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Presentation Final hearn


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Final Presentation (Hearn) for Multimedia in the Classroom (DCIU)

Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Presentation Final hearn

  1. 1. Michael Hearn’s Multimedia Project : Applein a Tornado (or) First impressions of a new challenge
  2. 2. Moving from vaguely familiar, but still undefined processes,forms and ideas: to jumping into the unknown Being able to learn online guided my decision to attack head on those voids in my knowledge and experience; enhancing those areas where I knew would enhance my expression as an artist and communication as a teacher
  3. 3. Realizing whimsy and celebrating the familiar I was able to pursue some notions and create new images for my kids to enjoy , to communicate humor, to re-examine memories and to practice visual expression What are toads looked like in their abode What our toads were imagining (perhaps)
  4. 4. Audio was a Beast ! and after hours of trial and error I have some results.
  5. 5. Working online through Moodle allowed me to create tangential paths out of habitual circles From an 8 mile walk in the woods ….. Please Hover Here to Play … to my first attempt at video making: A snapshot of Thanksgiving
  6. 6. 3/ Playing with and experimenting with Movie Maker allowed me to get to create the first of what I hope to be many Instructional videos that could add dimension to my students’ classroom experience (though more editing could help).
  7. 7. Charting 3 characteristics in one experience: Enjoyment, Usefulness and Success Editing and Sharing Platforms Movie Maker Pixlr Picassa and Flickr Audacity
  8. 8. An acknowledgement of thanks to Rich Kiker for his support and encouragement during this online journey into the world of multimedia This Power Point Slide Show is Respectfully Presented by Michael Hearn December 2013