you Lead Generation All businesses need leads and we provide the services to help you achieve you business goals Client & prospect nurturing Keep your relationships alive with current clients by keeping them updated with relevant information Not everyone will engage with your business immediately so you need to be top of mind and nurture your relationship
  • Before we get our designer to start designing a concept draft we start planning your website content blueprint. This is where we strategize about all the content and social media sites you should get involved in The content plan can then be implemented in a phased approach, a few pages a week to keep a steady stream of fresh relevant content that search engines love to index
  • Once we know what content to write, we start optimizing each page for search engines. The perfectly optimized page is constructed according to Google’s webmaster guidelines We create the page and focus on website usability and internal architecture. These pages also target “long tail” searches that will bring a steady stream of visitors looking for the relevant content that you are providing Adding content regularly will create an asset out of your website
  • Ongoing link building is the most important activity you can take to improve & maintain search engine rankings Getting incoming links from directories, blogs, other websites, articles and social media is essential
  • Here is an example of an ecommerce site. The services we provide here are: PPC SEO optimization Analytics, monthy reports & consulting They are a husband & wife team that do shark diving trips in South Africa The are also professional photographers and they sell photos from their site These photos are printed & shipped at an average cost of $180
  • By maintaining a #1 & #2 position for the keywords “great white shark photos "in Google we average 850 visitors a day The target market is the USA and the pie chart confirms this
  • Our monthly report & tracking where we look at improving conversion rates & ensure our client is getting a good return for their online marketing spend There were 24 newsletter subscriptions 8 credit card purchases @ $180 = $1,440 0 offline payments – direct deposits 43 book shark diving trips @ $150 = $6,450 Total revenue earned for this month = $7,890 Our monthly services = $650 This is less than 10% sales cost
  • Agreementsonline is an online business that provides various types of legal agreements for download
  • Our client has received $77,000 in revenue for the period Jan 2009 – Aug 2009 We provide PPC and content marketing services. We add 4 pages of content a month that attract targeted searches We can see the continuous growth in traffic over this period By tracking the shopping cart funnel we can see that we get a 30% funnel conversion which is very good Their monthly revenue for downloads is $9625 and our costs are approximately $1,200 per month
  • TG Migration specializes in emigration from South Africa to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & UK Prior to becoming our client they used to spend $3,000 per month delivering presentations from various hotels, to people who were considering emigrating. They were getting an average of 15 consultations from their offline marketing activities Each consultation is worth $60 and from these 15 they would normally get 1 or 2 people who would use their emigration services which cost in the region of $4,000 We suggested that they move 25% of their budget into online marketing We set up a PPC campaign to get immediate results Long term SEO service is also subscribed to
  • When a user types “emigrate to New Zealand” into Google, our ad appears In this case in position 2 on the right hand side
  • Our client’s monthly PPC budget is set to $150 and the daily limit is set to $4 We can see that the ad gets 26,493 impressions with 1,067 clicks We only pay for the clicks and the cost is $116 That is like taking an ad in a newspaper and only paying when some reads it The click through rate is 4.02%
  • 67 visitors booked a consultation for $60 That is $4,020 for an outlay of $116 They had 177 people their seminars from the website. This has reduced their newspaper ads significantly We added a pre-assessment tool which is used to keep visitors on the site We can see that 536 people enter the “book a consultation” page but only 66 complete the action We can see that 84 went on to take a pre-assessment Our services to them including the PPC is $500
  • Our client Easy Cars Rental provide people who are credit blacklisted with a car Before they became our client they spent $5,000 a month advertising in local newspapers They did not believe that the Internet would work for them as they said their target market could not afford to have computers and Internet access
  • We write & submit classified ads as part of our service can track the visitors coming from these websites Placing the ads is free, we provide the copywriting and submission service
  • We write and add 4 new web pages a month Each page provides relevant information that uses the keyword phrases that credit blacklisted people use Here are examples of the content pages we write
  • Their monthly Google budget is $14,602 For this amount we get over 1,75 million impressions with 6,770 click throughs. This is click through conversion of 12% is very good
  • During the month of May they had a total of 1,115 leads generated from the website We have agreed a lead value and the monthly value they achieved I over $1million Their cost per acquisition is approximately $1,300 for each car sale Their online service fees are $1,200 per month
  • Our client Flowerspot sells flowers online as well as provide wholesale flowers for walk in customers
  • We provide them with PPC, SEO and Content marketing services We add 5 pages per month and here are some examples of the content we write From the Google analytic reports we can see which are the most popular pages
  • We add 5 pages per month and one can see the steady increase in traffic rising to 300 visitors a day Our content pages have generated 32,415 visitors using over 10,000 different keyword phrases Content marketing is the best way to support your search engine optimization efforts
  • In 8 months we have generate 7,042 leads from the website They had 625 corporate contacts & 1,900 wholesale enquiries Their monthly budget is $1,000
