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Pizza Friday 107


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It's a Very Scary Pizza Friday. Witches, vampires, zombies, monsters, and other typical advertising professionals are responsible for this week's selection of frightful ads.

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Pizza Friday 107

  1. 2. A Very Scary Pizza Friday
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  3. 12. DDB Colombia for Zinema Zombie Second Season/Bogota Museum of Modern Art, winner of the best event poster at the London International Awards.
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  10. 39. IN THE NEWS <ul><li> </li></ul>IN THE NEWS
  11. 40. Adults Drive Growth Of Halloween Industry MSNBC My son phoned yesterday to ask me to get a referee shirt hanging in his closet up to him at college as he wanted to wear it on Halloween. As I walked to the post office, I wondered when, exactly, Halloween had stopped becoming something that you stopped doing in sixth grade and had become bigger than, oh, say Valentine's Day? Well, Roger Fillion addresses that question this morning, saying that a shift that began sometime in the late Seventies has accelerated in the past five to 10 years. This is all to the benefit of nightclubs, restaurants, bars -- which are throwing more Halloween parties -- as well as beer and booze companies, which brew up Halloween ad campaigns and drinks, such as a Pumpkin Pie Martini from Blue Ice Vodka. Jägermeister is sponsoring a float in New York's Village Halloween Parade. MillerCoors in-store, vampire-inspired promotion for Miller Lite encourages beer drinkers to &quot;Sink Your Fangs Into Great Taste.&quot; IBISWorld predicts Halloween-related sales will climb 4.2% over last year to a record $6 billion as consumers seek to &quot;escape their recessionary woes&quot; but the National Retail Federation sees the economy as a bit scarier, expecting Americans to spend $4.75 billion on costumes, candy, decorations and cards, down about 18% percent from last year's projection of $5.77 billion.
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  15. 44. Microsoft Scared Away By 'Family Guy' Creator's Special Ad Age, Wall Street Journal Microsoft is pulling out of a deal to sponsor a prime time special by &quot;Family Guy&quot; creator Seth MacFarlane after viewing an early version of the show and seeing that the content will include &quot;riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest,&quot; Michael Learmonth reports. Those topics were deemed to not be a fit with the Windows brand, according to a Microsoft spokesperson. The turnabout was sudden. Just a few days ago, Microsoft marketing executive Gayle Troberman told Ad Age : &quot;You'll see us deeply integrated into the content.&quot; &quot;Family Guy&quot; remains in Microsoft's marketing plans for Windows 7 and it hopes to work with MacFarlane &quot;in other areas.&quot; &quot;We continue to believe in the value of brand integrations and partnerships between brands, media companies and talent,&quot; the spokesman says. Meanwhile, Ben Worthen And Jessica E. Vascellaro report in the Wall Street Journal that Silicon Valley is ablaze with new advertising campaigns as technology companies bet that business spending will pick up.
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  19. 48. <ul><li> </li></ul>Marketing of the Living Dead Jackson's New Career: Permanent, Posthumous Brand by Nate DiMeo
  20. 49. NEW YORK TIMES Promoting Gourmet, Even After Its Death in Print Media The closing of Gourmet early this month continues to have ripple effects. When the magazine ceased publication with the November issue, other projects associated with it did not. The editor in chief, Ruth Reichl, days after being dismissed from Condé Nast, continued with a book tour for &quot;Gourmet Today,&quot; a new cookbook. Meanwhile, the public television show &quot;Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth&quot; went ahead with its Oct. 17 premiere, although by that time Ms. Reichl was no longer editor of Gourmet, and Gourmet was no longer a magazine
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