Conversation Workshop December


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December's Distance Learning Conversation Workshop

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Conversation Workshop December

  1. 1. Conversation WorkshopDecember 18, 2012ByMargo Hernandez
  2. 2. AGENDAListeningPractice; The Lottery WinnerVocabulary PracticeUsing Vocabulary; Grammar PracticeWriting PracticeSpeaking PracticeWebsites to practice at home
  3. 3. Listening Practice A 39-year-old woman admitted that she had lied. She claimed that she bought the latest winning lottery ticket in Massachusetts, but then lost it. The ticket was worth $18 million after all deductions. Jean Fenn was charged with grand larceny. A conviction could put her in prison for up to seven years. The real winner of the ticket, Kevin Hayes, 66, presented it a week ago to the liquor store where he had bought it. That store will receive one percent of the prize, or $180,000. The owner of the store, Mark Abrams, 56, was overjoyed. “Last year we had a storm that blew half of our roof off. It cost $25,000 to put a new roof on.” Hayes said he was reminded to check his numbers when he heard that a woman had lost her winning ticket. He and his wife had been camping in the mountains when the winning number was drawn. “But I feel sorry for this woman," said Hayes. "She only did this out of desperation. In fact, Im going to help her out financially after she gets out of prison. It’s a shame that this wealthy country has so many poor people. So, I’m going to donate a lot of this money to different charities. What do I need $18 million for?” The checks to Hayes and Abrams should arrive within two weeks, according to a lottery spokesman. The spokesman mentioned that lottery players should remember that the odds of winning the lottery are only about one in forty million. Even so, most people think that SOMEONE has to win, and it might as well be them.
  4. 4. Vocabulary PracticeAdmitted * RemindedClaimed * DrawnWorth * DesperationConviction * DonatedPresented * MentionedReceived *HalfOverjoyed *___________
  5. 5. Using Vocabulary NOUNS VERBS ADJECTIVES ADVERBS worth admitted received half conviction claimed desperation presented overjoyed reminded drawn donated mentionedNOUNS:
  6. 6. WRITING PRACTICEWrite 3 sentence using the vocabulary words:1. It is worth the trouble to come to school and learn.2. I am overjoyed that I will be on vacation this week.3. I received a very nice present from my son and daughter.
  7. 7. WRITING PRACTICEWrite 3 sentence using the vocabulary words:1._________________________________ _________________________________ _________2._________________________________ _________________________________ _________3._________________________________ _________________________________ _________
  8. 8. SpeakingPractice your sentences with a partnerPracticereading the “Lottery Story” with your partnerLet’s talk….
  9. 9. SpeakingHave you ever bought a lottery ticket? (2 minutes)What is the most money you have ever won? (2 minutes)Ifyou won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? (2 minutes)What is the second thing you would do? (2 minutes)
  10. 10. Practice at HomeSing Along videosChatting with others across the worldEnglish Practice online /