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Best Practices for Assigning LearnSmart - Missi Patterson


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Missi Patterson of Austin Community College shares how instructors can assign and integrate LearnSmart into their course requirements.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Best Practices for Assigning LearnSmart - Missi Patterson

  1. 1. LearnSmart: Best Practices for Assigning Presenter ~ Missi Patterson, PhD Austin Community College
  2. 2. Presenter: Missi Patterson Missi Patterson is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Austin Community College. She earned her PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Texas A&M, where she specialized in research on creativity and learning. Her current focus is on undergraduate education; she has developed courses in Introductory Psychology, Lifespan Development, Adolescent Development, and Human Sexuality. Her desire to support student success and engagement has made her a long-time proponent of technological tools for teaching. Missi has spent years investigating how to bring the best digital resources to her classes.
  3. 3. What Is LearnSmart?  Adaptive learning tool  Not your grandaddy’s study deck  Flexible for instructors and students
  4. 4. The LearnSmart Deck
  5. 5. Sample LearnSmart Questions
  6. 6. Creating Assignments What do you want from LearnSmart?  It all starts HERE.  I want students to be exposed to material before I lecture on it.  I adjust the slider to about 45 minutes per chapter  Set due date to the same time for each assignment I set due date to 7am on the day of lecture  Don’t make the deadline at midnight!
  7. 7. New Assignments Pick the depth of exposure Set due date
  8. 8. What I wish I knew then…  “Students don’t do optional”   Build “forgiveness” into assignments      You MUST give class credit for LS I require only 90% of assignments I require 70% of each chapter Make it clear WHY you are assigning, and explain that no late assignments will be accepted for any reason. Make all assignments available starting on the same date. The “open book exam” argument   LS = 13-15% of class grade 14% for me = one exam grade
  9. 9. Students Don’t Do “Optional” LS Optional LS Required
  10. 10. Best Practices   Create a “Base Class” and copy to make actual sections. Make use of single sign on if possible   Have clear instructions on syllabus and in your LMS     Working on assignments Self Study Smartbook    Give students the MGH help number! Organize assignments in folders, one for each exam Teach students the difference between:   Blackboard / MHCampus** Will appear if available / If students have connect plus Is connected to LS assignments – another way to complete them Show students how to do their own reports  Make sure you understand instructor reports**
  11. 11. Using Folders
  12. 12. Self Study / The Learning Calendar
  13. 13. Student Reports
  14. 14. Instructor Report: Assignment Results
  15. 15. Students have changed…  “I never realized it was important to read before lecture! It really makes a difference!”  Students help each other in lecture with knowledge they’ve gained from LS.  Students come to class ready to learn, and ready to attack interesting / challenging information. I no longer have to spoonfeed the basics.
  16. 16. I have changed… I KNOW what my students are struggling with.  I can focus on their real areas of weakness.  I can spend class time covering exciting applications or real world issues, rather than the basics.  I can show my students (individually) where their weaknesses are, and how to do better. 
  17. 17. Grades have changed… Patterson – Spring 2013 – all sections using LS
  18. 18. What are your instructional goals?  Do you want students to read before lecture?   Do you want to know where students are struggling?   Assign with enough time before class that you can review reports. Do you want students to get practice before doing their applied homework?   Assign before class time. Assign before homework is assigned Do you want students to practice before an exam?  Assign before the exam OR offer points for work done after original deadline.
  19. 19.  Click here to watch this recorded presentation.  Thank you!