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Numantra is the forever new marketing braintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results. This brief booklet provides information on Numantra's capabilities in the areas of strategic and creative services.

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  1. 1. Thanks for taking a few minutes to peel back the pages of our book. This book was written specifically with you in mind. No, really. It was. We used an online, on-demand printing service that gives us the ability to customize this book everytime we have the need. Though, as you will see, there are some limits to the degree of customization we’ve applied. 1 Like you won’t find your name in here unless your name happens to be Gordon Law. What you will find are ideas. Ideas we’ve developed into business solutions for other companies like yours. Ideas that can lead to strategies and communications that will help you intersect your business goals with your customers’ needs and expectations. Ideas are what we’re all about. It’s why we promise nu ideas served fresh daily.
  2. 2. Sacred cows make great steaks. Sacrilicious!
  3. 3. Why the sacred cow must die. Shifting client priorities, fragmented demographics and media-weary consumers have turned the advertising world on its ear, and the sad fact is, clients are getting the short end of the stick. Big time. They're pouring precious media dollars into outmoded messaging and media. The sacred cows of advertising's past are no longer 3 viable in today's complex marketplace of lightning fast communications and information overload. That's where Numantra comes in. The lean, mean wholly integrated advertising agency of the future, Numantra was built from the ground up to address today's new marketing realities with communications that maximize your resources with a proven approach to reaching today's customers.
  4. 4. Different for a reason. At Numantra, we do things a little differently. For example, we don’t call ourselves an ad agency. We call ourselves a marketing braintrust. Partly because we have some great brains in the shop. Our founders, Dave, Susan, Gordon, Tony, Charlotte and Mike each have spent decades working for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. It was experience that was invaluable, ultimately, because it taught us that we just can’t keep following years of tradition if we want 4 to have an impact in today’s marketplace. So we got together for a lot of serendipitous reasons and formed Numantra. Ka-boom! The forever- new marketing braintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results was born. Dave Evans Susan Taylor Gordon Law
  5. 5. And since its inception, Numantra has been meeting its clients’ marketing challenges through a host of integrated services that include strategic, creative, research, media, interactive, production and technology services. All of these services are geared towards one thing — your customer. Because the most obvious reality in today‘s marketplace is that the customer is in control. With this in mind, Numantra helps business leaders intersect their business goals and objectives with their customers’ needs 5 and expectations. Our creative and strategic services are designed to lead businesses in the fine art of leveraging digital media that will build powerful relationships between their brands and their users. That’s the reason we’re different. Tony Ammerman Charlotte Ammerman Mike Heronime
  6. 6. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S Is your customer simply on the go, or perhaps going away? BRAND/CUSTOMER INTERSECTIONS Today’s mediascape is one that is constantly fragmenting. With more consumers customizing their own mediascape with an ever-growing array of communication devices and channels, mass media is quickly giving way to micro media. This change 7 in the mediascape actually provides advertisers with more targeted opportunities for their messages. The key to effectively navigating this mediascape resides in the quality of intelligence acquired about the customer. Mapping media with valuable insights into customer behavior, our innovative evaluation of media properties and consumers highlights the most effective ways to bring the right messages to the right customers when they are most likely to respond.
  7. 7. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S How would you define the “soul” of your brand? BRAND WORKSHOP We help companies discover the essence of their brand and strategically define the basis for all of their brand’s communications. Our Brand Workshop process starts with Brand Worksheets that survey brand stakeholders for their critical insights. 9 Then our team leads an interactive, in-person Brand Workshop that includes a select group of brand stakeholders who work together through the essential elements that make up the essence of a brand. Finally, our team concludes the process by defining the Strategic Concept for the brand through a series of collaborative meetings with the brand’s primary stakeholder.
  8. 8. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S What is your company’s marketing strategy built on? NUMEDIA STRATEGY Business gets conducted where the customers are. With a wealth of time saving services, readily searchable information and customizable data, today’s customers are making themselves perfectly comfortable across the cushy plains of the digital mediascape. At 11 Numantra, our strategic experts conduct an in depth study of a company’s business practices, as well as its goals and objectives, and layer it over a comprehensive digital mediascape that includes website, microsite, online advertising, viral marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, database marketing and other case-specific digital media to determine the best strategic applications suited to creating highly effective intersections with your customers.
