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Giving back to WordPress - no code needed!


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WordPress – No Code Needed!

It’s known that WordPress is open-source and community-built, but how exactly one can get started contributing can be a bit of a mystery. In fact, many people aren’t aware that one can contribute to WordPress without being a master of code! Documentation, translation, teaching, infrastructure, design, and yes, Core – there are many different ways to contribute to the Project. My presentation will enlighten audience members to the world of open-source contributing and make it easier for them to connect with the community.

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Giving back to WordPress - no code needed!

  1. 1. Giving Back to WordPress No Code Needed! Meagan Hanes @mhanes #wcmtl 2016
  2. 2. A Bit About Myself Freelance designer, developer, WP-PM 20+ years building websites (yes I’m old) Geocities Days! 10th year with WordPress 4th year with #wcmtl Favourite Color: ??? Favourite Pokemon: Alakazam
  3. 3. 26% of the world’s top websites are powered with WordPress
  4. 4. 17,289,521 websites use WordPress today
  5. 5. And this only goes up.
  6. 6. WordPress It’s Made of People!! Open Source Software Allows us to access the code GNU General Public License (GPL) Allows us to modify and redistribute this code WordPress Community Allows us to redistribute our knowledge and experience - Blogging & Forums - Meetups - WordCamps
  7. 7. My WordPress Story In Haiku Form Ten years building code In the dark, all by myself. WordCamp changed it all.
  8. 8. Why Give Back? Builds Your Skills Proves Your Expertise Lets You Learn New Things Fosters a Healthy Community Connects You With Like-Mindeds Cause We Got Burned With Geocities And That Ain’t Happening Again Progression Towards World Domination Better Than Playing Candy Crush Makes You Feel Great About Life It’s The Right Thing To Do Gets You Out And About Open Source Life
  9. 9. How You Can Give Back & help to make WordPress the best open source CMS available! Hint: You Do NOT Need To Be a Code Expert!! Simple & Easy - Blog your Knowledge - Answer Questions others have Flexible & Fun - Join Make.WordPress.Org - 14 different teams!! - Organize a Meetup - Speak at a WordCamp Intense & Dedicated - Start a Meetup Chapter - Organize a WordCamp - Contribute to Core
  10. 10. Simple & Easy Document your knowledge & Share it with those who are in need of your answers! Blog Your Knowledge - Figure out a tricky plugin issue? BLOG IT! - Learned something new about WordPress? BLOG IT! - Having troubles solving a problem? ………yup! Benefits of Blogging? So many!! Share Your Answers - Support Forums - Plugin Forums digital-downloads - Facebook Groups rces/the-20-best-wordpress-facebook- groups-you-should-join
  11. 11. Flexible & Fun Join one of the 14 Make.WordPress.Org Teams Organize a Meetup Speak at a WordCamp Make.WordPress.Org Core, Design, Mobile, Accessibility, Polyglots, Support, Themes, Documentation, Community, Plugins, Training, Meta, TV, Flow Which one piques your interest? Organize a Meetup Code Jams, Hackathons, Open Floor Discussions, Social Meetups, Parties / Skype presentations Speak at a WordCamp Present what you know! I promise you: You Know Something Others Need Nervous? Join Toastmasters; review Kathryn Presner’s Techie Continuum
  12. 12. Intense & Dedicated Start a Meetup Chapter Organize a WordCamp Contribute to Core WordPress Start a Meetup Chapter No matter how large or small the town. Funding is available if need be! Help spread the WordPress love <3 Organize a WordCamp For communities with existing chapters Don’t be scared! Plenty of community support via Make.Community, discussions in #events Contribute to Core WP Browse Trac & #core, start small to get familiar with the tools and process, contribute to discussions on Make, join a Contrib2Core Meetup
  13. 13. Contribute To WordPress & Receive These Items! Personal Satisfaction Knowledge Firehose All The Wapuus
  14. 14. Next Steps! Browse the Support Forums Pick your Make.WordPress.Org Search for WordPress: Join Your Local Community (or make one if there isn’t one yet!) Chat With Someone Here about how they contribute and borrow their ideas!