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Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program - Ideal for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents


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The Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program is IDEAL for loan officers and real estate agents. Dealing with subprime credit or turndowns? Earn top paying commissions by referring these borrowers to Home Sweet Home. Free to enroll.

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Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program - Ideal for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program “An Extraordinary & Profitable Opportunity Helping Families OWN A Home”
  2. 2. Only You Can Determine Your Income “From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands brings them reward.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 12:14) As with all things, the rewards of an affiliate will be commensurate to the efforts you make. Much like a job, successful affiliate work requires repetitive action. This means, you will need to promote the Home Ownership Program not less than 6 days per week. This presentation explains what you need to know. The level of your commitment will determine whether you make a few hundred or few thousands of dollars. Besides, what could benefit families more than having a place to live and a place to call Home Sweet Home?
  3. 3. Welcome to As An Affiliate - Get Informed: Who We Are & What We Do Read over the website and learn how we help families become homeowners. You can find more information on the Home and About pages.
  4. 4. Now, Let’s Visit the Affiliate Page… Just take your time to read over the information on the Affiliate page.
  5. 5. After reading the information on the Affiliate page, click the dark blue bar: “Sign Up FREE to Become A Home Sweet Home Affiliate TODAY” (You will then be redirected to the affiliate sign up page).
  6. 6. Welcome to the Home Sweet Home Affiliate Sign Up Page powered thru LeadDyno! Sign up with the “Would you like to join?” box on the left. Once enrolled, just log into your “Have An Account Already?” box on the right side.
  7. 7. Welcome to Your Affiliate Dashboard Let’s take a few moments to explain how these features can greatly assist in growing your referral sales volume…
  8. 8. Your Affiliate Link Your affiliate link is the most important piece of information on your affiliate dashboard. The link is used to “track” traffic as well as paying customers. You can use it anytime you post or send an email and the link will act as the tool to track your activity, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, SALES. Keep it handy and copy and paste it whenever you post or blog.
  9. 9. The Email Icon You will want to use this icon anytime you want to send an email to someone who may be interested in the Home Ownership Program – especially if they are having trouble with credit issues, down payment, legal, ID theft issues and more… Just click on the icon and a pre-formatted message is ready for you to send – (just follow the directions). All tools will encode your sharing activities with your affiliate link.
  10. 10. The Facebook Icon The Facebook Icon enables you to share your marketing message to Facebook directly. There are a number of ways you can do this. On the next slide, we can give you an effective message to use to share in various ways on Facebook. Facebook has indeed become the most powerful sharing platform in the world.
  11. 11. The Facebook Affiliate Message Your Facebook Affiliate message should read as follows… Need a home? Having trouble qualifying? Bad credit or no credit, very little credit or substandard credit – all credit welcome. Get assistance with ID theft and legal issues too. Just fill out a free form on our website to see if you qualify for a home in your area.
  12. 12. Share on your own wall. Just copy and paste your Facebook message here.
  13. 13. Copy & Paste Your Message Here.
  14. 14. Get Noticed In Several Places on Facebook Under the “Share on Facebook” blue bar , is a drop-down menu which allows you to share your post in several places. • Share on your wall so friends and family and personal connections can see. Feel free to use #hashtags such as #firsttimehomebuyer #guide #tips #techniques #bad credit #first time home buyer qualification • Share in a group – this is ideal for Buy/Sell/Trade and real estate groups. We highly recommend joining these groups so you can share your posts so thousands of people can see them. • Share in an Event you are having or in events where you think is appropriate. • Share on a Facebook page you manage –especially if it is real estate related.
  15. 15. The Twitter Icon Sharing on Twitter is fairly easy. Just click the icon below and it will take you to your Twitter account. Just “copy and paste” message and the “Tweet” button to share. The next page will show you what that “sharing experience” looks like…
  16. 16. Using Twitter On this page, just tweet the prepared message for your followers. If you don’t have Twitter, just sign up by clicking on the yellow button above and follow the directions to create your own account.
  17. 17. The LinkedIn Icon Sharing on LinkedIn is fairly easy. Go ahead and create a LinkedIn account if you have not done so already. Just click the icon below and it will take you to your LinkedIn account. You may need to login first. Next, you will see what that “sharing experience” looks like…
  18. 18. On this page, the link to the Home Sweet Home website appears. Here, you can share in a post or in a message. If you know some someone would be particularly interested, send a message. Otherwise, share in a post so multiple people in your LinkedIn network will see the post.
  19. 19. Need a home? Having trouble qualifying? Bad credit or no credit, very little credit or substandard credit – all credit welcome. Get assistance with ID theft and legal issues too. Just fill out a free form on our website to see if you qualify for a home in your area Just “copy and paste” your message here where your cursor is. Here you will see the Home Sweet Home link that also carries your affiliate code as does all the sharing tools on your affiliate website. Here, we recommend adding hashtags (by simply clicking on the “# Add hashtag” button) so your post can be found easier: #firsttimehomebuyer #tips #guide #techniques #bad credit #home #programs. Click multiple times to add multiple hashtags. Now that you are finished, just click post. You’re all done!
  20. 20. The Instagram Icon Sharing on Instagram is fairly easy. This app is a heavily visual application with focuses being mostly on pics and graphics. You may use any graphic you wish from the Home Sweet Home website or Facebook page. Just “copy and paste” your standard message and click the share button to share. Again, all the tools you will be using contain your affiliate tracking code so you can track traffic and sales.
  21. 21. How to Make Great Affiliate Commissions In this section, as an affiliate, you will learn “what it takes” to make a great income working as an affiliate. This is how it works and it includes a “game plan” of activities you will need to complete on a DAILY basis.
  22. 22. Being Active Makes Money • If you are willing to use your affiliate tools on a daily, regular basis, you could make a full-time income working part time. Here’s what the possibilities look like…
  23. 23. Based on Volume… On average, your sales volume could be fairly substantial. Let’s say over the course of a month you make the following sales (20% based on the number of installments your referred clients make)… Number of Sales Commissions Legal Plan Commissions Grand Total 5 Sales 240 210 $450 10 Sales 480 420 $900 15 Sales 720 630 $1,350 20 960 840 $1,800 30 1,440 1,260 $2,700 Payment Options: Option #1: Pay-in-Full ($500); Option #2: 2 installments of $275; Option 3: $100 down and 4 bi- weekly payments of $125; Option #4: $300 – (credit only); Option #5: $100 down and 2 bi-weekly payments of $125. Let’s assume sales result in only 20% pay-in-full; 40 percent of sales opt for Option #2; and the remaining 40 percent of sales result in Option #3. Let’s say 60% purchase the Legal Plan: $70 at manager level.
  24. 24. The Legal Compensation Plan This plan can help with of the following: • House Purchases, Leases, Rent-to-Own • Legal Issues • Legal Settlements • Credit Disputation • Legal Defense • Traffic Tickets For more information to become an Associate, please call: 636-209-HOME
  25. 25. Are You A Loan Officer? Real Estate Agent? Home Sweet Home Can Help You Grow Your Business!
  26. 26. • We believe in the concepts of mutual benefit and synergistic work • Supplemental income to loan officers and real estate agents is important and may be the final determining factor with regard to career retention. • A true referral network where ‘A’ and subprime referrals can be a win-win-win for all parties. • We have a vested interest in loan officers and agent success. The more they win, the more we win.
  27. 27. What About RESPA? Getting Paid As A Home Sweet Home Affiliate A Word About Real Estate Settlement Practices Act (“RESPA”) - RESPA does NOT apply to Home Sweet Home and our payment to loan officers and real estate agents wherein a government loan is involved. Since Home Sweet Home is NOT a real estate practitioner and does NOT promote or sell government loans, this law would not apply as “kickback” compensation. (See
  28. 28. Getting Started: If You Are A Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent, Sign Up Free In Our Network Under Loan Officers & Agents Tab (& Become A Premiere Network Member TODAY): (See Application Below on the Page)
  29. 29. Home Sweet Home Assists Loan Officers & Real Estate Agents… (vs the Competition) Home Sweet Home • Help loan officers and real estate agents CLOSE more business • Use attorneys to address any number of legal problems • We pay our loan officers and real estate agents (as affiliates for their paying referrals) • We offer advertising bonuses based on referral volume • NOT a credit repair company • Help clients re-establish credit using credit rebuild cards & auto-pay system The Competition • Limited assistance for loan officers and real estate agents to close more business • Typically, do NOT use attorney-related services • Typically, do NOT have affiliate programs or do not pay competitively • Almost NEVER offer to pay for referral source advertising • IS a credit repair company • Do no have a credit re-establishment program or offer an auto pay system to help clients manage on-time payments For a more comprehensive comparison, see our Dare to Compare chart.
  30. 30. Check Out Our Dare to Compare Doc Showing How the Competition Stacks Up to Home Sweet Home…
  31. 31. To join our Referral Exchange, just fill out this form to sign up as a Premiere Network Member Today (only 5 minutes to complete – and FREE to join)… Then you’re enrolled. It’s that simple!
  32. 32. Again, If You Want to Be Compensated for Your Marketing and Enrollments, Join Our Affiliate Program – (Always Free to Join)!
  33. 33. Final Thoughts… • Review this presentation as often as you may need for reference. • If you have questions or need more direction on what to do next, speak to the person who provided you this presentation or call our office to speak to a representative: (636) 209-HOME (4663). • If you want more information on getting paid compensation to help your referred clients with legal challenges, please call (636) 209-HOME (4663) for more information, training and meetings. • Start sending Home Sweet Home your referrals. If you are an affiliate, remember to send them your link so you can get paid. • Thanks!