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A slide with some English language exercises after watching the movie by Tom Hanks.-reading and vocabulary...

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  1. 1. A story of solitude, survival and endurance.<br />CASTAWAY<br />
  2. 2. You must order the <br />paragraphs to read the synopsis well.<br />ADuring a fiercestorm, theplane is blownoff-course and ultimatelycrashesintotheocean. Noland is the only survivor, and is washedashore on a smallisland. Chuck tries to escapefromtheisland, buttherearestrongwaves so he is unable to leave, and injureshimself in hislegduringtheprocess.Chuck explores theisland, and soonrecovers a number of FedEx packagesthatwashashore, as well as thebody of one of the pilots. Chuckgiveshim a proper burial, and then opens thepackages. He makesuse of several of theitems for otherpurposes - he uses as anaxethesharpend of aniceskate, a veil on a dress as fishing net....Butone of thepackages, with a painting of goldenangelwings on it, is leftunopened. Whiletrying to makefirefromrubbingwoodtogether, Chuckcutshishand. In a fury, he grabs a Wilsonvolleyballthatwas in one package, and throws it. He fashionsthe bloody handprintleft on the ball into a type of face, and uses it as a companion in hisisolation. <br />B Afterreturninghome, Chuck is saddened to findthatKelly is married. Eventually, he meetswithher, and after a tediouschat, theyfinallyadmit how muchtheystillloveeachother, butadmitthattheyhave to let theothergo. <br />
  3. 3. C 4 yearspass on theisland, and Chuck continues to surviveday to day. Hisweight has gonedownconsiderably, and hishair has grown out. He has drawn a calendar on a rock in thecave to be able to countthedays, months, years.....Oneday, he comes across 2 plasticwalls of a brokenport-a-potty. Gettingan idea, Chuckdecides to build a raftwiththeport-a-potty'swallsacting as a sail. He chops down a number of trees, ties themtogetherwithvideotape (fromone of thepackages), as well as other materials. Bidinghis time for the proper weather, ChuckalsobringsWilsonaboardalongwiththeangel-wings package, and due to thesails, is able to makeit past thewaves, escapingtheisland. Chucksails for some time. Duringoneevent, Wilsonends up floatingaway. WhenfacedwitheitherlosingWilson or losingtheraft, Chuck lets Wilsongo, but is painedbyhisdecision. Finally, just whenitseems all hope is lost, Chuck is rescuedby a cargoship.<br />D ChuckNolan (Tom Hanks) is a troubleshooter for Federal Express, and the film beginswithhimshowingtheirMoscow (Russia) staff how FedEx does business. Afterreturning to Memphis (FedEx home base) and visitinghisgirlfriendKelly (Helen Hunt), he is againcalledaway to anAsiandestination. He is able to ride in the "jumpseats" of a FedEx jumbo jet crossingthe Pacific Ocean, and is the only passenger.<br />
  4. 4. E Shortlythereafter, Chuckdoeslearn to makefire, and soon is able to spearfish in thewatersoffthebeach. In a smallcave, Chuck sets up his new home. Oneevening, he works out theplane'sdirection, as well as how far itwentoffcoursewhentheycrashed. He estimatesthatifthesearch and rescueteamlooked for thedrownedcargoplane, theywouldsearchan area twicethesize of Texas...makinghimdoubthe'll be found.<br />FChuckthen sets out to starthislifeanew. Takingtheangelwings FedEx package, he goes to Texas to return it. Findingnobody at thefarmwhereitcamefrom, he leavesit at thedoor. Drivingdowntheroad, he comes to a 4-way road, unsurewhere to go. A woman in a pick-uptruck stops to givehimdirections, and as shepullsaway, Chuckseesthesameangelwingspainted on thetail of thetruck. Chuckwatcheshergo, and the film endswithhimdecidingwhichway to go.<br />
  5. 5. VOCABULARY<br />In the different paragraphs you will find synonyms for the following words. Can you find them?<br />
