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Mental Health Association


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Mental Health Association

  1. 1. DifferenceAPRIL 2013mhaswfl.orgEducating Southwest Florida on Mental Wellness Since 1957a r e m a k i n g aWeMental HealthAssociation
  2. 2. We are making a Difference· We want all people to understand how to protect and improvetheir mental health, and know when to seek help for themselvesor someone close to them.· We want our regions schools, businesses, healthcare systemand other settings to have the knowledge and re-sources. theyneed to respond to the mental health of their constituencies andachieve their missions.· We want all to have access to high quality, affordable andpersonalized preventative, early-identification and treatmentservices, when and if the need arises.· We want persons with disabling mental illnesses to receive thesupport, treatment and services that they need to recover andlive full lives in their communities. We want more research andservices focused on prevention, recovery and cures.What we do:advocatEEDUCATESERVEMental Health Association ofSouthwest Florida (MHASWFL)is a non-profit, 501(c)3, non-governmental voluntary citizenorganization whose primary goalsare to promote healthy emotionaland mental development.The Mental Health Association of SouthwestFlorida has been a voice for change for ourcommunity since 1957.A primary goal of The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida is to educatethe general public about the realities of mental health, mental illness and mentalwellness. We also offer continuing education for mental health professionals.We Serve by identifying unmet needs and developing culturally sensitiveservices and programs to improve the lives of those facing the manychallenges of today’s world in our community. We pride ourselves on being the“link” for mental health and mental wellness.To Advocate for Mental Wellnessthrough Education, Prevention,and Support.What we stand for:Our message is simple: Good mental health is fundamental to thehealth and well-being of every person and of the nation as a whole.Our agenda is clear:MHA staff:Petra Jones, MPAExecutive DirectorBrian Follweiler, BA CPASProgran DirectorOscar Pineda, BSIT/Administrator ManagerGollee Gator, BSMascotOur mission:ABOUT US For over 55 years the MHAhas served the members ofour community so that theycan achieve positive mentaland emotional well being.Without the MHA being avital educational resource toour community members andthe link between them andother direct service providersmany individuals that sufferfrom mental and emotionalchallenges would not seek orobtain the necessary supportand treatment needed. Toaccomplish our goals weare hopeful to continue toreceive the support from ourcommunity so that we are ableto better serve its members.Joshua RudnickPresident, Mental HealthAssociation ofSouthwest FlroidaWho we are:We will advanceour mission by:· Educating the public about waysto preserve and strengthen itsmental health;· Fighting for access to effectivecare and an end to discriminationagainst people with mental andaddictive disorders;· Fostering innovation in research,practice, services and policy;and providing information andresources to individuals andfamilies living with mental healthand substance use problems.2 MHA of Southwest Florida APRIL 2013
  3. 3. We are making a DifferenceMHA charter members meetfor first time.Dr. John Franklin becomes MHA’s firststaff psychologist to screen emotionallydisturbed children.“Project Cheer” started to helphospitalized patients during the holidays.MHA rejoices when President JohnF. Kennedy signs the MentalHealth Act.Artist George Rogers organizes artlessons for patients at G PierceWood Hospital in Arcadia.A clinic committee wasincorporated to acquire a mentalhealth facility for Collier County – Nowthe David Lawrence Center.Karma House (refuge and walk-incrisis center) established by MHACC.MHA rallies opposition when Floridaplans to transform the State Hospitalinto a prison.Divorce Adjustment Programsbegin.MHA protests lapse in licensingregulations for psychologists.