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The Visual Presentation Era


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a brief about presentation techniques and how to improve IDAL presentations.

Published in: Design, Business, Technology

The Visual Presentation Era

  1. The Visual Presentation Era!
  2. ntation Pre se
  3. A Visual representation of Something 
  4. YES!! Why are you doing a presentation?  And NO not because you have too!!
  5. To deliver a Message
  6. To persuade YEP!! She is extremely  Persuasive
  7. To Inform
  8. asics of a So the b Good Presentation
  9. Clear Message
  10. Simplicity “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci
  11. Confidence “Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control.” Richard Kline
  14. Only the audience can judge You
  15. Don’t m a ke me R d, or  Sleep e ead or Bor
  16. I promi se I w i l l
  17. yways An We the Human
  18. We read: Between 250 and 400 words per minute
  19. We can speak: About 105 words per minute
  20. ically it Log nk of T hi
  21. * * IDAL PowerPoint Presentation  Model
  22. Presentation August 29, 2008 – 12h00 pm August 29, 2008 – 1h00 pm
  23. People will NOT
  24. Distract Detract Divert
  25. Visuals & Cognitive Science
  26. Multimedia Modality Redundancy Coherence Effect Principle Principle Principle
  27. What about
  28. A time for
  29. The End in Mind
  30. The DEFINE                 TARGET
  32. What is the ?
  33. does it matter ?
  34. So ?
  35. Firm Belief Unbreakable Will
  36. Identify and Promote Investment Opportunities Disseminate Market Information Identify potential joint venture partners & strategic allies Facilitate registration & issuance of permits and licenses Provide ongoing investments support
  37. The Landmark Tourism Kuwaiti Bachoura, Beirut US$ 230 million 330 jobs Package Deal Contract
  38. Tourism Saudi Beirut US$ 103.2 million 300 Jobs Package Deal Contract
  39. By ad am oh r M ad B
  40. Images courtesy of: