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2011 giving guide


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2011 giving guide

  1. 1. David, class of 2012 Nawwal, class of 2012 Lauren, class of 2011 Andrew, class of 2011University of Pennsylvania Western Oregon University University of Florida Oral Roberts UniversityMedical School The mission of National Students of AMF is to support college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one.Jasmine, class of 2012 Stacey, class of 2013University of Buffalo University of GeorgiaAllison, class of 2010 Carlene, class of 2011 Peter, class of 2011 Tiffany, class of 2011University of North Carolina University of Delaware West Chester University NC State University 2010 -2011 Giving Guide
  2. 2. About National Students of AMFLetter from Co-Founder and Board Chair David FajgenbaumDear Friends,I began Students of AMF in 2004 because I knew just how difficult it was to havemy mom (and best friend) sick while I was at college. I had spent my entire lifewatching my mother’s “unconditional love” at work and selflessness in her everyaction. As a child I learned from her, but as I matured I, too, was able to provideemotional and spiritual support for my mom.While my mom wanted me by her side during her battle, she knew that I couldgive her strength by going to school and making her proud. At this time Irealized that I could use my unfortunate situation to empower me, but I alsoneeded a lot of support. Without the help of my incredible friends, teachers,teammates and roommates at Georgetown, I never could have made it through David, class of 2012my first three semesters. University of Pennsylvania Medical SchoolMy mom passed away in 2005 and with the help of my best friend, Ben Chesson, we formed National Students of AMF Support Network in 2006. The mission of National Students of AMF is to support college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one. We accomplish our mission through the implementation of Students of AMF chapters on college campuses throughout the country. Research shows that 35-48% of college students in the United States have lost a family member or close friend within the last two years. And countless others experience the illness of family or friends while in college. The college years can already be academically, socially and developmentally challenging. When the loss of a loved one occurs during this time,David with his mom, Anne Marie impacted students are at greater risk than their peers of experiencing unique problems that may include enduring depression, decreasedacademic performance, social anxiety and extended withdrawal, increased vulnerability to disease, eatingdisorders, sleep disturbances, risky behaviors and, in some cases, serious mental illness.That’s why your support of Students of AMF is so critical. As you look through this guide, you’ll see photosand stories of college students who, like me, are coping with the illness or death of a loved one. By donatingto National Students of AMF, you are making a positive difference in the lives of not only these, but manyother, college students throughout the country. Thank you in advance for your support.P.S. Students of AMF chapters have been officially recognized at the following 37 schools and we havemany more chapters in development.Duke University Peace College University of Colorado at University of PennsylvaniaEast Carolina University Purdue University Boulder University of Rhode IslandElon University Queens University University of Delaware University of Texas-AustinGeorgetown University Regis University University of Evansville University of WashingtonKutztown University of Rivier College University of Florida University of Wisconsin-Pennsylvania Sacramento State University of Georgia Green BayMeredith College Texas A&M University University of Houston West Chester UniversityNew York University The College of New Jersey University of Maryland Western Oregon UniversityNC State University Toccoa Falls College University of NC at Chapel Hill William & MaryOral Roberts University University of California Berkeley University of Oregon Wingate UniversityPage 2
  3. 3. Programs and ServicesCampus ChaptersStudents of AMF campus chapters provide an environment where bereaved college students can relate topeers facing the same unique challenges of grief during their college years. Each campus chapter consistsof a Support Group and a Service Group. Each chapter is started at the request of a student, and must havethe support of a chapter advisor and official recognition by its school.The mission of each Students of AMF campus chapter is “to provide peer support for college studentsgrieving the illness or death of a loved one and empower the campus community to take action throughservice.”Chapter Support GroupSupport Group members meet twice a month to empathize, discuss specific situations they’ve encountered,and share coping techniques. The Support Group is not counseling, but rather a group of peers supportingone another as they face the illness or death of a loved one.Chapter Service GroupThe chapter Service Group is open to the entire campus community. Service Group members and othersthey recruit engage in service projects to volunteer and raise awareness and funds for causes that haveimpacted their lives.National Conference on College Student GriefEach August National Students of AMF hosts this conference, which provides an opportunity for studentleaders, bereaved college students, the college mental health community, and others to discuss currentissues and future directions in college student bereavement over an energized weekend that includeseducational seminars, networking opportunities, and grief support workshops.National College Student Grief Awareness WeekCollege student bereavement has been called a “silent epidemic.” One week each year, National Students ofAMF leads a national effort to specifically raise awareness about the