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M hernandez capabilities summary2014


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This is my Capabilities Summary for 2014 which provides a broad overview of the portfolio of work I have done in my career as a educator, consultant, and speaker.

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M hernandez capabilities summary2014

  1. 1. Maria Hernandez, PhD Capabilities Summary 2014 1Capabilities Presentation
  2. 2. Introduction Capabilities Presentation 2 Thank you for reviewing my capabilities presentation! My life’s work is to leverage my knowledge of human behavior, organization, and culture in order to promote productive workplace environments where authentic leadership engages all employees to their fullest potential and the mission of the organization is achieved. This overview highlights examples of my work among the core competencies that I have developed over the past 20 years as a consultant to senior executives in the public and private sector: • Executive Development • Team Effectiveness • Strategic Planning • Healthy Work Place • On-Boarding Program Design • Stakeholder Relations • Latino Employee and Consumer Relations • Employee Resource Group Development I would like this summary to open an opportunity for us to meet and partner to promote your own or your organization’s continued success. All My Best,
  3. 3. Capabilities Presentation 3 MILESTONES Assistant Dean for Special Programs Saint Mary’s College of Moraga California 1986 - 1994 1994 -2009 Founder MGH CONSULTING, LLC Managing Director Western Region 2009 -2010 Practice Leader Global Consulting Practices 2010 – Current President & COO 2012 - Current It all begins in Hollywood circa 1958 • 1980 Cal State Long Beach BA Psychology • Danforth Fellowship • APA Minority Fellowship • 1985 University of Texas PhD Community Psychology
  4. 4. A Portfolio Career by Choice Capabilities Presentation 4 My professional career begin at Saint Mary’s College of Moraga California in what I believed would be a traditional academic career. I was Assistant Dean for Special Programs and managed the High Potential program for six years. While I wanted to pursue advanced roles within academia, this was not my destiny. Instead, the majority of my career has been as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and executives, major non-profits, start-ups and public agencies. In 2009 I sold my consulting practice to Global Lead and became a Managing Director. When the company merged with Novations, I resumed my independent consulting activity and now am lending my skills and expertise to a few firms across the country. My roles within those organizations varies and I often say I have a portfolio career—a project or program that I manage or lead for a given time and then move on to the next.
  5. 5. Along the Journey… Healthcare Clients • Aetna • Asian American Recovery Services, Inc • Chiron Pharmaceuticals • California Public Health Institute • CIGNA • Gardner Family Health Centers • Planned Parenthood of Northern California • Northern California Cancer Center • St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation Financial Institutions • America First Financial/Eureka Bank • Babcock and Brown, LLP • Fireman’s Fund Insurance • State Compensation Insurance Fund, Department of Safety and Health • Charles Schwab • Genstar Container Company/GE Capital • Personal Insurance Federation of California • US Bank Capabilities Presentation 5
  6. 6. Wait, There’s More Tech Sector • AT&T • Kivera • Hewlett Packard • MCI/Verizon Business • SkyFlow • XEROX Business Services • Lexus-Nexus • Google Utilities and Waste Management • Central Contra Costa Sanitary District • Davis Street Materials Transfer Station, WMI • Delta Diablo Sanitary District • East Bay Municipal Utilities District • Environmental Education, Training and Partnership/EPA • Recycle America/ Waste Management • Sunset Scavenger Corporation/ NORCAL WASTE SYSTEMS • Los Altos Hills/NORCAL WASTE SYSTEMS • Empire Waste Management/WMI • Valley Waste Management/WMI • WMI Northwest Region • Metropolitan Disposal and Recycling Corporation, USA Waste Capabilities Presentation 6 Retail • Mervin's • Crescent Jewelers • PetSmart You can ask me for a full list…
  7. 7. Examples of Coaching Assignments Executive Development • Improving Collaboration, Communication and Team Leadership • Preparing for Media Interactions , Senate Testimony and Speeches • Leading a Diverse Team • Leading During a Series of Mergers and Acquisition • Preparing for Succession of Family Business Team Effectiveness • TEAM FUNDAMENTALS™- A four hour session to look at Creating a Common Vision, Living Shared Values, Developing SMART Goals, and Best Practices to Promote Success. • Facilitated Retreat Sessions for Senior Executive Teams- Designed off-site meetings designed to look at past achievements, lessons learned, and envisioning a new future. Capabilities Presentation 7
  8. 8. Example of Strategic Planning This is a model for revising a strategic plan or building a brand new one that I have used with major non profits, public agencies and small businesses. I have used this in two distinct scenarios—[1] assisting new executives who need to create strategy for their team upon being hired, or [2] when an organization must respond to new trends in their sector or budget changes require a new way to manage their activities. Capabilities Presentation 8 Environmental Scan (Needs Assessment, Trend Analysis, Stakeholder Interviews) Internal Scan (SWOT, Focus Groups, and Surveys) Review/Develop Organizational Mission and Vision Align staff with Key Results Areas (KRAs) that support SMART Goals Vision Performance results may require new goals and KRA’s Identify (New) Organization al Values Identify Targeted Priorities Develop SMART Goals to support Targeted Priorities MEASURE PERFORMANC E Strategy = Opportunity/Capacity