  9. 9. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S Where does your company get its best thinking? IDEA TRAINING WORKSHOP Today’s business is built on the strength of ideas — ideas that define products and services and the communications used to market them. Ideas are living things that are born. They grow. And reproduce. They adapt and respond — depending on the people that rub up against them. Ideas are born into a cold, hard world with very 13 limited chances for survival. If we want our ideas to survive, there are some very specific steps we must take to help them on their way. Through our Idea Training Workshop, you and your team will learn about the powerful nature of ideas, their source and their value. Activities and exercises teach specific techniques for generating, improving, producing, and selling ideas. Increase productivity, collaboration, creativity and problem solving skills in your organization or team.
  10. 10. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S Are you dancing with your customers — or at them? PERPETUAL RAPPORT In today’s “conversation economy,” one-way communication with customers is a sure-fire path to extinction. Through a comprehensive evaluation of your business goals and objectives and your customers’ needs and expectations, we develop an actionable, two- 15 way conversation strategy that produces something we call “Perpetual Rapport.” With Perpetual Rapport, each new communication with a cus- tomer is affected by the last one — growing and guiding the relationship with the customer and creating lasting bonds along the way.
  11. 11. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S Have you received your invite into your customer’s inner circle? INSIDER TRAINING The days of consumers living comfortably within a small media space carefully defined by three networks is long gone. Today, consumers create their own media space. They invite their friends, family and associates to join them in that space. These customized media 17 spaces often result in the creation of unique cultures, languages, and customs. Companies that stay connected to their customers today get close enough to their customers to get an invitation. Using our 4-D Audience Evaluation & Profiling methodology up front, Insider Training brings valuable consumer insights to this pan-discipline workshop, mining intelligence from within your company to produce strategies that turn your brand from an outsider into an insider.
  12. 12. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S What do you really know about the people you’re trying to reach? 4-D AUDIENCE EVALUATION & PROFILING We utilize industry standard research resources coupled with our own proprietary methodology to produce a four-dimensional illustration of each of your key audience segments utilizing the following four criteria: 19 • Demographic: who they are as defined by traditional demographic metrics like location, age, income, etc. • Psychographic: who they are defined by their attitudes and opinions as they specifically relate to the client’s product, service, category, competition or brand space • Behavioral: who they are based on their activities, actions, reactions and responses • Communal: who they are based on the groups, associations and communities with whom they mingle
  13. 13. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S Are you ready to make friends with your customers? SOCIAL NETWORK PLANNING Your best customers are congregating online. Whether they are user group members, fans, consumer advocates, or enthusiasts, we evaluate the dozens of online social networks (MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to determine where their numbers 21 are the highest. Then we develop an Engagement Plan for your brand, product or service that will intersect with your customers in their social network.
  14. 14. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S How will you support all of your needs and your customers’ needs? WEBSITE ARCHITECTURE ASSESSMENT Structuring a website for optimal usability, functionality and efficiency is combined with the strategic organization of content, messaging, and interactivity. We create website architecture that aligns your business goals and objectives with your 23 users’ interests and needs and establishes a priority and hierarchy for your digital communications to follow. Our Website Architecture Assessment is a collaborative effort involving input and feedback between our client and strategic planning experts. The Website Architecture Assessment produces a workable site architecture and relevant wireframes in the form of schematic renderings that will be used as the foundational structure for the website’s development.
  15. 15. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S How will your brand be perceived online? WEB 2.0 WORKSHOP Your customers are looking at your company and your brand through a different set of eyes. Today, their vision is shaped by their experience with the Googles, Amazons, and YouTubes of the world. Websites that have not been optimized with searchable, 25 interactive, personalized features and capabilities (Web 2.0) are in danger of becoming irrelevant to their intended audiences. Our Web 2.0 Workshop will show you how to strategically identify specific tactics that meet your online business and communication objectives while they allow your users to more effectively search your site, add content and comments, subscribe to your content and in general, interact with the information that you have.
