November 2012


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November 2012

  1. 1. `xÇàtÄ [xtÄà{ TááÉv|tà|ÉÇ Éy fÉâà{ãxáà YÄÉÜ|wt Educating Southwest Florida on Mental Wellness since 1957 55 Years of providing Services November 2012 throughout SWFL Community Advocacy Mental health is a fundamental social justice issue.Coming Events: There is no health without mental health.♦ November 1st. 2012 Concern for the public’s health demands that disparities in treatment and Woman of Character Speaker Series“The Power of a Plan: Woman & Wealth” the disproportionality of the burden of illness be eradicated. Robin Hamilton, Wealth Advisor♦ November 8th, 2012 We require change that is commensurate to the enormous magnitude of Woman of Character Speaker Series behavioral health problems in multiple aspects of our culture, our commu- “Living Longer and Living Better” Caroline Cederquist , MD nities, our neighborhoods and our families.♦November 15Th, 2012Woman of Character Speaker Series MHASWFL represents a growing movement of individuals who promote“ Essential Negotiation tips for Woman “ Rebecca Y. Zung-Clough, Esq mental wellness for the health and well-being of the community. This♦ December 14, 2012 movement must engage and involve the general public as well as persons 55th Annual Meeting Hodges University Science & Tech BLGD with mental and substance use conditions in all its aspects. 11:30 to 1PM We emphasize recovery from mental and substance use conditions for all.♦ February 23 , 2013 Hodges University 6th Annual Diversity Festival MHASWFL confirms its commitment to:Support Groups: a. Raise its voice for people affected by mental and substance use conditions that have not had a voice.• Here for Life b. Diversity and cultural competence in programs, communication, treatment, and re- 1st Tuesday every Month lationships. 7:00 PM c. The translation of science into practice.• Veterans d. Ensuring that the public’s trust is confirmed through efficient conscientious leader- Wednesday ship and stewardship. 7:00 - 8:30PM• Depression Thursday 10:30AM - Noon
  2. 2. Page 2 Mental Health MattersABOUT THE MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDAWHO WE ARE:Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida (MHASWFL) is a non-profit, 501(c)3, non-governmental volun-tary citizen organization whose primary goals are to promote healthy emotional and mental development.WHAT WE DO:We Advocate!The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida has been a voice for change for our community since 1957.We Educate!A primary goal of The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida is to educate the general public about therealities of mental health, mental illness and mental wellness. We also offer continuing education for local profes-sionals.We Serve!We Serve by identifying unmet needs and develops culturally sensitive services and programs to improve the livesof those facing the many challenges of today’s world in our community.We pride ourselves on being the “link” for mental health and mental wellness, offering a free referral service andThe Directory of Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Community Services. Our Mission To Advocate for Mental Wellness through Education, Prevention, and SupportWhat We Stand For:Our message is simple: Good mental health is fundamental to the health and well-being of every person and of the nation as a whole.Our agenda is clear.· We want all people to understand how to protect and improve their mental health, and know when to seek helpfor themselves or someone close to them.· We want our regions schools, businesses, healthcare system and other settings to have the knowledge and re-sources. they need to respond to the mental health of their constituencies and achieve their missions.· We want all to have access to high quality, affordable and personalized preventative, early-identification andtreatment services, when and if the need arises.· We want persons with disabling mental illnesses to receive the support, treatment and services that they needto recover and live full lives in their communities. We want more research and services focused on prevention,recovery and cures.
  3. 3. November 2012 Page 3 We Will Advance our mission by:· Educating the public about ways to preserve and strengthen its mental health;· Fighting for access to effective care and an end to discrimination against people with mental and addictive disorders;· Fostering innovation in research, practice, services and policy; and Providing information and re-sources to individuals and families living with mental health and substance use problems.
