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mHealth Journal overview - mhealth apps - mobile health apps


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mHealth Journal provides analysis, news, information and research on mobile health & medical apps, devices, software, services and other related technologies. mHealth Journal has also developed a proprietary APP recommendation/discovery engine, marketplace and community for health and medical APPs.

mHealth Journal's readership consists of health care providers & executives, pharma executives, health/medical technologists, students and other industry experts involved in the mobile health and medical space.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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mHealth Journal overview - mhealth apps - mobile health apps

  1. 1. Editorial Sponsorship Video event coverage Sponsorship Marketing & production services Contact Us 2 7 11 14 19
  2. 2. Introduction mHealth Journal provides analysis, news, information and research on mobile health & medical APPs, devices, software, services and other related technologies. mHealth Journal's readership consists of health care providers & executives, pharma executives, health/medical technologists, students and other industry folks involved in the health / medical APP and technology space. Below is a list of topics that we cover: mHealth RPM health reform RFID MPOC real time locating systems patient data security RTLS wireless applications WLAN telemedicine mobile APPs wireless mobile point of care mobile devices telehealth wireless LAN health IT smartphones remote patient monitoring EHR / EMR
  3. 3. Mobile APPs Mobile Health Journal has developed a proprietary APP recommendation / discovery engine and community for the health and medical industry. We also offer software development services for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Window Phone 7 through sister company Below is a partial list of APP categories: Addiction Alternative Medicine Baby & Children's Health ReferenceTools for Providers Emotional Health Health Education Healthy Living Men's HealthMental HealthNutrition & Diet Oral Health Drug Reference Pregnancy Skin & Beauty Women's Health Self Diagnosis Diagnosis Quizzes Calculator Med School Quizzes Conference Guides
  4. 4. Sync Your Mobile & Manage App Lists Create an app list using the RawApps website or mobile app. Run the Sync feature to install & manage apps on your device. Questions & Answers RawApps answers is a place where people ask and answer questions related to finding the best app for a particular subject. Follow Me! Activity feeds allow you to follow members who have made recommendations that may be of interest to you. News and Reviews Stay tuned to RawApps for the latest news, blogs and app video demos / reviews. Questions & Answers
  5. 5. Finding the right audience across millions of websites can be difficult. The site lets you target your message in front of: Doctors Nurses Medical Students Health Care Providers Healthcare Executives Pharma Executives Healthcare Technology Executives Payor groups Site Wide Ad Placement
  6. 6. -Top result of all search and browse pages within a category picked by you -4 weeks at $98 per category (longer placements available at discounted rate) -Listings will rotate with 2 other listings per category ( 3 max) -only health and medical apps will be listed While anyone can submit an app for listing for free, mHealthJournal also offers premium listings with enhanced visibility.
  7. 7. "Branded content will become an important part of PR in 2010". CNBC Branded content is essentially a fusion of advertising and entertainment, says Wikipedia. In the Web 2.0 world, its all about permission and attention. People don’t want to have messages thrown at them. But they do want to get information that they need from companies or products they are interested in. The in-house production team at mHealth Journal can collaborate with your company in order to produce compelling videos, blog posts, microsites and other content that can effectively communicate what your apps do and how they benefit the user. Once these videos or other assets are produced your company can distribute them on various social networks in order to get your app maximum exposure.
  8. 8. Client Showcase More info at: Case Study: Broadband Video Channel for the 2008 Integrative Medicine Symposium and EXPO at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Wellness Center The broadband video destination we set up for the IMSE showcases not just the overall video synopsis but also in depth interviews and videos of the full length panels and lectures. In this format the IMSE can reach audiences beyond the event attendees and the UM Community. Establishing a presence online allows them to reach anyone throughout the web who may be interested in learning more about complimentary medicine. Furthermore speakers, exhibitors and the event itself have extended the life of their involvement around this topic by allowing this content to live online.
  9. 9. Client Showcase More info at: RAW Digital Media offers production services for event organizers, associations, professional groups and publishers to capture their events and then distribute their content through broadband and social media. To help our clients reach this goal, we’ve put together a unique combination of production, editorial and software expertise to create broadband media packages with the express purpose of distributing that content into today’s social media landscape. Services include video production, broadband video consulting, social networking consulting, 3d animation and title design.
  10. 10. Client: Walmart Event: Essence Music, New Orleans Agency: Global Hue Client: Chrysler Corp. Event: Woodward Cruise, Detroit Agency: BBDO Client: ESPN Deportes & Sauza Tequila Event: Cinco de Mayo, Los Angeles Client: Jazzercise Event: NFL Halftime Show Breast Cancer Awareness Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL Client: JEEP Event: 116th St. Parade, New York, NY Agency: Global Hue Client: FedEX Event: Black Enterprise Mag. Golf & Tennis Agency: Global Hue Client: Universal Studios Event: Illegal Tender Movie Launch Agency: Global Hue Client: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Event: Integrative Medicine Symposium Client Showcase More info at:
  11. 11. Demo Your App in Action with Video If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a polished demo video is worth a whole dictionary! WordPress Themes & App Demo Sites Our WordPress themes for app publishers makes launching a showcase web site for your app faster and easier than ever. Inbound & Social Media Marketing Leverage the power of the social web to increase sales and exposure through SEM, SEO and SSM. Request a Proposal When it comes to bringing your application to life, who you partner with can make all the difference.
  12. 12. Video vs. Screenshots Stand head and shoulders above your competition and showcase your app in action with custom demo videos shot by a professional hd production studio. Pass it along Can be encoded for broadcast distribution (local cable advertising) as well as a lighter flv format for web viewing.
  13. 13. Embrace the Social Web. Twitter, Facebook etc... The social web continues to grow and influence among the audience you’re trying to reach. Our social media marketing strategy are designed to help you make the most of this new phenomenon. SEO vs. PPC A proper Search Engine Optimization plan can yield greater results & ROI over time, unlike the immediate but limited results driven by Pay Per Click advertising.
  14. 14. Full Content Management & Plugins Galore! Our templates for app sites are powered by Wordpress, one of the top content management systems on the web allowing you to syndicate, customize, design and add content on the fly. Optimized for Search Engines WordPress’ clean and lean code means search engines can find your content easier, therefore indexing your pages faster.
  15. 15. Our services are based on time and materials. If you would like to receive an estimate for your project, we can arrange a preliminary consultation by phone. To learn more contact us today at: Phone: 305-815-5772 Email: Web: