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National Students of AMF (supporting one another and Actively Moving Forward) is a nonprofit organization that connects and empowers college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one to support one another. The organization accomplishes its mission by creating Students of AMF Campus Chapters on college campuses nationwide, raising awareness about the needs of grieving college students, including through the annual National College Student Grief Awareness Week, and hosting national grief support programs, such as the “We Get It” Supportive Blog, and events, such as the National Conference on College Student Grief.

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Students of AMF Network News

  1. 1. Network News National Students of AMF • • Volume 3 Number 1 January 2009 Happy Holidays from National Campus Chapters Students of AMF! of Students ofDear Friends, AMF FeaturedO n behalf of the entire National Students of AMF Support Network, we would like to send our warm wishes this holiday season to you MF in Schooland yours. As many of you know, the NationalStudents of AMF Support Network is the onlyorganization dedicated to providing support to A Newspapers S everal campus newspaperscollege students coping with the illness or death of a loved one. We have written stories aboutprimarily do this by helping to start chapters of Students of AMF on their school’s chapters ofcollege campuses. For us and our members, unfortunately, this time Students of AMF. The Dailyof year can be incredibly difficult. But for many of us, we have Pennsylvanian wrote a storychosen to take this opportunity to reflect upon the incredible gifts about Penn Students of AMF.that we have been given as well as the gifts that we have been able The story included informationto give to others. about the chapter, which While it is not always easy to give thanks when dealing with includes a peer-led Supportgrief and loss, National Students of AMF and our members have so Group for students coping withmuch to be thankful for. Thanks to your support, students from the illness of death of a lovedmore than 20 universities are working to establish campus chapters one, a Service Group open to allof Students of AMF. On each of these campuses, students are students interested in partici-supporting one another and honoring their ill or deceased loved pating in service projects to fightones. back against terminal illness, and an Angels program which For that reason, we would like to thank all of you for your pairs up faculty members withgenerosity as we continue to expand and strengthen our programs. students in the Support Group.Our members feel so fortunate to have such a strong and dedicated The Chronicle wrote a similarcommunity of supporters, and to show their appreciation, they story about Duke Students ofcontinue to bring to life the mission of the organization through AMF. The Daily Emerald wrotepeer-to-peer support and volunteer service for important causes. At another similar story aboutthis time of year, it is important to reach out to others, and National Oregon Students of AMF.Students of AMF will continue to do so because of your support. Go to – David Fajgenbaum Executive Director, National Students of AMF to read these article. Supporting grieving college students, fighting back against terminal illness.
  2. 2. Page 2 National Students of AMF January 2009 r in Yea view Highlighting National Students of AMF’s Re Achievements & Events During the Past Year • National Students of and 3) raised money to develop programs to support college students that are coping with cancer. AMF featured in the April 2008 issue of The 2008 AMF Banquet, held to honor the life of Anne Reader’s Digest Marie Fajgenbaum and to celebrate the success of National Students of AMF, helped to raise the majority of the $50,000 that was raised during the weekend. • National Students of AMF profiled on the • Videos of National Students of AMF April 19, 2008 Today from ABC11 news, national NBC, and Show the CW on youtube! Go to and search for National Students of • 2008 Conference, Boot Camp, and AMF AMF to view them! Banquet are huge successes! The inaugural National Conference on College Student • We are partnering with the National Hospice Foundation Grief provided a national forum for 45 student leaders (NHF) to reach out to more people (young and old) and faculty members to discuss 1) the prevalence of col- who may be in need of support during times of illness or lege student grief (41% of college students have lost a grief. We were first connected when NHF was given a close friend or family member in the last 2 years); 2) the $100,000 grant from the Reader’s Digest Foundation impact of grief on college students (ex: GPA, mental (RDF) in honor of the work of National Students of AMF. health, social anxiety, depression); 3) the services and More recently, NHF provided consumer education programs available to college students following the ill- resources to participants attending the first National ness or loss of a loved one; and 4) what needs to be done Conference on College Student Grief. To learn more, visit in the future. <>. The 2008 Boot Camp 2 Beat Cancer & Family Fun Walk included 200 attendees of all ages who 1) partic- ipated in a walk or work out led by college and profes- Go to to learn more sional athletes; 2) raised money to fight cancer; about our recent and upcoming events!Profile on Ben Chesson: the Director of Business and Legal OperationsB en Chesson, a second year law stu- other volunteers (J.D. Koesters and Tom Washington, DC led by Brian Newman, a dent at Wake Forest University, is DeCesar from the Wake Forest Law Support Service Team also in Washing- also in charge of Business and Legal School and Christine Simpson from the ton, DC led by Samantha Kass, and aOperations for National Students of Wake Forest Business School) on the Fundraising Team in Raleigh, NC led byAMF. Ben was awarded the first-ever Business and Legal Operations team, and Lisa Fajgenbaum. We are always lookingAnne Marie Fajgenbaum Service Award done much more for the organization. for new volunteers to join these teams, soin 2006 for his selflessness and service The Business and Legal Operations please email David@studentsofamf.orgto the community. As Director of Busi- Team is one of many volunteer-led if you are interested in getting involved.ness and Legal Operations, Ben co- teams that help to run National Stu-founded National Students of AMF along dents of AMF. There is also a Chapterwith David Fajgenbaum, has submitted Development Team in Philadelphia, PA (profile from thethe annual Form 990 to the IRS, applied led by David Fajgenbaum, a Marketing, December 2008 e-newsletter)for nonprofit mail rates, managed three Communications, and Relations Team in