“Everyday People,”improvisational role players educatingon mental health issues, debut locally,performing and training hundredsnationwide over the next seven years.Anna Ricotta spearheads “I’mThumbody” (self-esteem programfor second graders) “Junior MentalHealth Players,” and the “MeIn Mental Health,” targetingadolescent audiences.Noontime “Brown Bag Lectures”begin. Collier County Builders andContractors Association assists withmanpower and materials to build MHA’snew headquarters.Sarah Ann Drop-in Center:operated by and for consumers ofmental health services – now under theaegis of NAMI.Putting Children First: courtmandated parenting class for alldivorcing parents.BABES(beginning alcohol/addiction basiceducation studies) designed to providechildren with a lifetime of protection fromsubstance abuse and to assist them indeveloping healthy living skills.I Can Problem Solve – raising athinking Child – teaches children howto think not what to think, helps themto reach solutions of problems in apeaceful, non-violent way.Early Childhood Initiative:Children prevention programs.Established Directory of LicensedMental Health Professionals inCollier County.Established One Child At A Time:pro bono mental health services.Circle of Hearts: program forwomen mentoring women.Children in Crisis AwarenessInitiative: to educate the public onthe lack of children’s mental health andsubstance abuse services.TAB: Teen Advisory Board of CollierCounty – partnership between MHAand Collier County School Board.Senior Peer CounselingProgram: utilizes trained seniors toprovide emotional and mental supportto other seniors and caregivers in need.Became licensed to providecontinuing education creditsfor mental health professionals andpsychologists.FAST: Families and Schools Together:in partnership with ShadowlawnElementary School.Name change to Mental HealthAssociation of SouthwestFlorida to include Lee County forservices.FUN damentals: in partnershipwith the Naples Art Association at thevon Liebig Center. Program promotescritical thinking regardless of skill levelwith access to a variety of categoriesof art. Target audience – middle schoolstudents.Out of the Shadows:documentary produced by SusanSmiley about the stigma and vast codeof silence surrounding people withschizophrenia and their families.Mental Health/Mental Illness:Fine Line Photo Exhibit byMichael Nye. Documentary of voices,stories and portraits that confrontsstereotypes and revea ls the courageand fragility of those living with mentalillnesses.Workplace Wellness Programestablished.Veterans Support Groupestablished by a local psychologist.Gollee Gator Children’s MentalWellness Program: Shootingfor the Stars Basketball Clinicestablished.Dance With No Limits.Annual meeting Features children’sauthor Marc Brown, Father ofArthur.Broadway star Wambui Bahati herone woman show “Balancing Act.”Wambui Bahati performed onNaples Princess.Dr. Robert Albanese: Health CareReform and How it ImpactsMental Health ServicesDiversity Award.Over 55 years of serving our community1957196319661968197119751978198183-841986199120022003200420052007200820092010201120121979Our History1992199419961997199820002001Mental Health Bell During the early days of mental health treatment, asylums oftenrestrained people who had mental illnesses with iron chains and shackles around their anklesand wrists. With better understanding and treatments, this cruel practice eventually stopped.In 1953, Maryland Gov. Theodore McKeldin and Mrs. A. Felix DuPont poured the metal madefrom these melted chains to create the Mental Health Bell. Today, the Mental Health Bell ringsout hope for improving mental health and achieving victory over mental illnesses.2005of Southwest FloridaMHA 3APRIL 2013
  4. 4. We are making a Difference mhaswfl.orgDiversity FestivalMental health is a fundamental social justice issue.There is no health without mental health.Concern for the public’s health demands that disparities in treatmentand the disproportionality of the burden of illness be eradicated.We require change that is commensurate to the enormousmagnitude of behavioral health problems in multiple aspects of ourculture, our communities, our neighborhoods and our families.MHASWFL represents a growing movement of individuals whopromote mental wellness for the health and well-being of thecommunity. This movement must engage and involve the generalpublic as well as persons with mental and substance use conditionsin all its aspects.We emphasize recovery from mental and substanceuse conditions for all. MHASWFL confirms itscommitment to:a. Raise its voice for people affected by mental and substance useconditions that have not had a voice.b. Diversity and cultural competence in programs, communication,treatment, and relationships.c. The translation of science into practice.d. Ensuring that the public’s trust is confirmed through efficientconscientious leadership and stewardship.“Whether it is inprivate consultations;group therapy;workshops;community outreachtraining eventsor advocatingfor persons withdisabling mentalillness to receivesupport, treatmentand services; theMHASWFL isthe main sourcefor informationand resources toindividuals andfamilies in this area.Gail WilliamsChief Diversity Officer,Hodges UniversityProud Supporter of MHAspreading the word!Community AdvocacyCommunity Agency NetworkingThe Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida has been networkingwith other agencies since our conception over 55 years ago. Through thesenetworking efforts many community based projects and services have beenestablished.It is our belief that by pooling resources, knowledge, and experience thecommunity is better served!Martin LutherKing ParadeCouncil of Hispanic BusinessProfessinals MeetingConference presented by theDiversity Council4 MHA of Southwest Florida APRIL 2013