prevalance and impact of coping withthe illness or death of a loved one during college.www.studentsofamf.orgNational Students of AMF’s website averages 10,000 visits per month and serves as a primary resourcefor the general public on college student bereavement. Our website is currently being re-designed tobetter communicate our mission, sharestories of those whose lives have been “Students of AMF has given me a placeimpacted by AMF, and increase the to talk about some of the big issues andavailability of grief support resources. complications that arise from the loss of my mother. The support groups provide a safe place to find others who have experienced similar difficult times. At theYour gift to National Students of National Conference on Student Grief, IAMF goes directly to fund these am always so excited to meet studentsprograms and services and the from all over the country who are strivinginfrastructure that makes them to make a difference in their collegepossible. community. The energy, inspiration, and relief that have come from my time with Allison, class of 2010 AMF have also given me the confidence to University of NC at excel in many of my other endeavors.” Chapel Hll Page 3
  4. 4. Ways to GiveHelp National Students of AMF accomplish our mission by making a tax-deductible gift to fund our programsand services. Many donation options are available to you, including those listed below.One-Time GiftYour cash, stock, securities, or property gift will be used to support grieving college students throughoutthe country.Recurring GiftYou may opt to spread your gift out by making a recurring monthly donation.MemorialMake a donation in honor of a deceased loved one. We will notify the loved one’s family (or whomever youdesire) of your gift and it will be acknowledged on our new website’s Memorials & Tributes page.TributeMake a donation to honor a living friend or loved one. Tribute gifts can be given to recognize a birthday,wedding, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion, or just to let someone know you are thinking ofthem. We will notify your friend or loved one of your gift and it will be acknowledged on our new website’sMemorials & Tributes page.Matching GiftsAsk your employer to match your charitable donation to National Students of AMF.BequestInclude National Students of AMF as a beneficiary in your Will and create a legacy that gives back. Charitable Remainder Trust With this trust you can leave assets to National “After a three year battle Students of AMF and receive income for a specified with ovarian cancer, my period of time, after which all remaining assets are best friend of 11 years, transferred to National Students of AMF. Alyse, passed away, and I am daring to be happy, Charitable Lead Trust the way she did when she You can establish this trust to pay income to National was ailing. AMF helps me Students of AMF for a certain period during your find ways of doing this, lifetime or after your death. Any remaining trust and supporting me when principal passes to your heirs. happiness is hard.” Charitable Gift Annuity Nawwal, class of 2012 Designate National Students of AMF as a beneficiary Western Oregon University of your IRA or retirement plan. Living Trust Name National Students of AMF as a beneficiary ofThe mission of National Students of AMF assets from your living trust. This trust allows you tois to support college students grieving the remain both the trustee and a beneficiary of the trustillness or death of a loved one. while you’re alive.Page 4
  5. 5. Ways to GiveProgram UnderwritingUnderwrite a specific National Students of AMF program by making a donation to cover its costs. See thePrograms & Services section of this guide for information on how your gift can be applied.Life Insurance GiftDonate a life insurance policy, designating National Students of AMF as owner and beneficiary of the policy.FoundationDesignate National Students of AMF as the recipient of a one-time or recurring gift from your family orcorporate foundation.In-Kind GiftDonate a product or service that will alleviate our anticipated expenses. See the Wish List section of thisdocument for a list of our desired items and services.SponsorshipSponsor one of our signature fundraising events in exchange for marketing benefits. See the Events sectionof this document for additional information on these events. Sponsorships are also available for specificPrograms and Services. “Losing my father to brain cancer at the end of my first semester of college, I learned much about loss as I entered a new stage of my life. I joined AMF to help others see that they need not suffer in silence in grief and understand there are many others like them out there. The mourning process can be very lonely and a little support from peers can go a long way. Please support students of AMF so that we can reach out to more students who are facing hard times.” Peter, class of 2011 West Chester UniversityUnless otherwise specified, your gift will be considered unrestricted and applied where the organizationneeds it most. If you choose to restrict your gift, those funds will be used only for that purpose. Donors willbe recognized on our new website’s Supporters of AMF page unless you opt not to have your name listed.National Students of AMF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as defined by the IRS and listed in IRSPublication 78. All donations are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. IRS guidelines forCharitable Contributions can be found in IRS Publication 526.For additional information on these giving options or to discuss other giving alternatives, call Staci Barfieldat 919.803.6728 or email Page 5
