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CREATING A BRIGHTER    RELEASE/CONSENT                                  FUTURE FOR TOMORROWI give my child permission to p...
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Shooting for the stars Registration


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Shooting for the stars Registration

  1. 1. Wali Jones, CLINIC SCHEDULE SHOOTING FOR THE former Vice STARS President of Community SHOOTING FOR THE REGISTRATION Relations for the Miami STARS Heat, will lead the clinics. CLINIC SCHEDULE He is a leader in NAME ____________________________instructional clinics. August 4, 2012Mr. Jones’ experiences include playing 9:00 am Registration AGE ______________________________for the Villanova Wildcats and over 13 9:30am Orientationyears in the NBA for the World Film ADDRESS _________________________Champion Philadelphia 76er’s, the Academic Action PlanMilwaukee Bucks and the Detroit Tracks to TeamingPistons. He has designed these clinics CITY/STATE/ZIP ___________________to motivate and help young players 11:00am Team Developmentattain fundamental skills required intoday’s high-competitive climate. 12:00pm Lunch HOME PHONE _____________________ 1:00pm Stretch/Exercise EMERGENCY PHONE ______________ CLINIC GOALS 2:00pm Competition Foul Shooting Contest EMAIL____________________________ The clinic features humandevelopment training, 3:00pm Closing Ceremonies___em phas i z i ng acad e m i cs , 2:45 pm Kids pickup Timeproblem-solving, refusal skills,self-concept, self-esteem andteamwork. Players will work on WHAT TO BRINGfundamental skills troughdrills, viewing of films, some Players should wear a t-shirt, shortsplay and a foul-shooting and appropriate shoes.contest. AUGUST 4, 2012 Lunch will be provided COST: FREE! Have fun while gaining amemorable and exciting SPACE IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST Remember your cooperative learning 100 REGISTERED FOR THE CLINIC.experience. attitude!
  2. 2. CREATING A BRIGHTER RELEASE/CONSENT FUTURE FOR TOMORROWI give my child permission to participate inMHASWFL activities. I understand that even Contact us at:when every reasonable precaution is taken, 2335 Ninth Street N Ste 404accidents can sometimes happen. Therefore, Naples, Fl 34103 Presentsin exchange for the MHASWFL allowing my 239-261-5405child to participate in MHASWFL activities,I understand and expressly acknowledge that (Fax) 239-261-2931 Shooting for the StarsI release the MHASWFL, its staff members www.mhaswfl.organd volunteers from all liability for any injury,loss or damage connected in any way whatso-ever while participating in MHASWFL activi- BASKETBALLties, whether on or off the premises. I under-stand that this release includes any claims CLINICbased on negligence, action or inaction of theMHASWFL, its staff, directors, volunteers,members or guests. I grant permission for mychild to participate in all activities provided byMHASWFL.I understand that on occasion photos, videos,audio or printed material for the MHASWFLpromotion or publicity may be taken or madeduring MHASWFL’s programs or activities.I grant permission and authority toMHASWFL for the use of me or my family’slikeness any such promotion or publicity. Players 8—17 years old______________________________________ Wali Jones HEAT’s former community affairs Saturday August 4, 2012 9:00 am—3:00 pm • AtParent/Guardian Name Printed liaison The Community School of Naples World Champion Philadelphia (13275 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34109)________________________________ • 76 er’s For Information Call MHASWFLParent/Guardian Signature (239)261-5405