  • Our client is a local dentist whose did not believe that she could generate leads online with website marketing
  • We provide classifieds ads service where we write and submit the ads We track these for leads as well as for search engine results Here are examples of the ads we write GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • We provide PPC, SEO content & classifieds ads services Our ongoing search engine optimization has created many valuable incoming links as can bee seen in the diagram on the right This screen shot of Google’s page shows that we have DR Cerny represented in the top 6 positions
  • Every month she gets between 20 & 45 new bookings from the website Most of these patients then become lifelong clients She has now works two Saturdays a month to cope with the increase Her services cost in the region of $250 per month Her cost to conversion of a client averages $10
  • We target the keywords “luxury accommodation” which is a very competitive keyword phrase as we are competing against large accommodation directories
  • Our strategy was to focus on content marketing and we add 4 pages a month to the website We brainstormed with the client and came up with the themes that our content should target. Here are examples. If you click on the article map in the footer you will see that we write on the following subjects: Sports events in the area Here we are targeting athletes who travel to this city to take part in major sporting events Our aim is to give them the information that they are looking for and then encourage them to make a booking at this upmarket apartment We cover all the major sporting calendar events Then we target all the holidays, festivals & concerts, romantic ideas, conferences and general information. We write content for all of these in order to get the best chance of increasing the leads In 2 years we have double the occupancy from 25% to 50% though the use of content marketing
  • During this 2 month period our client had 58 inquiries for the accommodation Their services fees are $400 per month and in the past year they increased there revenue from the website by $48,000 Cost of acquisition is 10%
  • Our client is a franchise paint store that provides paint products to paint contractors, hardware stores and the general public GMU & WSI SEM 101 January 24, 2008 Copyright GMU & WSI 2008
  • We provide them with PPC, SEO, content marketing and email marketing services Here are the results when you type “luxury paints” into Google. We have the top 2 positions and a PPC position on the right With this search engine coverage we get in the region of 50% of all the clicks
  • Here we can see the results of the content marketing pages. The site received 6,867 visitors using over 1,400 different search phrases Once you achieve a top 3 position in Google your traffic will flatten out and the only way to get more targeted visitors is to provide them with information that they are looking for. Here are some examples of the content themes we write
  • These are the 3 months results that we have achieved They had 19 subscriptions to their newsletter 19 leads for selling franchises And 39 visitors contact them Their monthly service fees are $1,200
  • Our client Value is large logistics company that provides truck rental, freight services, logistics and warehouse materials handling
  • This is a new client and we can see how our efforts have increased goal objectives in 6 weeks We provide PPC, SEO & content marketing services They have had 184 lead enquiries in 6 weeks, about 6 leads a day
  • Here are the results that our content marketing have achieved in a short space of time Over 2,000 visitors using 634 different phrases to arrive at the website
  • Their monthly service fees are $2,500
  • WSI e-marketing presentation For internet marketing solutions

    1. 1. Client
    2. 2. Business Needs…
    3. 3. Business Goals
    4. 4. How do you get business today?
    5. 5. Services Overview Presented by: Francois Muscat
    6. 6. How business people use search? 1,086 respondents on how they use search in their business
    7. 7. How soon before purchase does research begin? Source: Enquiro & Marketingsherpa
    8. 8. Top Factors Influencing Decision Importance on a scale of 1 to 7 Source: Enquiro & Marketingsherpa
    9. 9. Searches used when Shopping Source: Microsoft
    10. 10. Where do they look? The Golden Triangle Eye tracking study to determine how visitors view web pages
    11. 11. Where do they click? Source: Enquiro & Marketingsherpa Organic Search 74.3% Pay Per Click 13.5% Pay Per Click – 12.2%
    12. 12. How many clicks can you expect? Organic Pos % 1 27.1 2 11.7 3 8.7 4 5.1 5 4.0 6 4.1 7 4.1 8 3.2 9 2.8 10 3.6 PPC Pos % 1 7.4 2 3.4 3 1.1 4 .3 5 2.6 6 .9 7 1.7 8 .4 9 .1 10 .4
    13. 13. User behaviour when searching Source: Enquiro & Marketingsherpa
    14. 14. Digital Media Marketing
    15. 15. Content Marketing Blueprint
    16. 16. Perfectly Optimized Page
    17. 17. Ongoing Link Building
    18. 18. eCommerce Lead Generation
    19. 19. Keywords: “Great white shark photos”
    20. 20. Funnel Tracking
    21. 21. eCommerce Lead Generation
    22. 22. eCommerce Transaction Tracking
    23. 23. B2C Lead Generation
    24. 24. Pay Per Click Service
    25. 25. Controlling Monthly Budget Spend
    26. 26. Tracking PPC Clicks
    27. 27. B2C Lead Generation
    28. 28. Classifieds Ads Tracking
    29. 29. Content Marketing Tracking
    30. 30. PPC Campaign Management
    31. 31. Lead Generation Tracking
    32. 32. B2C & B2B Lead Generation
    33. 33. Content Marketing Tracking
    34. 34. Content Marketing Traffic
    35. 35. Lead Generation Tracking
    36. 36. Dentist Lead Generation
    37. 37. Classifieds/Content Lead Generation
    38. 38. Dentist Lead Generation
    39. 39. Dentist Lead Generation Tracking
    40. 40. Accommodation Lead Generation
    41. 41. Accommodation Lead Generation
    42. 42. Content Marketing Tracking
    43. 43. Accommodation Lead Generation
    44. 44. Retail Lead Generation
    45. 45. Retail Lead Generation
    46. 46. Content Marketing Tracking
    47. 47. Retail Lead Generation Tracking
    48. 48. B2B Lead Generation
    49. 49. Retail Lead Generation Tracking
    50. 50. Content Marketing Tracking
    51. 51. Retail Lead Generation
    52. 52. Summary & Questions