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 	         K	  E	  Y	  S	  	  T	  O	  	  S	  U	  C	  C	  E	  S	  S	  F	  U	  L	  	  	  A	  D	  V	  E	  R	  T	  I	  S	  I	 ...
 	         Your	  brand	         When	  it	  comes	  to	  marketing,	  nothing	  is	  more	  important.	  It	  is	  the	  ...
 	         over	  others	  without	  introspection.	  They	  form	  their	  brand	  preferences	  for	  what	  they	      ...
 	         A	  simple	  plan	  is	  built	  on	  a	  brand	  promise	  that	  responds	  to	  a	  customer	  need.	       ...
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Keys to Successful Advertising: Your Top 3 Assets


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At Numantra, we’re giving advertising a nu name. It comes from years of experience working on some of the world’s most famous brands. In that time, we’ve learned a lot. This whitepaper on Your Top 3 Assets focuses on the lessons that no one in this business should ever forget.

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Keys to Successful Advertising: Your Top 3 Assets

  1. 1.     K  E  Y  S    T  O    S  U  C  C  E  S  S  F  U  L      A  D  V  E  R  T  I  S  I  N  G   Your  Top  3  Assets     The  drum  rolls.  Then  you  hear  the  MC  calling  your  name  followed  by  “Marketer  of   the  year!”  “Of  the  year!”  echoes  in  your  mind  —  “year…  year…  year…”  —  as   everything  goes  into  slow  motion.  The  long  walk  up  to  the  stage.  The  noise  of  the   applause.  Your  heart  beating.  All  of  it  seems  to  be  somewhere  deep  in  a  well  and   somehow  far  removed  from  the  measured  steps  you  take  ascending  the  podium.       Behind  the  lectern,  things  start  getting  a  little  weird.  You  look  into  the  crowd  and   see  nothing  but  ravens,  black  as  the  night,  staring  back  at  you.  The  MC  has  been   replaced  with  Bill  Bernbach’s  ghost  who  asks  you  how  you  account  for  your  great   success.  Before  you  can  tell  everyone  your  secret  to  marketing  greatness,   consciousness  overtakes  you  and  you  awaken,  disgusted  that  it  was  but  a  dream.     The  worst  part  is  that  you  feel  like  somewhere,  in  the  back  of  your  mind,  lays  the   forgotten  knowledge  that  will  lead  you  to  advertising  fame  and  fortune.  You  suspect   it’s  there  somewhere,  covered  up  by  a  pile  of  industry  information  about  mobile   advertising,  social  media,  interactive  brand  engagement,  email  marketing,  viral   video,  thoughtleadership,  industryjargonjargon,  lowcostconversationstarterpages,   facebooktwitteryoutubesuccessmetricmeasurmenttoolblahblahblah…         It’s  kinda  like  forgetting  where  you  parked  the  car.  Sure,  it’s  important  to  remember   but  sometimes  we  are  so  busy,  we  just  forget  to  pay  proper  attention  to  that  thing   that  gets  us  around  to  every  place  we  need  to  go  and  takes  four  years  to  purchase.   As  advertisers,  there  are  a  lot  of  things  that  demand  our  attention  every  day.  But  if   you  aren’t  deliberately  focused  on  your  brand,  your  customer  database  and  your   marketing  strategy,  you’re  in  danger  of  losing  them  in  the  parking  lot.     numantra  •  2900  Gateway  Dr.,  Suite  620,  Irving,  Texas  75063  •  214.635.2300  •  
  2. 2.     Your  brand   When  it  comes  to  marketing,  nothing  is  more  important.  It  is  the  face  of  your   company,  product  or  service  that  your  customers,  your  prospects,  your  competitors   —  basically,  the  whole  world  —  knows  you  by.  If  your  brand  looks  good,  then  you’re   doing  good.  If  your  brand  gets  mud  on  its  face  or  becomes  irrelevant,  then  you’re  in   trouble.  If  you  think  about  it,  your  brand  is  more  important  than  you.  You  and   everyone  on  your  marketing  team  are  in  service  to  the  brand.  If  the  CEO  fires  the   CMO,  guess  who  survives.  Well,  she’s  not  going  to  fire  the  brand,  is  she?     Your  brand  is  busy.  It  is  meeting  new  people  while  you’re  sleeping.  It’s  inviting  old   friends  for  a  drive  down  memory  lane  while  you’re  driving  home  from  work.  It   never  rests  or  takes  a  vacation.  So  understanding  your  brand  and  its  growing   relationship  with  the  world  is  critical  to  your  marketing  success.  If  you  want  to  steer   your  brand  in  the  right  direction,  you  have  to  keep  your  hands  on  the  wheel.  If  you   want  to  steer  your  brand  in  the  right  direction,  steer  it  towards  your  customers.         Your  customer  database   If  you  don’t  know  who  your  customers  are  or  where  they  are  or  what  they’re  doing,   then  you  won’t  be  successful  at  steering  your  brand  in  their  direction.  