  4. 4. Page 4 Mental Health Matters Become a Supporter Today! The odds are that someone you know—a family member, one of your friends, or one of your colleagues is affected by a mental health or substance use condition. And thats why The Mental Health Association was formed over 55 years ago. For over half a century, Mental Health Association has been instrumental in reducing barriers to treatment and services and educating the community about mental illness and recovery. As a result of our efforts, many individuals with mental disorders have sought care and are now enjoy fulfilling, productive lives in their communities. Whether you or someone you know has a mental health condition, or simply care about the issue of mental health and living a mentally healthier life, We Can Help, But Only With Your Support! As a Supporter of our movement, you will help us build on our half century of service and strengthen our voice as we continue our ground-breaking steps to achieve victory over mental illness: • Our Advocacy is a powerful voice for change! • Education: a primary goal of the MHASWFL is to educate the general public about the realities of mental health and mental illness. There is No Health Without Mental Health The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida 2335 Tamiami Trail N. Ste 404 Naples Fl 34103 239.261.5405
  5. 5. "© copyright Mental Health America" . y rt n u o c e h t ni n r e c n o c ci m o n o c e d n a htl a e h ci l b u p t s e g r al e ht ot st n u o m a ’ htl a e h l a t n e m‘ f o e u s si e ht, yt ei c o s r u o d n a s u f o h c a e t c e ff a n a c ti s y a w e ht ll a g ni r e di s n o c n e h W . g ni e b -l l e w d n a htl a e h l l a r e v o ’, htl a e h l a t n e m ‘ r u o t c a p mi yl e vi t a g e n r o yl e vit i s o p n a c s e g n el l a h c e s e h t ht i w l a e d ot e r a e w el b a w o h ,t a e r ht e ht f o e c r u o s e ht r e v et a h W . a n irt a K e n a ci r r u H e ki l r et s a si d a r o e mi r c t e e rt s a , e s u b a ci t s e m o d g n i vi v r u s r O . ai n e r h p o zi h c s r o n oi s s e r p e d s a h c u s s s e nl li r oj a m a r O . s g u r d r o l o h o cl a ot n oit ci d d a n a r O . n o i s n et r e p y h r o r e c n a c , s et e b a i d s a h c u s e s a e si d a h ti w g n i vil r O . b oj a g ni s o l r O . e n o d e v ol a g ni s o l r o e c r o vi d r o g ni vi g e r a c f o s s e r t s e h t si ti , s u f o e m o s r o F . k si r t a h t l a e h l a t n e m r u o t u p d n a s u t s et t a h t s e g n el l a h c l a n oi ti d d a e c af o sl a s u f o y n a M ’ . htl a e h l at n e m‘ r u o ot st a e r ht y l i a d e s e h t hti w e vi l s u f o l l A . e m it n w o d y n a t u o h ti w r e ht o n a o t yti vit c a e n o m o rf g ni c a r e r a y n a m ; r e hti e e n u m mi t ’ n e r a s di K . s r a e y 0 3 t s a l e h t r e v o d e ni l c e d yli d a et s s a h r e ht o n a e n o n i t s u r T . e b ot d e s u e w n a ht s ei ti n u m m o c r u o ni d e g a g n e s s el d n a , s r o b h gi e n d n a s d n ei rf , yli m af m o rf d et c e n n o c si d e r o m o sl a e r a e W . n o it a m r o f ni ht i w d e d r a b m o b ylt n at s n o c e r a e W . n etf o e r o m yl r o o p g ni t a e e r a e W . s e i r u x ul e kil l e ef e si c r e x e d n a p e el S .t s e r f o e c al p a r e g n ol o n si e m o h o s , d e r r ul b n e tf o si efi l e m o h d n a k r o w n e e w t e b e ni l e h T . d e k r o w r e v o yll a ci n o r h c si s e e y o l p m e n a ci r e m A e e r ht n i e n o ,t c af n I . n oit a c a v s s el e k at d n a , s b oj el pi tl u m r o s r u o h d e d n et x e k r o w s u f o y n a M . e r o f e b r e v e n a ht s e vi l yl i a d r u o m o rf s s e rt s e r o m e c af e w , e r utl u c 7/ 4 2 , d e c a p t s af r u o hti W .t n at r o p m i