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Pizza Friday 109


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This week: beer drinkers in space, virgins in cyberspace, speedskaters in first place, Japanese ballet dancers keeping pace, and Billy Dee Williams in your face.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Pizza Friday 109

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  14. 15. Your Brand Must Have A Clearly Delineated Purpose Forbes CMO Network Your brand can't just make promises, writes Allen Adamson, it has got to have a defining purpose so clear that employees can readily answer the question, &quot;Why are we here?&quot; Wal-Mart CMO Stephen Quinn brought this idea to life at the recent Association of National Advertisers conference in Phoenix, writes Adamson, who is managing director of the New York office of Landor Associates. During a period in which its promise -- &quot;low prices&quot; -- was seen as a liability by the media and some consumers, management realized that its promise was empty without its purpose to support it. Looking back to Sam Walton, they decided to make clear that his purpose behind offering lower prices was to help people provide better lives for their families. Adamson concedes that purpose-driven branding is not new but says &quot;it has taken on new significance in this era of anxious consumers --not to mention anxious employees.&quot;
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  16. 18. 'Modern Warfare 2' Sells 7 Million Copies In 24 Hours Ad Age Beth Snyder Bulik writes that it &quot;looks like a marketing mission accomplished for video-game publisher Activision and its agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles.&quot; That because more than 7 million copies of &quot;Modern Warfare 2&quot; sold within 24 hours, according to It also estimates that sales will go over 10 million for the week, surpassing the record 5.9 million copies of &quot;Grand Theft Auto 4&quot; that sold last year. TBWA won a creative shootout this summer that asked agencies to create a campaign that would make the game the &quot;biggest entertainment launch of all time.&quot; (Snyder Bulik points out that &quot;Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince&quot; holds the title for an opening weekend with $302 million in worldwide box-office sales). Unaided awareness of the launch date for &quot;Modern Warfare 2&quot; among gamers was 12% vs. 2% for that of an average video game release, with 46 reporting seeing an ad on TV, according to Nielsen. Another 30% said they heard about the game via word-of-mouth, and 28% saw an online review or preview.
  17. 19. Colbert To The Rescue: Can He Save U.S. Speedskating? Time What Formula One really needs, perhaps, is the support of a hot satirist to give it some gas with the public. On Monday's &quot;Colbert Report&quot; on Comedy Central, host Stephen Colbert announced his Comedy Central show's sponsorship of the U.S. Speedskating team, Sean Gregory reports, and Colbert asked his fans to support it, too. The team's largest cash sponsor, the Dutch bank DSB, went bankrupt a couple of weeks ago. Colbert Nation logos will be stitched onto the suits of both long-track and short-track skaters during World Cup competitions before the Olympics. &quot;We must ensure that it is America's 38-inch thighs on that medal platform,&quot; a Colbert press release announcing the sponsorship says. But, says U.S. Speedskating executive director Robert Crowley, &quot;We're not viewing this as a joke at all.&quot; <ul><li> </li></ul>
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  20. 22. 7-Eleven TV Goes Live In 60 Stores; Thousands To Follow Brandweek 7-Eleven TV, a digital video network that will roll out to more than 6,200 stores during the next year, made its debut in 60 stores in California, Texas and Florida yesterday, Katy Bachman reports. The network is expected to eventually reach an estimated 190 million consumers. &quot;This network will not only deliver relevant content but information on products and promotions that are of particular significance to the convenience store customer,&quot; says Kevin Elliott, vp of merchandising and logistics for 7-Eleven. He says it will also be an effective platform for point-of-sale product pitches. Programming runs in four-minute loops, mirroring the average length of the customer in store. Five loops programmed by day part offer a mix of local and national news, weather and entertainment news from RSS feeds and a variety of content partners.
  21. 23. Nielsen: Radio Reaches 77% of Adults Daily by  Erik Sass , Yesterday, 5:56 PM This week brought more good news for radio from Nielsen, which analyzed behavioral data collected by the Council for Research Excellence. In Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle in 2008, broadcast radio reached 77% of American adults every day, making it second only to television, which garnered 95% daily reach. The Nielsen data bolsters radio's audience claims at a critical time for the medium -- but it's unclear whether these kinds of findings can still sway advertisers. Within the audio category, radio's daily reach far exceeded the percentage of American adults who listen to CDs or tapes -- at 37% -- or listen to portable audio devices like iPods or MP3 players, at 12%. What's more, Nielsen found that the 12% who listen to iPods or MP3 players every day overlap a great deal with the 77% who listen to radio, with radio reaching 88% of the iPod/MP3 group. Compared to other media, on a daily basis radio also beat the Internet -- excluding email usage -- at 64%, newspapers at 35%, and magazines at 27%. Radio scored even better in the coveted 18-34 age group, reaching about 80% of this cohort on a daily basis.
  22. 24. New Sears, Kmart Exec Not Out To Remake Brand Chicago Tribune San Francisco-based John Goodman was in his second day in his new job in charge of Sears and Kmart's apparel and home goods divisions -- one of the weakest portions of the retailer's business -- when Melissa Harris chatted with him. He told her that he was not there to &quot;turn over the apple cart&quot; or remake the brand but rather to &quot;improve profitability and sales performance.&quot; He also wants to find synergies between the two brands in terms of talent and the sharing of information. &quot;I really want this to have an entrepreneurial spirit, and think a little less traditional,&quot; Goodman says. Goodman started in retail as the only male clerk in a Limited store in Baltimore. He subsequently has been everything from buyer at Bloomingdale's to a launcher of Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy outlet stores. Most recently, he was CEO of retailer Charlotte Russe. And he's no grab-and-goer. His hobby, Harris reports, is shopping.
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  35. 40. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing the latest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Numantra is a very unique and results-driven advertising & marketing agency that was started on the crest of a tidal wave of change that ushered in the 21st Century. Our founding partners recognized the coming of this change and purposefully created a company shaped in the image of the unstoppable future. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. <ul><li>http://hire. numantra .com </li></ul>