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Pizza Friday 217


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A Dutch accident meme, a New York fashion dryer, and a Pacific Ocean full of data swirls. Creative combinations is what Pizza Friday is all about.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Pizza Friday 217

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  4. 4. Chinese McDonald’s Introduces Symbolic Black and White MealIn America, fast food giant McDonald’s has cornered the market forquick, on-the-go meals for quite some time. It’s burger business hasalso become a global force as well, with McDonald’s in othercountriesThe Bejinger got to the bottom of the impetus behind the release ofthe burgers, with some speculating that the color scheme was torepresent the “yin-yang” sign.A colleague informed us they’re a play on a Chinese phrase: heibailiangdao tongchi ( 黑白两道通吃 ), which describes people who areso well-connected with both the government (that’s the “white” side)and organized crime (“black” society, as it’s called in Chinese) thatthey can “eat from both sides.” – In other words, someone who has afoot in both camps.Chinese blog Beijing Cream gave this scathing review.This meal offends everyone. I would sooner eat a century eggbathed in stinky tofu with a chicken-foot garnish than order thisagain.Don’t expect this meal to hit domestic shores anytime soon. Link: 214.635.2300
  5. 5. If your Doritos Super Bowl ad wins,you get a movie jobThe next Transformers movie could have an unlikely film credit: yours.Doritos, the Frito-Lay brand that has embraced the Super Bowl as the salty snacks sweet spot for consumer-generated commercials, on Wednesday will announce plans to seriously boost the booty in its seventh annual Crashthe Super Bowl contest.Doritos will link up with one of Hollywoods most successful directors, Michael Bay, whose Transformersfilms havecreated a movie empire.Transformers: Dark of the Moon, ranks as the fifth-highest-grossing movie of all time by raking in $1.2 billion at the boxoffice. Bay also directed Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys and The Rock.The consumer who creates the top-ranked Doritos commercial aired during the Super Bowl -- as determined by USATODAYS Ad Meter consumer poll of best-liked Super Bowl commercials -- wins the chance to work with Bay on thenext installment of the Transformers movie franchise, to be filmed in 2013.In an age of social-media hype and online overload, marketers are increasingly looking for ways to stand out. With thisPR-seeking promo, Doritos aims to not only break through the Super Bowl clutter but to add another notch to its recenthistory of generating some of the Super Bowls top commercials. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
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  34. 34. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing thelatest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Our founders each have spent decades working for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. It was experience that was invaluable, ultimately, because it taught us that we just can’t keep following years of tradition if we want to have an impact in today’s marketplace. So we got together for a lot of serendipitous reasons and formed Numantra. Ka-boom! The forever-new marketingbraintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results was born. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. 214.635.2300
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