  5. 5. We are making a DifferenceStudents attendEdison State CollegeAnti-Bullying EventThere arefew differencesamong ethnicgroups in thenumbers ofstudents beingbulliedThis is a one-of-a-kindcounseling program inSouthwest Florida offeredby The Mental HealthAssociation of SouthwestFlorida. We try to link low-income workingadults and their children who are in need of mental healthservices and have no insurance or financial resources withmental health professionals who offer pro bono services.for theBasketball ClinicGollee’sThe clinic features humandevelopment, training, emphasizingacademics, problem solving, refusalskills, self concept, self-esteem andteamwork. Players will work onfundamental skills trough drills, viewingof films, some play and a foul-shootingcontest. Have fun while gaining amemorable and exciting experience.As an educator,clinician, humandevelopment trainer,and parent, I havebeen blessed tohave an opportunityto work with theMental HealthAssociation ofSouthwest Florida…MHASWFL allows usall that teammworkwill make yourdream work. Savethe children.Wali JonesNBA All-Star, Coordinator ofMHA “Shooting for the Stars”Proud Supporter of MHAOne Child at aTime ProgramTake Steps to Stop Bullying1.Start talking to your children early.2. Teach them how to be assertive.3. Stop bullying when you see it.4. Tell your children to take action.5. Communicate clear policies andconsequences.6. Team Up with your PTA or giveus a call.7. Seek Help when necessary.Gollee’s Tip Gollee’s Outreach & Education InitiativeIt is estimated that aboutone in five children have adiagnosable mental healthdisorder, and one in tenchildren have a disorder of suchseriousness that it interferes withtheir functioning at home, atschool, and in our community.We can stop this cycle and helpour youth become successful,productive individuals.That is why we are networkingwith other agencies andcommunity effort programs to bring valuable projects intofocus. Working together as a solid community resource isfundamental in achieving our goals.conneCTing kids! click on Programs & Initiatives Children’s Behavioral Health InitiativeLearn More!of Southwest FloridaMHA 5APRIL 2013
  6. 6. We are making a Difference mhaswfl.orgWorkplace WellnessPeer Support GroupsNeed to talk?Peer Counselingutilizes the skills andlife experiencesof older adultsin providingemotional supportfor their peers. Theprogram providesadults with theopportunity to talkto someone oftheir age who has gone through similar lifechanges and who can understand their experiences. Ourpeer counselors provide individual counseling, as well asfacilitating in support groups usually in groups of eightto ten members. Participation is voluntary and is basedon nurturing each client’s special needs.Peer support is an important aspect ofrecovery for persons with mental illness. A Peerled support group brings people togetherwho have similar experiences. Meetings areconfidential, informal, non-judgmental, andare geared to stimulatediscussion and sharingof concerns. Joininga support group is avaluable addition to,but not in place of,professional treatment.Support groups canhelp you feel lessalone by makingconnections withothers and get youmotivated to stick toyour treatment plan.• Depression• Veterans• Here for LifeSome of ourongoingsupport groups:Peer Counseling for Seniors & Caregivers:Divorce EducationPutting Children FirstThis four hour, online, courtmandated, educational supportgroup for parents who are aboutto embark on divorce. Theprogram recognizes that loving,caring parents may lose sight ofhow deeply their children may beaffected by their decision to obtaina divorce.The thought is that if parentsare more informed about thepitfalls of families in divorce,they may be more responsiveto their children’s needsduring this time.scanthisto learnmoreThe Mental HealthAssociation is acritical partner inthe wellness ofour communityby elevating thedialogue aboutmental health,promotingtreatment,preventionand education.Dave SchimmelChief Executive Officer,David Lawrence CenterProud Supporter of MHAEach presentation is tailored to fit theneeds of the business. Together we willidentify educational programs which canbest serve the employees while advancingthe goal of Promoting the highest level ofmental health in our community. Sampletopics include: Stay positive – IncreaseOutput; Resolving Conflict in the Workplace;Stress Management; Communicating in theWorkplace; Substance Abuse at Work.Learn More!For more on all our AdultWellness Programs visit...mhaswfl.orgclick onPrograms & InitiativesAdult Wellnessmhaswfl.orgclick onCalendar6 MHA of Southwest Florida APRIL 2013
