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National association for girls and women in sport


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National association for girls and women in sport

  2. 2. LOCATION NAGWS is located in Reston Virginia. Established in 1899
  3. 3. MISSION STATEMENT To develop and deliver equitable and quality sportopportunities for ALL girls and women through relevantresearch, advocacy, leadership development,educational strategies, and programming in a mannerthat promotes social justice and change.
  4. 4. GOALS NAGWS Increase programs and services for underserved populations. Maximize the utilization of membersprofessional expertise. To cultivate an active, involved, knowledgeable, and diverse membership population. To increase and diversify funding sources and opportunities. To develop and increase involvement at the grassroots level. Advocate for U.S. Government laws and policies. Maintain and increase the number and quality of collaborative efforts. Capitalize on sport as a viable business. Capitalize on AAHPERD services in ways that enhance the work of NAGWS. To raise awareness of how legal, political, and social justice issues impact ALL girls and women insport.
  5. 5. HISTORY The reorganization of APEA in 1932 led to the formation of theNational Section on Womens Athletics (NSWA). In 1953, the organizations name changed to the National Section onGirls and Womens Sports (NSGWS) to emphasize that NSGWS servedsecondary schools as well as college and adult women . The NSGWS made an important decision in 1957 (Morgan, 1999)when it gave up independent status to become part of AAHPERD. Itthen became the Division for Girls and Womens Sports (DGWS) withinAAHPERD.
  6. 6. HISTORY CONT… During this period the number of girls and women participating insports increased dramatically, causing a shortage of officials, and thusincreasing the need to conduct clinics. Another challenge was thenumber of other sport organizations that were promoting competitionand championship events, which was contrary to the philosophy of"sane" and "wholesome" sport opportunities for girls and women . In 1960, Doris Duke donated a half of a million dollars, designated forthe development of womens sports, to the United States OlympicCommittee.
  7. 7. STAKEHOLDERS & POSSIBLE JOBS Representative To Executive Director Vice President of Marketing Board Of Governors Pamela Noakes Karen Appleby President (AAHPERD)Shawn Ladda Sharon Shields
  8. 8. TYPES OF JOBS & INTERNSHIPS Opportunities for a physical education major with an interest in girlsand women in sport, a sport marketing major looking for someexperience in promoting events, or a future lawyer looking to get someexperience advocating for Title IX on Capitol Hill. Interns at NAGWS dont simply file and answer phones; theyparticipate in program development, help plan a nationalconvention, and communicate with leaders throughout the country. NAGWS interns work hard, but they have fun, too! Rachel Holmberg
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