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Gamification in banking


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Everybody wants a share of your time. All your suppliers fight for your loyalty. So do banks, that not only want you loyal, but would also want you to self service yourself and promote their business. Gamification is how they could achieve all of these.

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Gamification in banking

  1. 1. GAMIFICATION4BANKING How to Use the True Human Nature to Drive the Next Generation Banking Consult Blue
  2. 2. PEOPLE LIKE TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN The True Nature of People
  3. 3. THE TRUE DIMENSION OF THE PHENOMENON Games industry: $66 billion worldwide (DFC 2011) Online sales to surpass retail in 2013 Virtual goods: $7.3 billion globally (In-Stat 2010), 44% of US/UK adults have played a mobile game in the last month PopCap/Information Solutions) 97% of kids 12-17 play videogames The average game player is 30 years old 37% are older than 35 47% percent of all game players are women
  4. 4. PEOPLE ARE SUPERHEROES IN THE VIRTUAL SPACE What if people would spend the same energy in solving real life challenges?
  5. 5. WHAT IS GAMIFICATION? A door to the World of tomorrow
  6. 6. GAMIFICATION Prof. Kevin Werbach Wharton University of Pennsylvania, USA Gamification Expert Author of “For the Win”
  7. 7. WHAT USE FOR GAMIFICATION? • External – Marketing – Sales – Customer engagement • Internal – HR – Productivity enhancement – Crowdsourcing • Behavior change – Health and wellness – Sustainability – Personal finance
  9. 9. WHY USE GAMIFICATION? Because it works Because we need it Because fits with human behavior
  10. 10. GAMIFICATION TODAY Leading banks worldwide engage in gamification: Bank of America City Singapore ODBC Bank of Singapore – Playmoolah CIMB Malaysia Youth Savers Absa Bank League of Champions Facebook Game Commonwealth Bank of Australia Investorville All major brands invest in gamification: Coca Cola, Nike, Puma, Microsoft, Google, The Economist, etc.
  11. 11. EXAMPLES How Gamification could help you achieve your business objectives
  12. 12. IMAGINE THAT… Your customers would keep their contact details up to date for the bank; Would offer you valuable marketing information for free:  Spending and investment plans  Likes & dislikes Demographic details Your customers would invest time to financially educate themselves Your customers would favor self-service
  13. 13. IMAGINE THAT… Your customers would recommend the bank to their peers and family Your customers would actually pay attention to your marketing campaigns Your customers would use social media to spread your marketing messages Your customers would sell for you
  14. 14. HOW TO GAMIFY? Progression
  15. 15. 6 STEPS TO SUCCESS Obiectives Target behaviors Players Dynamics Fun Tools
  16. 16. SERVICES 1. Gamification concepts aligned with customer’s business objectives 2. Development of gamified software applications 3. Consulting services
  17. 17. CONSULT BLUE