PA Meeting, Athletic Dept


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  • PA Meeting, Athletic Dept

    1. 1. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Baseball Volleyball Basketball Track & Field
    2. 2. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Athletic CalendarFall Sports (September - November) Baseball - Boys Volleyball - Girls Sign ups in April of the prior school year Tryouts in May/June of prior school yearWinter Sports (December - March) Basketball - Girls & Boys Sign ups in October of the current school year Tryouts in November of the current school yearSpring Sports (April - May) Track & Field - Coed Sign ups in February/March of the current school year Tryout process varies
    3. 3. St Matthew Catholic Athletics CoachingCoaches are placed before the teams are announced and whenever possible in advanceof tryoutsAny adult who has successfully completed Shield the Vulnerable training,fingerprinting, a Diocesan background check and has been approved by theAdministration is eligible to coach.Any adult who has a sincere interest in creating an enjoyable learning environmentfor the student / athletes they will coach while contributing to the continueddevelopment and growth of the St Matthew Athletic program is encouraged to coach.As extensions of the Athletic Board, coaches are expected to enforce the standards &practices established in the Athletic Handbook and serve as a positive representative ofSt Matthew and it’s Athletic Club at all times.
    4. 4. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Player Eligibility and Expectation of ParentsStudents who are currently enrolled at St Matthew and in good academic standing asestablished in the Student Handbook are eligible to participate in the athletic program.Once placed on a team, the student / athlete is expected to attend all scheduled practicesand games.If a student accumulates more than 2 unexcused absences throughout the course of aseason, the player is subject to game suspension(s).The increasing costs and decreasing availability of suitable practice facilities and theimportance of honoring a commitment made to their team requires a zero tolerance policywhen considering attendance and participation.Players are expected to be respectful of their coaches, officials, opponents and teammatesat all times.
    5. 5. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Player Eligibility and Expectation of Parents - continuedParents are expected to follow the guidelines and code of conduct established in theAthletic Handbook at all times and be respectful of coaches, school & game officialsand opponents at all times.Approximately 92 % of our 4th through 8th grade students participate in the sportsprogram.The future success of our program is dependent upon 92% of our parents volunteeringto assist with moving our program forward.The athletic department is always looking for qualified volunteer coaches, andadministrators.
    6. 6. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Athletic Commissioner ResponsibilitiesA St Matthew Catholic Athletic Commissioner serves on the Athletic Board andparticipates in the management of all St Matthew Athletic programs and events.The responsibilities of an Athletic Commissioner include: Attend all Athletic Board Meetings Represent St Matthew at PPSL Meetings Insure compliance with all school and athletic board policies Assist with the planning and organization of tryouts Recruit and place volunteers coaches Assist with practice and game scheduling Coordinate and manage game day operations Fundraising
    7. 7. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Athletic Director ResponsibilitiesSt Matthew lead representative to the PPSLCommunication with the school administrationBudget managementGym rentalsPractice and game schedulingInventory of equipmentTryoutsAssignment of coachesRecruiting - Board Members, Coaches, VolunteersDevelopment and enforcement of policies & practices
    8. 8. St Matthew Catholic Athletics 2010-2011 GoalsImprove Lines of Communication both internally and externally PPSL - Enhance the schools reputation with the League through proactive planning and communication. Administration - Similar to our interactions with the PPSL we endeavor to present the administration with solutions to the challenges we face as an athletic department. Coaches - Empower our coaches via a free flow of information from the PPSL, administration and athletic board. As we move forward we will provide training for coaches as at all levels so as to create continuity in our processes year in and year out. Parents/players - Make ourselves accessible in venues like this and maintain high visibility at athletic events. We encourage parents to approach us with questions and join us in our efforts on behalf of all St Matthew student / athletes
    9. 9. St Matthew Catholic Athletics 2010-2011 Goals - continuedDevelop and manage an operating budget Gymnasium / Field rental Participation fees Commitment from our participants is very important in determining how we manage our program moving forward Financial & Value Question Team mates and coaches depend on attendance. We cannot afford to have commissioners, coaches, students or parents partially committed to the athletic programDocument processes Tryouts, establish uniform guidelines and criteria Athletic Handbook - ready for the 2011-12 academic calendar Game day operationsWe will build a foundation for present and future operational success
    10. 10. St Matthew Catholic Athletics Where are we ?Enhanced reputation with the PPSLEstablishing and tracking our operating costsImproved communication with the parentsImproved communication with the AdministrationFurther developing collaborative relationship with the AdministrationImproved tryout and selection process for Basketball and VolleyballEmpowered coaches via improved communicationEstablished the structure of the Athletic BoardUpdating Athletic HandbookEstablishing uniformity in the management of all St Matthew sports