Pizza Friday 190


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Stinky dogs, singing cats, and a splitting headache. Is it the crazy season or is it just another Pizza Friday?

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Pizza Friday 190

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  3. 3. Wall Street JournalMarthas Deal Miffs MacysSale of Stewart Stake to Penney Leads Rival to Review Changes to Its Stores LineMartha Stewarts deal with J.C. Penney Co. could well get her company into hot water withMacys Inc.The media and merchandising company raised $38.5 million by selling a stake to Penney andproviding two board seats, a deal that could help the department-store chains new chief, RonJohnson, shape up his struggling housewares business.But it appears to have annoyed Macys, which has sold an exclusive Martha Stewart line since2007. In a statement Wednesday, Macys said it will review its Martha Stewart product line for"potential changes" in light of "the proliferation of Martha Stewart-branded product in themarketplace."The spat has broader significance for all three companies. Penney and Macys each relyheavily on home goods to drive traffic and sales at their stores, and merchandising is a keysource of profits at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  4. 4. AdageHeineken Strikes Deal With FacebookConsequential New Pact Is for Consulting, Product AccessFacebook and Heineken are joining forces in a new global deal in which the brewer will pay forconsulting and early access to new products, Heineken said today.The agreement, which follows a more than $10 million deal the social network struck this year withliquor giant Diageo, comes as Facebook seeks to cozy up with big advertisers in advance of its IPO.The Heineken deal begins Jan. 1, but the brewer was vague on other terms. It declined to specify thelength or dollar value of the arrangement, saying only that it was "consequential." Facebook referredinquiries to Heineken. (The Diageo deal involved a commitment to buy Facebook ads.)"Through this agreement, Facebook will provide Heineken with a global marketing platform thatreaches millions of people as well as access to Facebooks deep expertise in building long-termrelationships between brands and their audiences," Heineken said in a statement. "The collaborationalso provides Heineken with access to Facebooks latest products." The deal is nonexclusive,presumably meaning that nothing stops other brewers from striking similar arrangements. (Indeed,Diageo sells Guinness beer. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  5. 5. Wall Street JournalGreen Bays Hottest StockPackers Offer Shares; No Dividends, but a Home-Field EdgeAs stock investments go, the Green Bay Packers latest $62.5 million offering isnt very good. Itpays no dividends, can only be transferred to family and cant appreciate in value.But that hasnt stopped the rabid fans of the National Football Leagues only undefeated teamfrom paying $250 a share for the first Packers offering since 1997.The Packers need $143 million to expand their stadium, Lambeau Field. And they are callingon the offering-the squads fourth in 92 years-to help finance the addition of 6,700 seats. Theproject will make Lambeau Field the fourth-largest stadium in the league.The team, which is structured as a Wisconsin nonprofit, is selling 250,000 shares in the initialsale, with authority to offer as many as 888,000 shares.When the offering opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday, the Packers sold 1,600 shares in the first 11minutes. And by the time the offering closes on Feb. 29, the team hopes to have sold $22million worth, according to Mark Murphy, the Packers president and chief executive. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  6. 6. New York TimesQuadrennial Effect Could Make12 a Very Good YearIt sounds like the title of a thriller by Robert Ludlum: "The Quadrennial Effect." Actually, it issomething that may make 2012 less of a nail-biter for media and advertising companies.The fact that several events that happen every four years will take place next year will stimulatethe media and ad industries, leading forecasters said on Monday, offsetting the detrimentaleffects of the European debt crisis.Events on the 2012 calendar likely to encourage more ad spending than this year include theUnited States presidential and Congressional elections, the Summer Olympic Games and theEuropean Football (soccer) Championship. Another stimulus could come from Asia, theforecasters said, as the Japanese and Thai economies recover from natural disasters."The strongest-ever quadrennial effect" is likely next year, said Vincent Létang, executive vicepresident and director for global forecasting at the Magnaglobal unit of Mediabrands, part of theInterpublic Group of Companies. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
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  9. 9. Consumers only spend 5% oftheir time online searching andthe other 95% of their time attheir destination. 214.635.2300
  10. 10. 85% of your fresh leads are notready to buy, but 70%eventually buy. 214.635.2300
  11. 11. The more information you askfrom a consumer, the lessresponse you get. 214.635.2300
  12. 12. Name, Email, DOB, Location, Profile Pic, Gender 214.635.2300
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  30. 30. Take the plunge -- just not where you expect. Topromote its new line of ultimate plunge bras,Wonderbra launched a stunt in London yesterdaywhich invited fans to bungee jump down aprojected image of model Adriana Cernanova --right into her cleavage.The three fans that were invited to take the plungewere were picked through an online competitionto jump off the crane. They were all ladies,presumably because having men do this may justcross the line. 214.635.2300
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  36. 36. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing thelatest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Our founders each have spent decades working for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. It was experience that was invaluable, ultimately, because it taught us that we just can’t keep following years of tradition if we want to have an impact in today’s marketplace. So we got together for a lot of serendipitous reasons and formed Numantra. Ka-boom! The forever-new marketingbraintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results was born. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. 214.635.2300
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