Pizza Friday 215


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Chasing Orcas, making candidates out of meat, voting for zombies, and eating pizza. It must be Friday.

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Pizza Friday 215

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  3. 3. IKEAs New Catalogs: Less Pine, More PixelsComputer-Generated Images Aim to Save Money on Marketing Costs asPhotographers Are Retrained to Apply Skills to 3-D ScenesAlmhult, Sweden-That couch catching your eye in the 2013 edition of IKEAs new catalog may not bea couch at all.It is likely the entire living room was created by a graphic artist. In fact, much of the furniture andsettings in the 324-page catalog are simply a collection of pixels and polygons arranged on acomputer.The Swedish furniture giant has for decades spent more than two-thirds of its marketing budgetbuilding and furnishing living quarters, which are typically portrayed with a sparse, fastidious fashionsensibility and lighted with impeccable precision.But the privately-held companys quest to curb costs and boost productivity has it mothballing some ofthis real-world production. It is instead turning to 3-D graphics to fill its pages.This year 12% of IKEAs content for the Web, catalog and brochures were rendered virtually; thatnumber will increase to 25% next year. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  4. 4. Adweek: Facebook Rolls OutStudio Edge for AgenciesEducation platform schools creatives on socialLast year, Facebook launched Facebook Studio as a platform for agencies to showcasetheir social campaigns and interact with one another, an online community to get up tospeed on the latest in Facebook advertising. The social network has formalized the siteseducational aspects with Facebook Studio Edge, which the company announced in June."The Studio Edge program actually started as in-person training sessions that weconducted with a series of agencies in New York, London and various places around theworld," said Facebooks head of agency marketing Jennifer Kattula. Facebook has takenthat education project online. Facebook has been "road-testing" Studio Edges coursecontent with a few agency holding companies, said Kattula, and on Wednesday theplatform opens up to all agencies and may eventually extend to brands, small businessesand even the general population. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  5. 5. A Channel on the Web Devoted to Shoes, forThose Who Cant Get EnoughFashion brands spend a lot of money and time to place their products in movies, dramas and realitytelevision. Nine West, the mass-market shoe store chain, has decided to cut out the middleman andproduce its own media.On Tuesday, Nine West will introduce Channel 9 (, featuring programming thatcovers various aspects of footwear, like walking in stilettos, shoe repair tips and overflowing shoeclosets.Nine West, a division of the Jones Group, is starting the channel as the centerpiece of a newmultimedia campaign, which includes print advertising, to reinvigorate its brand of trendy, affordableshoes.It is not that the brand is doing badly. Last year, Nine West over all had global sales of just under $1billion, and the company expects to do well this year because, despite the economy, the image-conscious are still buying the latest pumps, stilettos, flats and wedges. Last year, women bought 548million pairs of shoes that were not for sports use, according to Euromonitor International. Thataccounts for about 70 percent of the $23 billion annual womens shoe market in the United States. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  6. 6. AdWeek: GM Hits Runway to GetWomen with Isaac Mizrahi, LivingSocial, Time Warner to promote theAutomaker teams on the Roadwaylatest Chevy MalibuTo get women in the drivers seat in the 1950s, General Motors hired the "Damsels ofDesign," an all-female team of auto designers who created female-friendly models likethe Chevy Impala Martinique and the Pontiac Parisienne. This week the automaker kicksoff a more modern approach to generate interest in its 2013 Chevy Malibu, by way of aside trip through womens closets.GM has forged a unique multiplatform alliance with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, thedaily deals brand LivingSocial and media giant Time Warner."Its an opportunity for us to put a stake in the ground and commit to the growing womenssegment," said Mary Kubitskey, an advertising manager at Chevrolet.For the partnership, Mizrahi conceived a clothing line, Malibu Style, that was inspired bythe new Malibu model and that will be sold exclusively on LivingSocial. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
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  31. 31. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing thelatest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Our founders each have spent decades working for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. It was experience that was invaluable, ultimately, because it taught us that we just can’t keep following years of tradition if we want to have an impact in today’s marketplace. So we got together for a lot of serendipitous reasons and formed Numantra. Ka-boom! The forever-new marketingbraintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results was born. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. 214.635.2300