  9. 9. On Boarding Program Design I have also designed a highly customized and scalable program called Talent Ascent™ on- boarding of new leaders, transitioning leaders for new roles or developing high potentials for new assignments. In just 4 sessions, an executive can cut through the challenge of building key relationships, engaging in key dialogue and setting an action plan that positions his or her team for outstanding success. Capabilities Presentation 9 Assess Build Key Relationships Developmental Dialogue Action Planning As part of my responsibilities at Global Novations, I facilitated the on-boarding program for all new Latino employees in two divisions of Proctor & Gamble. These programs begin with a 3 day off-site followed up by two 1 day sessions at key campuses. These take place within the first 90 days of hire
  10. 10. Examples of Stakeholder Relations • When MCI WorldCom filed for bankruptcy in 2004, the Senior Executive for Policy initiated efforts to regain the public trust. MGH CONSULTING supported him in one effort designed to create the National Minority Consumer Advisory Council. Its role was to identify how the company could address the digital divide in minority communities, rural regions, and for persons with disabilities. My role was to identify potential members for the Council, support the selection process, develop an orientation program and then manage their general and subcommittee meetings over the course of 2 years. • In 2005 St. Luke’s Hospital became part of Sutter Health-a network of 19 nonprofit hospitals throughout Northern California. In 2006 the hospital was slated for closure as a consequence of seismic retrofitting costs. The St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation asked that a community engagement process take place to look at helping local residents find alternatives and voice their views. MGH CONSULTING was engaged in a community outreach effort that ultimately lead to the hospital being saved from closure and repositioned as a campus of the larger facility across town. Capabilities Presentation 10
  11. 11. Working with Employee Resource Groups INFRASTRUCTURE • A sponsor needs to be appointed with clearly scoped resources to sustain the ERG • The leadership of the ERG must be comprised of a diverse set of employees—gender, rank, and/or department • An ERG must have a clearly defined charter that at a minimum opens the group to all employees, gives the business rationale for their existence and creates clear parameters for their activities. ACTIVITIES • Activities need to enhance the participants’ professional skills— leadership, networking, project management, and effective collaboration are key. • All ERGS must plan activities together which promote a culture of inclusion throughout the organization. • Business initiatives must be linked to ERG activities—quality, customer responsiveness, and entrepreneurship are examples. Capabilities Presentation 11 The use of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) has become a key strategy for employee engagement among major employers. In order to leverage their benefit throughout the enterprise, two domains of issues must be addressed:
  12. 12. Examples of Customized Training • THE HEALING EDGE™ is designed to build and reinforce healthcare team effectiveness by elevating the role that collaborative and inclusive interactions between nurses, physicians, physician assistants and others can play in patient satisfaction and outcomes. Participants learn the importance of clarifying roles, communicating effectively, and reducing hierarchies that interfere with collaboration. When breakdowns in health care delivery take place, participants are encouraged to follow the STATT™ Model (Stop, Think, Ask, Target, and Track) for addressing concerns. • CHOICE POINTS FOR HEALTH—The passage of health care reform poses a unique challenge for improving and sustaining the health of employees. Choice Points for Health is a series of workshops that provide employees and managers a way to address the social determinants of health— creating a sense of employee empowerment, making good behavior choices, and building career resilience. Managers and participants learn fundamentals of employee engagement and the unique links to wellness. Capabilities Presentation 12
  13. 13. On My To-Do List in 2014 Alameda County Pay For Success Initiative on Asthma In 2010 I began working in the nascent field of social impact investing and co-authored a white paper in 2012 for the California Endowment that inspired California's first health related social impact investment pilot project aimed at preventing asthma emergencies in two communities. Funding for Fresno began in 2013 and funding for Alameda County will begin in 2014. My work in Alameda County will be to manage this effort with the County’s Health Homes Department to prove that a relatively small investment of $2000 in home remediation can prevent hospitalization due to an asthma emergency which costs on average $16,000. The ROI for this kind of health related investment may introduce a new way to invest in what makes health communities. Capabilities Presentation 13
  14. 14. Passions & Causes LatinaVIDA Latina Cubicle Confidential My blog is about tips and advice that can advance the careers of Latinas. It appears regularly on New Latina, Latina Lista, and Hispanic News Online. You can read all my blogs on Facebook. Capabilities Presentation 14 LatinaVIDA is a nonprofit which I co-founded with Santalynda Marrero and Julia Arellano- Sullivan. We hold a one day seminar and on-line coaching sessions geared toward inspiring the next generation of Latina executives. More information available at
  15. 15. Contact Me Capabilities Presentation 15 @drmghernandez and @savvyLatinaInfo