Making   connections  between  brands  and  customers  is  what  marketing  is  all  about.  In  the   1990s,  it  was  reported  that  one  of  the  big  tobacco  companies  was  determined  to   collect  the  names  and  addresses  of  every  single  smoker  in  the  U.S.  Even  if  you  don’t   approve  of  tobacco  companies,  you  at  least  have  to  admire  their  grasp  of  marketing.     Marketing  is  a  one-­‐to-­‐one  proposition.  As  far  as  the  consumer  is  concerned,  they   have  a  one-­‐to-­‐one  relationship  with  the  brands  they  prefer.  They  don’t  see   themselves  as  part  of  a  target  market  or  demographic.  They  prefer  certain  brands   numantra  •  2900  Gateway  Dr.,  Suite  620,  Irving,  Texas  75063  •  214.635.2300  •  
  3. 3.     over  others  without  introspection.  They  form  their  brand  preferences  for  what  they   assume  are  highly  personal  and  individual  reasons.  As  a  marketer,  it’s  your  job  to   understand  those  reasons  and  find  similarities  among  all  of  your  customers.   Effectively  addressing  these  similarities  helps  you  retain  your  current  customers   and  helps  you  identify  what  to  look  for  in  prospective  customers.     Advertising  works  in  a  system  of  cause  and  effect.  When  you  evaluate  an  audience  at   the  macro  level,  you  will  see  the  effect  that  advertising  has  on  that  audience.  You   will  see  response  rates  and  impressions  —  improvements  and  declines  in  success   metrics  over  previous  periods.  But  you  won’t  see  the  cause.  You  won’t  see  why  the   advertising  has  a  particular  effect  on  an  audience  without  asking  them.  You  won’t   understand  the  cause  without  learning  directly  from  them  on  an  individual  basis.     Your  marketing  strategy   A  simple  plan  is  the  best  plan.  Too  often,  marketing  strategy  is  crippled  with   massive  amounts  of  overthink  and  irrelevant  criteria  that  come  from  a  lack  of  focus   and  discipline.  Or  even  worse,  there  is  no  plan  in  place  at  all.  In  that  case,  marketing   decisions  are  all  squeaky  wheels  getting  the  grease.  Putting  out  the  fire  of  the  day   and  waiting  for  the  smoke  to  clear.           Greatness  rarely  happens  without  intention.  How  often  do  accidents  result  in   favorable  circumstances?  If  you  want  to  achieve  favorable  results,  you  have  to  have   a  plan  in  place.  And  if  you  want  to  succeed,  you  have  to  be  intentional  and  you  have   to  stick  to  your  plan.  So  it’s  imperative  that  your  plan  be  well  conceived.  This  is  why   insights  drawn  from  your  customer  database  are  so  important.  It  is  foolish  to  stick   to  a  plan  that  is  founded  on  baseless  conjecture  and  assumption.       numantra  •  2900  Gateway  Dr.,  Suite  620,  Irving,  Texas  75063  •  214.635.2300  •  
  4. 4.     A  simple  plan  is  built  on  a  brand  promise  that  responds  to  a  customer  need.   Ted  Levitt  was  an  American  economist  and  professor  at  Harvard  Business  School.   He  asserted  that  identifying  problems  and  solving  them  is  what  business  is  all  about.   “People  don’t  buy  products.  They  buy  solutions  to  problems.”     When  you  are  actively  involved  in  building  a  stronger  brand  that  you  are  intimately   familiar  with  and  completely  control  and  when  you  know  your  customers  like  you   know  your  family,  then  you  will  find  that  your  marketing  plan  is  simply  the  logical   sum  of  bringing  your  brand  knowledge  and  your  customer  insight  together.       It’s  a  simple  equation  that  results  in  a  simple  plan.  But  it’s  one  that  requires  daily   attention,  focus  and  commitment.  And  it’s  easy  to  get  distracted  by  the  next  shiny   advertising  innovation  or  the  company  induced  fire  of  the  day.  But  that’s  why  you   have  a  staff,  teammates,  and  agency  partners.  So  they  can  deal  with  the  daily   maintenance  of  your  marketing  plan  while  you  focus  on  steering  your  brand  in  the   right  direction  with  both  hands  on  the  wheel.             *If  you  are  interested  in  learning  how  Numantra  can  help  you  formulate  a  simple  plan   that  will  lead  your  brand  to  marketing  success,  please  contact  us  for  a  free   consultation.  We  can  show  you  specific  examples  of  how  your  business  vertical  can   effectively  develop  your  three  greatest  assets  to  build  relationships  with  your   customers  and  we  will  work  with  you  to  identify  specific  opportunities  for  your  own   brand.  Please  contact  Dave  Evans  at  214-­‐635-­‐2220  or  at  to   schedule  your  free  consultation.   numantra  •  2900  Gateway  Dr.,  Suite  620,  Irving,  Texas  75063  •  214.635.2300  •