  6. 6. EventsNational Students of AMF hosts two signature fundraising events each year in Raleigh, North Carolina. Inaddition to raising funds to advance our mission, these events increase awareness of the organization in thearea in which our national headquarters is located.Spring SoireeThis cocktail party-style event is a fun-filled evening featuring live entertainment, heavy hors d’oeuvres,and live and silent auctions showcasing amazing items. Additionally, event attendees have an opportunityto meet some of the students whose lives have been changed by National Students of AMF. Sponsorshipsfor the Soiree begin at $1000.Boot Camp 2 Build Chapters & 8KThe BC2BC & 8K offers a certified 8 kilometer running course that takes advantage of the scenic greenwayon NC State University’s Centennial Campus. The boot camp portion of the event, featuring celebritytrainers, puts participants through a rigorous military-style workout that includes strength, speed, agility,resistance, and endurance training. Sponsorships for the BC2BC & 8K begin at $100.Wish ListNational Students of AMF gladly accepts in-kind donations that will benefit our organization and further ourmission. In-kind donations can include, but are not limited to:Products/Items• Computers (capable of running Windows 7)• Frequent flyer miles/airline vouchers• Camera• Video camera• Gift cards to department stores (Target, WalMart), office supply outlets (Staples, Office Depot, Office Max), grocery stores (Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Lowes Foods) and wholesale clubs (Costco, Sams Club)• Office supplies• Event suppliesServices• Grantwriting• Professional photography• Video production• Printing• Bookkeeping• Salesforce customization• Media (print, radio, TV, web) placement• Press release placement• Google Docs implementation• Graphic design• Communications strategy/plan developmentPlease email if you would like to make an in-kind donation to National Studentsof AMF. These donations will be recognized at retail value and are tax-deductible in accordance with IRSguidelines.Page 6
  7. 7. Testimonials“When I came back to school in late September — a month after the beginning of my freshman year and aweek after my dad suddenly passed away — I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to or lean on at school.Luckily, my advisor sent me an e-mail about AMF a few days later. After just the first meeting, I knew Ihad a new huge force of stable support, and also a new family. Though we’ve all experienced differenthardships, everyone in the group knows what it feels like to hurt. Opening myself up to them, people whohad experienced things just like I did, was both comfortable and comforting...In college, when life is soexciting and moving so rapidly, it’s important for anyone to sit down once in awhile and breathe. In AMF,we sit with people we have grown to love and care for, we listen and we breathe.” Ellie, class of 2013 University of Pennsylvania“My mom passed away in 2006 when I was 16 years old. AMF has helped me to see that I am not alone.” Kristen, class of 2011 University of North Carolina “Students of AMF was something I had to be introduced to. I never even knew that there was such a large community for students and children who are bereaved. This, this whole experience has been very eye opening. It was wonderful meeting so many great people with different experiences but dealing with the same emotions as myself. It wasn’t easy but it definitely wasn’t hard to talk to everyone about my situation. Students of AMF is a great organization that needs continued support so that it may continue to support and help others.” Jasmine, class of 2012 University of Buffalo“Students of AMF has been a great opportunity to channel my grief in a positive anduplifting way. When I lost my dad a year ago to cancer I questioned why. Now I knowwhy! I have an amazing opportunity to reach out to other people going through whatI went through and can minister to their needs on a level of personal understanding,while championing causes that are now so dear to my heart.” Lauren, class of 2011 University of Florida“Through all of my death experiences, I have had wonderful support systems and I have seen how theycan really help the grieving and healing process. My experiences led me to where I am today... Sharing is ahealthy way to grieve. Now it is my goal to help others with their grief and help spread awareness of collegestudent grief.” Kiri, class of 2010 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Page 7
  8. 8. Pledge/Gift Commitment Form Name: _________________________________ Company: ___________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Email: ______________________________________I/We want to support National Students of AMF in the following manner (mark all that apply):□ One-time gift in the amount of $_________□ Recurring monthly gift of $________ to be paid the ____ day of each month for ____ months□ Memorial in the amount of $__________ in memory of __________________________□ Tribute in the amount of $__________ in honor of __________________________ □ Please notify the following person(s) of my gift at the address indicated: Name:______________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________□ Foundation gift from _____________________________________ in the amount of $_________□ Matching gift □ Matching gift form attached □ Matching gift form to follow All checks should be made payable to National Students of AMF. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. □ My/our gift may be publicly acknowledged to encourage others to support National Students of AMF □ My/our gift may not be publicly acknowledgedPlease contact me about the following giving opportunities:□ Bequest □ Living trust □ Life insurance gift□ Charitable remainder trust □ Charitable lead trust □ Charitable gift annuity □ Program underwriting □ Campus chapters □ National Conference on College Student Grief □ □ National College Student Grief Awareness Week□ Sponsorship □ Spring Soiree □ National Conference on College Student Grief □ Boot Camp 2 Build Chapters & 8K □ National College Student Grief Awareness Week □ In-kind gift of ______________________________________ with retail value of $________Page 8