  3. 3. January 2009 National Students of AMF Page 3 t ren rs ur te National Students of AMF helps students, C p step-by-step, to start chapters and then Cha grow and develop them! Campus Chapters of Students of AMF are university-sponsored organizations that help to provide support to college students coping with the illness or death of a loved one through a Support Group, Service Group, and Angels Program. Thanks to your support, National Students of AMF now has a presence on over 40 universities nationwide. University-sponsored Chapters in Development • West Chester University Chapters • Elon University • University of Miami • Georgetown University • Queens College of Charlotte • Fairleigh Dickinson and Drew Universities • University of North Carolina at • Wingate College Chapel Hill • Ohio University • North Carolina State University • University of Maryland • New Mexico Highlands • Peace College • University of California at Berkeley • Mount Mary College • Western Carolina • East Carolina University • Texas State University • Santa Clara University • Meredith College • Massasoit Community College • Wake Forest University • Rivier College • Ashland University • Texas A&M • Toccoa Falls College • University of Rochester • University of Illinois • University of Washington • New York University • Jefferson Community College • Regis University • Owens Community College • University of Evansville • California State University – Sacramento • Coe College • Oregon University • University of Rhode Island • University of Wisconsin – Green Bay • University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh • Duke University • Fitchburg State University • University of Texas at Austin • Carnegie Mellon • The College of New Jersey • Case Western Reserve A Holiday Gift That Truly Makes A DifferenceA s the only organization dedicated Some of the services you are helping mia, mental health, and student to supporting college students to provide through your donation health services to improve our peer coping with the illness or death include: support programs.of a loved one, National Students of • Developing new and existing chap- • Maintaining an interactive websiteAMF is aggressively expanding its pro- ters of Students of AMF on college at wheregrams and campus chapters. Consider campuses. the organization receives aroundmaking a tax-deductible donation today • Paying for travel and hotel stay for 2,000 individual visits per month.(online at www.StudentsofAMF.orgor by mail) to support our non-profit chapter leaders and faculty mem- Currently, we are reaching thousandsorganization’s important work. You bers for the 2009 National Confer- of students across the country, andwill automatically be emailed a print- ence on College Student Grief. with your help, our programs will con-able receipt for tax purposes. • Working with experts from acade- tinue to grow and expand in 2009!
  4. 4. Page 4 National Students of AMF January 2009 F Coping with the Illness or Death of a Loved One During the Holidays AM W hether you are a people find it helpful to be with family and to find support through counseling or a college student friends, emphasizing the familiar. Others support group as a way to express yourself with an ailing or may wish to avoid old sights and sounds, more openly.deceased loved one or you are out of col- perhaps even taking a trip or finding new The holidays may affect other familylege and coping with the illness or loss of ways to acknowledge the season. members as well. Talk over your plans.a loved one, the holidays can be a very Respect their choices and needs, andtough time. A question commonly asked What you can do: compromise if this time of year is, “How can I get Grieving affects people physically, emo- Avoid additional stress. Decide whatthrough the holidays?” There is really no tionally, spiritually, and psychologically. you really want to do, and what can besingle answer of what one should or Learn about how grief can affect you and be avoided.shouldnt do. Do what is comfortable easy on yourself. Know your own limits Participate in a walk or fundraiser in(even though it isn’t always that easy). and take time for your grief. Find ways to honor of your ill or deceased loved one allow yourself time to understand yourWhat to expect: loss and seek support from those who will with a couple of friends or family mem- Be aware that this might be a difficult bers. Fundraisers help me to feel like I’m understand.time for you. Also, the additional stress doing something positive. For college students and people of allmay affect you emotionally, cognitively, and ages, sharing with others about one’s loss Dont hesitate to reach out to yourphysically; this is a normal reaction. It is can be alienating. Some friends can offer friends at National Students of AMFimportant to be prepared for these feelings. more support then others, especially if ( or call David You will likely feel as though you are the they have lost someone themselves. Fajgenbaum at 919-810-0453). We areonly person that is coping with illness or Others may be good friends to “hang out here if you need someone to talk to.death during the holidays. While few share with” and just relax. Each kind of friend is – David Fajgenbaum,their experiences with others, you are not important. Be careful not to isolate your-alone. Grief is a universal feeling. We have (created with the assistance of Kirstin self. It’s alright to take time for yourself Thompson, the President of the Universityall gone through grief at various points in but dont cut yourself off from the sup- of Wisconsin-Green Bay chapter ofour lives and handled it differently. Some port of others. Therefore, it may be helpful Students of AMF) National Students of AMF 514 Daniels Street Suite 356 Raleigh, NC 27605 s Holiday Happy MF! from A