IST 110s: Library Skills


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IST 110s: Library Skills

  1. 1. Introduction toLibrary Research Lauren Reiter, LibrarianOriginally developed by Dan Hickey, IST Librarian
  2. 2. Bettmann Archive  Bill Gates bought this archive, the most prestigious collection of historic photos in the United States, so he could bury it.  In 2001, he hired 19 trucks to move it from Manhattan to a limestone cave 220 feet underground in Butler County, Pennsylvania. Weinberger
  3. 3. Library ServicesResearch help In person: walk-in, appointment, telephone Online: E-mail, IM/chatWebsite The CAT and LionSearch-our inventory of holdings, including e-books 500+ databasesBorrowing materials Up to 200 books, DVDs, CDs, maps, etc., for the semester Libraries can get materials for you from other libraries worldwide
  4. 4. Information LiteracyRecognize the extent of an information needLocate relevant informationEvaluate the informationEffectively and ethically use information ALA
  5. 5. What resources haveyou used in high school to do research?
  6. 6. What are the libraries’ Spring hours?
  7. 7. Where can I find a book to help me learn or understand Python?
  8. 8. Where can I find a full text,scholarly article about social networking?
  9. 9. Database Comparison v.Evaluate the two based on the following criteria: Authority/scholarliness  Usability Currency  Value-added features ScopeIn what situations would you choose one over the other? Google, ProQuest
  10. 10. Copyright & Citing SourcesPlagiarism “The action or practice of taking someone elses work, idea, etc., and passing it off as ones own.”Resources: Citation style guides: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. EndNote, and Zotero KnightCite Oxford English Dictionary
  11. 11. Calvin College
  12. 12. SummaryResources should be selected based on how they best meet user’s needsLibraries are one important component of filling an information needFluency with library resources gives you a competitive advantage in your schoolwork and, later, in your job
  13. 13. Questions? Lauren Reiter