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Social Media For Agencies


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A guide to revenue models that work.

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Social Media For Agencies

  2. 2. Consulting REVENUE S o l vi n g t h e biggest Special problem for Initiatives agencies Advertising Design Engagement Data Third PartyStrategy Production Validation
  3. 3. CONSULTING Value Add • Fan rewards • Loyalty Enterprise 2.0 programs • Internal • NetworkTraining Community Representatives • Vendor• Internal Community Stakeholders• Community Managers
  4. 4. SPECIAL INITIATIVES Contests Campaigns  Trans mediaNetwork rules  IMC integrations  Fundraising  Network LaunchesTerms of service Strategy  Blogger Outreach  Product Launch  WebinarsLegal Execution Tools
  5. 5. Quick assets DESIGNIstock photo Vi s u a l Communication A s s i s ta n ceBlog Photos Core Designs
  6. 6. ADVERTISINGFacebook Linkedin Twitter Google Google+ Promoted Soon Growth Ads B2B Ads interactions Ad wordsEngagement More on the Outreach Display Ads way Network
  7. 7. STRATEGY Execution Market Research Engagement Network Selection
  8. 8. ENGAGEMENTEngagement After-hour coverage Opportunity Identification Keyword lists High volume assistance
  9. 9. PRODUCTION Videos Images Live Events POS Displays
  10. 10. DATAA c t i ve S o c i a lMediaMonitoring andstatisticala n a l ys i s .
  11. 11. THIRD PARTY VALIDATIONOne Question:Is the CommunityManager DoingTheir Job?
  12. 12. WORD OF WARNING…
  13. 13. SUCCESS…Success in Social Media is theresult of a close partnership…If the agency doesn’t addvalue it will be replaced.
  14. 14. THE ENDMike Handy@mhandy1 on Twittermarketinghandy@gmail.comFeel free to contact withQuestions, Comments, orConsulting needs…