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The ABCs of HTML

  1. <The a> <b> <c> s of HTML Meagan Hanes @mhanes Love Digimedia – WordCamp Montreal 2013
  2. @mhanes & @LoveDigimedia Lifelong Digital Developer 200% Passion! Lover of Rainbows Who am I?
  3. Dramatically Short History of HTML HTML: Hypertext Markup Language CSS: Cascading Style Sheets ● 80s: CERN via Tim Berners-Lee ● 1995: HTML 2.0 ● 1996: CSS1.0 ● 2000: XHTML 1.0 ● Future: HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, XHTML 2.0
  4. Today's Hottest Web Technologies HTML4.0 (1999) XHTML1.1 (2000) CSS2.0 (1997) JavaScript (1996) 1999? Remember how this looked?
  5. June 20, 2000 Wayback Machine June 20, 2000 Wayback Machine
  6. Way to WordPress ? “Do I need to know all this code to make a simple update?” Let's separate Presentation from Content...
  7. WordPress and HTML
  8. Anatomy of an HTML Tag <p>This is my Paragraph!</p> <p color=”#FF0000”>This is my Paragraph.</p> Opening Tag Angle Brackets “<” and “>” Enclose Tag Closing Tag Backslash “/” Ends Tag Content being Marked Up Is Between Tags Attributes and Values Modify Form and Function of Tags Note: Enclosed in Quotation Marks!
  9. Top WordPress HTML Tags <a> Anchor <img> Image <p> Paragraph <strong> Strong Text <em> Emphasized Text <h1> Headings <ul> <li> Lists For this lecture: CSS Integration via Style Attribute
  10. <a> : ( )Anchor Links <a href=””>My Link Text</a> <a href=”” target=”_blank”> My New Window Link </a>
  11. <a> : ( )Anchor Links <a href=””>My Link Text</a> <a href=”” target=”_blank”> My New Window Link </a>
  12. <img> : ( )Image Pictures <img src=”file.jpg” height=”200” width=”400”> <img src=”animated.gif” alt=”Animated Logo” title=”Rollover Text!”> Note: No “</img>” tag
  13. Linking an Image <a href=”” target=”_blank”> <img src=”file.jpg” height=”200” width=”400” border=”0”></a> Attributes: border – Border Size 0 = no border target – “_blank” Open in New Window
  14. <p> : Paragraph <p>This is my paragraph. Yay!</p> <p style=”color:blue;font-style:italic;”>This is my CSS-Styled Text!</p> Learn CSS! It's fun! May need a plugin to make P/BR tags visible in editor: depends on WP Install
  15. <strong> <and em> : Simple Style <strong>This is my Bold Text!</strong> <em>This is my emphasized text!</em> <strong><em>Yes you can combine them :)</em></strong> Use CSS for a long term solution But for a quick-and-dirty fix, try HTML!
  16. <h#> : Headings <h1>This is the #1 Heading!</h1> <h2>This is a subheading.</h2> <h6>This is the smallest heading possible. Whispering!</h6> Not just for style – SEO reasons! Bigger = more important
  17. <ul> / <li>: Lists UL: Unordered List with bullets (Via CSS: square, round, custom image) OL: Ordered List with Numbers <ul> <li>First List Item</li> <li>Second List Item</li> </ul> ● First List Item ● Second List Item
  18. Play with HTML and CSS via W3Schools Inspiration: A List Apart: WordPress Resource List from Codex: P/BR Plugin: Ultimate TinyMCE Your OWN experience! Go PLAY! Further Resources
  19. :) Let's connect! @mhanes @LoveDigimedia Slides: !Thanks