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Projetech 2012 Maximo As A Service


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Introduction to IBM Maximo Business Partner Projetech providing Maximo as a Service.

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Projetech 2012 Maximo As A Service

  1. 1. Maximo® as a ServiceMaximo ―in the Cloud‖ Solutions From the Experts
  2. 2. Projetech Company Overview • IBM Premier Maximo • Hosting Maximo for Business Partner over 12 years. • 20 Years Maximo • Host close to 90 Experience instances of Maximo in our datacenter • Largest IBM Maximo Hosting Provider • Experts in delivering a secure, high • 2012 IBM performance Application-Specific instance of Maximo License (ASL) over the Internet Business Partner Award 2
  3. 3. Some of Projetech’s Customers
  4. 4. What is Maximo as a Service? An alternative solution for running Maximo in-house. Sometimes referred to as Software as a Service, Hosting, or Cloud Subscription based model – Host Client Owned Software or Lease Options Maximo is hosted in a high availability, secure data center. Cost to client can be significantly reduced. Maximo is available in days, not months.
  5. 5. What Services are Included? Installation of Production and Development/Training instances Setup of users and Maximo security groups Troubleshooting application errors Troubleshooting Maximo connectivity issues Continual Performance Monitoring and Improvement Methodologies Application of hot fixes, updates and routine maintenance to Maximo, SQL Server, or Windows Server software Ensuring availability of client’s Maximo according to Service Level Agreement Maximo Upgrades
  6. 6. Maximo as a Service Benefits Reduce Costs  0 to minimal capital outlay  No servers to manage  Reduce carbon footprint within your network Improve Application Uptime Reduce people resources required to implement and maintain Maximo Highly scalable Secure―Like many outsourced services, private and trusted cloud services are often deliveredfrom dedicated ―industrial‖ service centers that, in most cases, offer more stringentphysical and virtual security than typical in-house facilities.Providers of these services generally engage full-time security professionals and havededicated 24x7 monitoring — often stronger security than life sciences companies havein-house.‖ Life Sciences – Entering the Cloud
  7. 7. How Do I Access Maximo as a Service? Maximo is accessed via a browser and an Internet Connection. Each client has their own instance of Maximo with unique Maximo URL.  Example: Users sign into Maximo with their assigned Maximo user login and password Internet connection is SSL encrypted  Encryption Protects Data During Transmission Secure VPN connections are also available to keep data safe during transmission over the Internet.