e r o m e b t’ n dl u o c ’ htl a e h l a t n e m‘ r u o g ni n e ht g n e rt s d n a g n it c et o r p , y a d o T . s e u s si h tl a e h ni d n a l o o h c s r o k r o w t a e c n a m r o f r e p r u o ni , s p i h s n o it al e r r u o n i t u o y al p ti e e s e W . s e vi l r u o f o h c a e f o st c e p s a ll a n i r ot c a f r oj a m a si ’ h tl a e h l at n e m ‘ t a ht si yt il a e r e h t t u B . dl r o w e ht n i r o s e vi l r u o ni n o g ni o g e sl e g n i ht y r e v e ot d e r a p m o c t h g u o ht f o t o l a t i r e m ot m e e s t’ n s e o d ti , e r a e w o h w f o t r a p , n e e s n u t e y , ci s a b a h c u s s’ti e c ni s ,ll a r et f A . d e t n a r g r of ’ htl a e h l at n e m‘ r u o e k at s u f o t s o m , r e v e w o H . m u rt c e p s e ht f o e g n a r e l d di m e h t ni hti w e v o m d n a e vi l s u f o t s o M . d n e r e h t o e ht t a s s e nl l e w et e l p m o c d n a y r e v o c e r d n a , d n e e n o t a s s e nl li d et a e rt n u d n a ytil i b a si d hti w et at s di u lf a si tI . s e vil yli a d r u o n i n oit c n uf o t tl u ciffi d e b n a c ti , r o o p si ’ htl a e h l at n e m‘ r u o n e h W . e fil ni , kr o w t a , e m o h t a -- y a w r u o s e m o c t a h w ht i w r et t e b l a e d n a c e w , d o o g si ’ ht l a e h l at n e m‘ r u o n e h W . s g n i r b t i s e g n e ll a h c e ht d n a efi l yli a d hti we p o c e w l l e w w o h s a d e ni al p x e t s e b s p a h r e p si ’ ht l a e h l at n e M ‘ ”.fl e s r u o y t u o b a d o o g g ni l e ef “ r o ” e fil hti w t n et n o c g ni e b “ s a ti w ei v s r e ht O ”. d ni m f o e t a t s “ a s a ti e ni f e d el p o e p e m o S . s e vil r u o ll a n i t n e m el e n o m m o c as’ti t u b , e s a r h p t a ht e s u n e v e r o ’ htl a e h l a t n e m ‘ r u o t u o b a h c u m k ni h t t o n y a m e W ’. h tl a e h l at n e m ‘ e v a h l l a e w ,l l a r etf A . h tl a e h l at n e m f o e u s si e ht t u o b a e r a c ot d e e n e w , r e h ti e n r o m el b o r p a h c u s d e c n ei r e p x e s a h o h w e n o e m o s w o n k ,n o i s s e r p e d s a h c u s s s e n l l i l a t n e m a e v a h e w r e h t e h W Why Our Cause Should Matter to All :Page 5 November 2012
  6. 6. Page 6 Mental Health Matters
  7. 7. November 2012 Page 7Howard Aurelius is a shining example of a Senior Peer Volunteer. Howard is one of the most giving, loving individuals you will evermeet.On July 27, 1919 Howard was born in Troy, NY but spend most of his adult life in the Philadelphia area. He was blessed to haveloving and supportive parents that provided a peaceful home. After school he played football, basketball and baseball.He grew up during the difficult times of the depression, but remembers all the love and fun he had as a youngster.Every night after he had completed his homework he played table tennis with his Dad. His mother worked at the once popular cafeteriachain, Horn & Hardart’s. Every Thursday night, he and his parents and brother and sister attended the movies at the Mastbaum Thea-tre, a luxury movie house.After graduating high school Howard attended Drexel University for tress semesters before being drafter. However, a hernia kept himout of the service. He later earned an associate’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Pa. He also studied unionarbitration at St. Joseph’s University.Howard married in 1941 and fathered three daughters, two of whom live in Naples.At age 21 he went to work for General Electra and enjoyed a 47-year career there, serving in various capacities.One of the most events in his life was participating in the building of the first vehicle that ever re-entered the atmosphere without burn-ing up. He eventually became manager of the plant, which built the re-entry vehicle that carried the bomb.Although