  6. 6. PARAGRAPH A:<br />-on the coast<br />-funeral<br />-catches<br />-imagines<br />-loneliness<br />PARAGRAPH C:<br />-meets unexpectedly<br />-waiting<br />PARAGRAPH B:<br />-after some time<br />-disagreeable<br />PARAGRAPH E:<br />-installs<br />-understands<br />-multiplied by two<br />-not to be sure<br />PARAGRAPH F:<br />-crossroads<br />-feeling doubts<br />-PARAGRAPH D:<br />-personnel<br />-plane<br />
  7. 7. SOME TRIVIA<br />Interesting but useless facts we<br /> like to know about the making of the film<br />
  8. 8. ☺Some crew members were left on the island for a few days to survive and learn some skills. They used some of their survival techniques in the movie for the character of Chuck. They were: having trouble lighting a fire, opening a coconut, talking to a volleyball, collecting packages washed up on the beach and catching fish.<br />☺Most of the nighttime scenes on the island (except the creation of fire scene) were shot during the daytime. The darkness and night sky effects were added in post-production.<br />☺To makehimselflooklikeanaverage out of shapemiddleagedman Tom Hanks didn'texercise and allowedhimself to growpudgy. Productionwasthenhalted for a year so he couldlosefiftypounds and grow out hishair for his time spent on thedesertedisland. Duringthis hiatus, Robert Zemeckisusedthesamecrew to film What Lies Beneath (2000).<br />
  9. 9. ☺Alan Silvestri wrote 24 minutes of score (including over seven minutes for the final credits) for a 143-minute film. Aside from the Russian chorus and the Elvis song from the beginning, there is not one single note of written musical score in the film until Noland leaves the island (1 hour and 43 minutes into the movie). Only then does the musical score come in: an oboe, piano and strings are all that Silvestri uses. Every musical cue is a variation on the same melody, which is heard in full at the end.<br />☺ Some of the 'desert island' footage was shot on the mainland with a highway in the background that had to be removed.<br />☺One of the three different volleyballs used in the film was sold in an auction for $18,400.<br />☺CHUCK NOLAND. “C no land”<br />
  10. 10. ☺The production employed several local Fiji islanders in the surrounding archipelago, including the neighboring Mana Island about a mile away. The locals were allowed to keep some of the supplies and tools as tokens of their help.<br />☺Tom Hanks caught a real infection on his knee while they were in Fiji. They had to cut down the shooting; he had to have surgery and was out of work for five weeks. If he had been a real castaway on the island, he would have died.<br />☺ To see the island where Cast Away was filmed on, write this link<br />The beach where Tom Hanks writes HELP on and sees from the peak is the eastern most part of Monuriki, Fiji<br />☺Tom Hanks caught a real infection on his knee while they were in Fiji. They had to cut down the shooting; he had to have surgery and was out of work for five weeks. If he had been a real castaway on the island, he would have died.<br />
  11. 11. DO YOUR OWN SEARCH<br />Find this information at home<br />
  12. 12. ☺Whichnominations got thispicture in 2001? Which ones diditwin?<br />☺How many people worked as a crew? <br />☺How many actors appear on this film? <br />
  13. 13. GLOSSARY:<br /><ul><li>Storm
  14. 14. Raft
  15. 15. Survival
  16. 16. Christmas
  17. 17. Tropical Island
  18. 18. Stranded
  19. 19. Cargo Plane
  20. 20. Hunger
  21. 21. Suicide Attempt
  22. 22. Burial
  23. 23. Barefoot
  24. 24. SeeminglyWidowed
  25. 25. Isolation
  26. 26. AirplaneAccident
  27. 27. Castaway
  28. 28. SpearFishing
  29. 29. Coconut
  30. 30. Thirst
  31. 31. Tide
  32. 32. ImaginaryFriend
  33. 33. Loneliness
  34. 34. Coral
  35. 35. ToothExtraction
  36. 36. LostLove
  37. 37. PresumedDead
  38. 38. Sailing
  39. 39. Rain
  40. 40. SuicidalThoughts
  41. 41. Screaming In Pain
  42. 42. SelfDentistry
  43. 43. Whale
  44. 44. ProductPlacement
  45. 45. Mail Carrier</li>