  7. 7. We are making a DifferenceThe Fundamentalsof Our 55 Years11 Mental health is a fundamental social justice issue.2 There is no health without mental health.3 Concern for the public’s health demands that disparitiesin treatment and the disproportionality of the burden ofillness be eradicated.4 We require change that is commensurate to theenormous magnitude of behavioral health problems inmultiple aspects of our culture, our communities, ourneighborhoods and our families.5 MHASWFL represents a growing movement ofAmericans who promote mental wellness for thehealth and well-being of the nation. This movementmust engage and involve the general public as well aspersons with mental and substance use conditions in allits aspects.6 We emphasize recovery from mental and substance useconditions for all.7 MHASWFL confirms its commitment to:a. Raise its voice for people affected by mental andsubstance use conditions that have not had a voice.b. Diversity and cultural competence in programs,communication, treatment, and relationships.c. The translation of science into practice.d. Ensuring that the public’s trust is confirmed throughefficient conscientious leadership and stewardship.“Young people and children don’t suffer frommental health problems.”It is estimated that more than 6 million youngpeople in America may suffer from a mental healthdisorder that severely disrupts their ability tofunction at home, in school, or in their community.“People who need psychiatric care should belocked away in institutions.”Today, most people can lead productive liveswithin their communities thanks to a variety ofsupports, programs, and/or medications.“A person who has had a mental illness cannever be normal.”People with mental illnesses can recover andresume normal activities. For example, MikeWallace of “60 Minutes”, who had clinicaldepression, received treatment and led anenriched and accomplished life.“Mentally ill persons are dangerous.”The vast majority of people with mental illnessesare not violent. In the cases when violence doesoccur, the incidence typically results from thesame reasons as with the general public such asfeeling threatened or excessive use of alcoholand/or drugs.“People with mental illnesses can work low-level jobs but aren’t suited for really importantor responsible positions.”People with mental illnesses, like everyone else,have the potential to work at any level dependingon their own abilities, experience and motivation.MYTHMYTHMYTHMYTHMYTHCommon MisconceptionsAbout Mental IllnessVS.MYTHThe Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida hasbeen a community referral source in the region for many years.We offer personal referrals by phone to our many LicensedMental Health Professionals and well as other vital CommunityServices. We also have the ability to for our Professionals torefer to a colleague in the area or other information neededfor a client.We offer the ability of our Directory in print, online andmobile for easy access of information. Also our office staff canbe contacted for referral information and community insight.The MHA has alwaysstepped up to the plate toaddress the mental healthneed in our community,by consistently providingneeded services andprograms. Our MHA hasproven time and timeagain how valuable theyhave been in helpingmake Naples the specialplace we are so fortunateto live and work in.Mayor Bill BarnettProud Supporter of MHAWe can Help!Health Professional Referral Network:55YearsofprovidingServicesthroughoutSWFLwow! click on InformationPrograms & InitiativesMonthly NewsletterSTAY UP TO DATE!with our Monthly click onof Southwest FloridaMHA 7APRIL 2013
  8. 8. We are making a Difference mhaswfl.orgPlease makecheck payableto MHASWFL.ThankYou!If you have any questionsplease contact our office2335 Tamaimi Trail NSuite 404, Naples FL 34103email: info@mhaswfl.orgphone: 239) 261-5405online: mhaswfl.orgYes! I want to help MHASWFL with a tax deductible contribution. Please find my enclosed gift:$500$250$100$50$10Other $_______Name______________________________________________Phone ___________________ Work_____________________Email_______________________________________________Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Substainer monthly pledge of $_________Partner ______years $_________ per yearThe Mental Health Association ofSouthwest Florida identify unmet needsand develop culturally sensitive servicesand programs to improve the lives ofthose facing the many challenges oftoday’s world in our community. Yourcontribution is tax-deductible and crucialto helping us continue our work.YOU can Help...If you are interested in becoming a Supporter,simply donate online with a credit card, or fill outthe application below and mail with a check.Let’s make atogetherDifference...visit www.mhaswfl.orgDONATEclick8 MHA of Southwest Florida APRIL 2013