  16. 16. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S Are you meeting a customer need or a corporate mandate? USER EXPERIENCE SCORECARDS & WEBSITE EVALUATION Websites organized by business units instead of customer goals — one of the most common mistakes companies make with their websites. And in today’s consumer-controlled marketplace, it’s a fatal error. But it’s just one factor 27 we consider when evaluating your website. Over 100 different factors are reviewed and researched to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Our systematic approach to evaluating the usability and effectiveness of websites and their ability to meet the goals of their online strategy employs proven criteria and methodology from industry leading sources to create a thorough and comprehensive evaluation.
  17. 17. S T R A T E G I C S E R V I C E S What do you say to those customers who are still looking? SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION & MARKETING In the void created by consumers abandoning traditional advertising channels, comes the search engine — digital power tools designed to help consumers acquire whatever they crave. The fuel driving these search engines are known as 29 keywords — search terms that help a customer successfully navigate the depths of the Internet. Our analytical approach to determining the most effective keywords for your online communications combines insights gained through your website, your partners’ websites, and your competitors’ websites. Depending on your needs, we will also optimize your website for search engines and even launch a search engine marketing program based on our keyword findings.
  18. 18. This visual concept for Planning Professionals, a meeting and conference planning company, helped deliver the message that “Doing it all is all that we do.”
  19. 19. C R E A T I V E S E R V I C E S With consumers actively building barriers to advertising through DVRs and do-not-mail lists, the need for breakthrough creative has never been greater. To be effective in today’s media saturated marketplace, advertis- ers have to do more than simply communicate, they have to get noticed, remembered, and talked about. That’s what Numantra creative is about. 31 For Neiman Marcus, we developed a series of eye-catching posters to help promote their sales incentive rewards program. We created a fictional news team as a metaphor for McAfee’s 24/7 coverage of their customers’ networks. This video series ran in rich media ads online and on McAfee’s e-commerce web site.
  20. 20. C R E A T I V E S E R V I C E S We put a garage door in an empty field to suggest to home builders that Overhead Door garage doors are more than functional. They’re beautiful enough to design a home around. 32 This website worked in conjunction with video-on- demand content on Comcast’s cable network to help sign up drivers to attend an exclusive preview of the 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Animated rabbits helped to highlight a point about the compounding rate of rewards available to McAfee Marketing Partners.
  21. 21. C R E A T I V E S E R V I C E S We introduced Austin, Texas to the latest offerings of high-rise living via smart, virtual tours on the website for The Austonian. To help re-establish Network General’s flagship brand, Sniffer, we unleashed a playful yellow lab on email boxes, websites, and trade magazines all around the world. 33
  22. 22. C R E A T I V E S E R V I C E S A day in the life of United Regional helped launch their new positioning campaign. “Brilliance” is what we call an email campaign for Horizon Homes that helps turn home shoppers into home buyers. 34 Our design for the all new Aaron Brothers website sets the stage for their launch of e-commerce. We helped eyecare professionals find their nearest distributor so they could participate to win a “Big Fat Greek HOYA Getaway.”
  23. 23. We created a wisened old cowboy to impart words of wisdom to picnickers in this speculative campaign for a chain of barbecue restaurants.
  24. 24. Get to know us better. Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about Numantra. As a result, perhaps you’ve identified with our philo- sophical approach. Or recognized a category of business that’s similar to your own. Maybe one of our services lines up particularly well with one of your needs. In any case, we’re fairly certain a face-to-face meeting or even a phone call could prove to be a positive step in the right direction. 36 Maybe you’re not ready for that level of commitment, in which case, we suggest you pay our website or MySpace page a visit. You might even want to sign up for our monthly email, subscribe to our blog or even our podcast, just to stay in touch. Here are a few links that might help. Call Gordon Law at 214.635.2227 or email Gordon at Visit our website and check out our podcast at Visit our MySpace page at Check out our blog at