Cdg student email to department heads


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Cdg student email to department heads

  1. 1. Student Email to Department HeadsDear <name>,I hope this email finds you well. I want to take this opportunity to introduce a student club I hope to starthere at <school> called Students of AMF. Our Students of AMF chapter is one of about 70 such groupsacross the country, and it is part of National Students of AMF ( mission of National Students of AMF is to support college students grieving the illness or death of aloved one. Research shows that 22%-33% of college students are within one year of grieving the death ofa close friend or family member. Our campus is surely no exception. Our chapter’s mission is to providepeer support to college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one and empower the campuscommunity to take action through service.National Students of AMF is NOT a counseling organization, but rather a collective of peer support groupson college campuses. Their model of support was developed in conjunction with their Board of MentalHealth Professionals, which consists of many experts in the fields of college student bereavement andcounseling (list below).BOARD OF MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALSPhil Meilman, PhD (Chair) - Director of Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Georgetown UniversityDavid Balk, PhD, FT - Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn CollegeR. Kelly Crace, PhD - Staff Psychologist, Duke University Counseling and Psychological ServicesRichard Kadison, MD - Chief of Mental Health Services, Harvard University Health ServicesIllene Noppe, PhD - Professor, Human Development/Psychology/Womens Studies, Institute on Dying,Death and Bereavement, University of Wisconsin-Green BayHeather Servaty-Seib, PhD - Associate Professor, Counseling and Development, Department ofEducational Studies, Purdue UniversityTamina Toray, PhD - Professor, Psychology Division, Western Oregon UniversityJim Welsh, MD - Assistant Vice President for Student Health, Georgetown University Medical CenterStudents of AMF at <school> will provide an environment where bereaved college students can relate topeers facing similar situations; in essence, it’s a club of students facing a unique challenge during theircollege years. In addition to the support component, there is a service aspect to the chapter. Chaptermembers and others we recruit in the campus community will also engage in service projects to volunteerand raise awareness and funds for causes that chapter members deem important. This “pay it forward”approach is not only empowering for the bereaved, but also has a positive impact on the community atlarge and allows friends who would otherwise not know how to “help” the bereaved student an opportunityto take action.These chapters are not intended to replace counseling. Actually, it is the experience of Students of AMFthat students tend to be more open to going to counselors when they get comfortable sharing with theirpeers. In addition to counseling services, their model also encourages the chapters to establish stronglines of communication with faculty, administration, campus ministry, and residential life (where thesefacets exist). The national organization provides support with respect to facilitation, support group topics,how to use and promote resources (such as counseling services) on your campus, marketing the chapter,service projects, and many other topics.There are currently 37 official (university-recognized) chapters, with many more in development.Additionally, National Students of AMF hosts the National Conference on College Student Grief andNational College Student Grief Awareness Week each year. Their website,, alsoserves as a resource to those seeking information on college student bereavement. You can watch a brief4 April 2011 version 1.0 Page | 1
  2. 2. Student Email to Department Headsvideo on the organization from the Today Show here: are holding a kickoff/informational meeting, which is open to all students to learn more about theSupport Group or Service Group, on <date> at<time> in <location>. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SPREADTHE WORD! I think the student body would be interested in learning more about this student group, andyour effort to help us to let students know about the kickoff meeting could actually make a hugedifference. I would also welcome the opportunity to present Students of AMF at a departmental meetingto share this information with the entire <department name> department. And, if you have anysuggestions about good ways to get this information out to more students, your experience andperspective would be extremely helpful.Feel free to call <phone number> or email <email address> me with any questions.Thanks in advance for your support.<Your name>4 April 2011 version 1.0 Page | 2