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The present continuous tense



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The present continuous tense

  1. 1. -subject I YOU -to be Am are -gerund Working HE SHE IT is working WE YOU THEY are working
  2. 2. -to be Am Are -subject I you -gerund working? Is HE SHE IT working? Are WE YOU THEY working?
  3. 3. I YOU Am not Are not working HE SHE IT Is not working WE YOU THEY Are not working
  4. 4.  It is used to describe –Actions that are happening at the same moment that we are speaking. Very often, we use adverbs: now, at the moment…
  5. 5. Examples:  “Where are you?” “I’m in the toilet. I’m having a shower.”  At the moment, she isn’t going out with Fred. She doesn’t like him.  We have to go to a restaurant. We are repairing the kitchen now.
  6. 6. -he is travelling. -she is playing -they are the piano running
  7. 7. They are not singing. They’re dancing. He is waiting for the bus. The bus isn’t coming. They are going to school.
  8. 8. Are the girls speaking? No. The girls aren’t speaking because they’re taking an exam. It’s 8 o’clock. He’s waking up. He isn’t doing his homewor k. Why isn’t he working? The old lady isn’t shopping. She is walking her dog. Because he’s sleeping. Ssshhh!