Howard retired in 1984 he went back to work as a consultant in 1986. He “retired” again in 1988 and has devoted much ofhis time to volunteer work as a Literacy Volunteer, a Guardian ad Litem and for the past several years, as a senior peer counselor.Howard describes his work as a peer counselor as “very gratifying” and that it“makes me feel good to know that I might have helped someone else to feel good.”At our weekly supervision, the entire group “feels good” just by Howard’s presence. His warmth, compassion and sharp problem-solvingabilities make him a fantastic peer counselor. Reprinted Article by Margot Escott, LCSW
  8. 8. Page 8 Mental Health Matters
  9. 9. November 2012 Page 9 Self-Care Healing Day for Mental Health and Medical Professionals at Monarch Therapy, LLC "Give your stress wings and let it fly away." ~Terri Guillemets Research continues to validate that therapeutic approaches connecting mind, body, and spirit and accessing right and left hemispheres of the brain, as well as full brain integration, allow formore comprehensive long-lasting healing. Such expressive holistic therapies complement traditional talktherapy and also provide healthy release of stress.Monarch Therapy, LLC is offering a Self-Care Healing Day specifically for mental health and medical profes-sionals on Saturday, December 1, 9am-5:30pm. The event is no cost, though RSVP is required by Wednesday,November 28th due to limited space. Various workshops focus on holistic healing of mind, body, and spirit.Practitioners will be offering therapeutic modalities that access the subconscious to release emotional block-ages and alleviate stress.Workshops include:• Transformational Breath® with Carrie Sopkoο "Clear the subconscious and open to higher levels of consciousness and awareness which you can integrate intoyour everyday life. Release suppressions, repressions and old patterns permanently at a cellular level."• Laughter Yoga with Gigi Felicetta ( ~Strengthens Immune System ~Increases Oxygen Supply to Blood Cells ~Improves Blood Circulation ~Balances Emotions through Healthy Release ~Fun Cardio Work-out: Exercise is #1 way to fight symptoms of Depression and Stress• Sand Tray Therapy with Kimberly Rodgers, LCSW, RPT-Sο Build a visual tangible world by placing miniatures in a tray of sand to gain a different perspective of circumstances.Sand tray offers a safe and contained space for the creator to find aspects within one’s control that can be changed, orexplore healthy ways to cope with life stressors.• Quantum De-Stress with Peggy Sealfonο Quantum Breath Meditation and Integrative Relaxation in Amrit Method ~ Yoga Nidraο "Nurture your body and mind and release stress from the source. Find solutions where before you may have seenonly problems. Renew, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your true self. Feel refreshed and empowered to tackle life’schallenges."Discussion and Wrap-UpCall (239) 325-9210 or visit our website for more information: Executive Drive, Suite 100, Naples 34119
  10. 10. November 2012 Mental Health Matters Page 10 To Advocate for Mental Wellness through Education, Prevention, and Support The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida identifies unmet needs and develops culturally sensitive services and programs to improve the lives of those facing the many challenges of today’s world in our community.If you are interested in becoming a Supporter, e-mail us at Or Simply fill out the application and mail a checkpayable to MHASWFL or donate online using a credit card. Your contribution is tax-deductible and crucial to helping us continueour work. If you have any questions please contact our office by phone at (239) 261-5405or mail The Mental Association of Southwest Florida 2335 Tamaimi Trail N, Ste 404, Naples FL 34103.