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--A talk about networking online via social media---

In this wksp a third of participants were using social media fair bit, at a reasonably high level.

The rest weren't using it much (at least not with regards to networking) – and wanted to understand better the value and why & how they should use it.

In order to balance the needs of both groups this wksp focused on:

- Why social media and networking online is so valuable and lauded.

- Opening participants mind to some possibilities of how to best use it.

-- Basically--
-The Why(s)
-Ideas to elevate what you’re doing

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Connecting on Social Media

  2. 2. Your Goals “I want to use social media to better enhance my presence in the community beyond my field” “I want to have a forum to speak “I would like to be able to about things I find important and better understand how interesting“ LinkedIn can enhance my career opportunities and how the LinkedIn network works.”Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  3. 3. Your Goals“My objective is to utilize socialmedia to improve upon andenhance my career changeopportunities. “ “I dont have much time for social media. I would like to overcome my negative perceptions and gain “Understanding how to use it for insight on any benefits to me.” business purposes without wasting time. How to use social media and customize it to my niche business.”Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  4. 4. What I want to make you: What I want to do Photo by Rego - d4u.hu 4334120075/ Photo by Rego - d4u.hu 4334120075/
  5. 5. What I don’t want to make you:
  6. 6. What we’ll be looking at: • The Why(s) • Facebook • Linkedin • Twitter • Ideas to elevate what you’re doingMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  8. 8. Conversations/Relationships “Social media” as the kids call it, is nothing more than an ever-changing set of software tools that help you have conversations with more people than you can in person. The value is in the connections you make and the things you learn.” - Jordan Behan ( from “Experts Weigh-in with Social Media Lessons” media-lessons/Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  9. 9. Luck = ? “[ Lucky people] “spot & seize upon openings that other people simply miss. They also tend to be more social and maintain what [Psychologist] Richard Wiseman] calls a ‘network of luck’. Most of us know around 300 people on a first-name basis. According to Wiseman, that means youre only two handshakes away from 90,000 people who could bring chance opportunities into your life.” - “What it takes to survive” by Ben Sherwood for Newsweek HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  10. 10. “It’s all about who you know”Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  11. 11. Know Me Like Me Pay Me Slide from: “Twitter for Business Workshop” – Tanya Roberts & Monica Hamburg
  12. 12. Blogging (etc.)What is it good for? SEO Establishing Expertise Showcases Personality
  13. 13. “But I like the real world”Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  14. 14. Real LifeMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  15. 15. Real Life “…people spend time on this stuff because it improves their ability to network offline, to gather information quickly and to establish relationships and to stay in touch.” - Monique Trottier, BoxCar Marketing from “Experts Weigh-in with Social Media Lessons” media-lessons/Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  16. 16. It’s a Small World After All… Friends in common with BillFriends in common with StephenMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  17. 17. It’s a Small World After All…Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  18. 18. It’s a Small World After All… Travis is a comedian and podcaster in Mark is an actor in LA. LA. I met him in real life when we both I met him online through a Facebook lived in NYC. We were in an Group about podcasting. independent film. together The film was not the success we’d hoped for.Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg Our friendship fared much better.
  19. 19. Spread of Information Social Media makes connecting and distributing information infinitely easier. You can encourage people to pass on items they are passionate about which can lead to others promoting you/your product/event seamlessly.Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  20. 20. Referrals/Recommendations Non-fiction: Carol Hannah Bob This represents an actual online Tim experience I had. Dave Terry Julie Mark Carol Dave Hannah Bob Dave Terry Sam DaveMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  22. 22. Curating “…curating is as important as creating. Organizations that apply an open, networked approach to social media channels will engage their audiences more successfully than those with social blinders on and only talk about themselves.” - Darren Barefoot & Theodora Lamb. engagement-in-five-easy-lessons/Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  23. 23. What should I post? Make it easier on yourself - by posting items that are naturally a part of your experience: E.g.  Interesting article you read  Something that made you laugh/amazed/inspired you  Promoting others you like And, to a smaller extent:  About you  About your businessMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  24. 24. Don’t Anticipate – Be Authentic “Dont talk down to your audience by anticipating what they would like to hear about - its condescending and youll just be known as a hack. There are a lot of hacks out there already. Share about topics that are interesting to you and that youd like to talk about with others - the feedback youll get is from those that are interested in your topic or have an opinion or information that will help you grow as a professional. - Anna Sabramowicz, Instructional Storyteller, elearnerengaged.comMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  25. 25. Inspire me!Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  26. 26. “If I’ve just read this story that changes the way Iunderstand the world and myself, I want to talk to othersabout what it means. I want to proselytize and share thefeeling of awe. If you read the article and feel the sameemotion, it will bring us closer together.”- Jonah Berger, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Wharton
  28. 28. Traffic Driver Re: Facebook: “I have used it to drive traffic to blog posts and interact with a voluntarily captive community, which is very valuable. You could say the same thing about Twitter and LinkedIn.” - Jessica Grajczyk, Copywriter @JessGreyMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  29. 29. Events
  30. 30. Group
  31. 31. Groups
  32. 32. Groups
  33. 33. WIFTV - Page
  34. 34. Ayala Moriel Parfums – Page
  35. 35. Rock Your Nose Jewelry - Page
  36. 36. Rock Your Nose Jewelry – Page
  37. 37. Pictures from “fans”
  38. 38. More photos!
  39. 39. Alyssa Smith: “People will tweet me or Facebook me with bespoke and product enquiries and also general jewellery enquiries. Myself and my customers post pictures of them in my jewellery every day, thus reaching an even larger market of people - and this kind of recommendation comes directly from the customer so looks extra good for my brand.” - Alyssa Smith, Founder and director of Alyssa Smith Jewellery Limited @AlyssaJewelleryMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  40. 40. Advice - Victoria Ronco: Re: Facebook: “We liked all our sponsors pages and regularly thanked them using the ""@"" symbol - this made sure that we showed up on their feed, reaching their fans too." - Victoria Ronco – ReFashionVancouver.comMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  42. 42. Where are they now ?Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  43. 43. Advanced Search
  44. 44. Get Introduced
  45. 45. Anna
  46. 46. Make Bio Interesting Bio is interesting • - demonstrates not just “what I do” but “WHY” • - shows passion
  47. 47. Q&A
  48. 48. Q&A
  49. 49. Groups that match your interests
  50. 50. Anna’s Recommendations (ReferenceBlurbs)
  51. 51. Endorsements of Anna’s Skills
  52. 52. Endorse & Be Endorsed
  53. 53. Endorsements “In addition to providing some credibility, this new Endorsement feature can also be considered a networking tool for savvy online marketers, because a LinkedIn endorsement is an easy way to get on someone’s radar. It’s also a way to show you care about the people who work with you.” - Linda Coles “6 Tips for Using LinkedIn the New Endorsements” HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  54. 54. Connect Blog/Twitter etc.
  55. 55. Company Page
  56. 56. Advertising – Highly Targeted Facebook example
  57. 57. Advertising – Highly Targeted LinkedIn example
  58. 58. Possibilities You can use Linkedin to • Research – so you can find specific people to connect with and/or pitch. • Learn, Connect and Establish Your Expertise - via Groups (Ability to message someone within group) • Recruit and Find Jobs – via Search/Email or Groups
  59. 59. Advice – Anna LinkedIn is a great place to grow professionally - by openly sharing your knowledge will you gain the benefits of the group collaboration. Ive been able to learn and collaborate with like minded people that I realistically would have never met - this has occurred through the LinkedIn Groups and discussions I have taken the time to participate in. Also, by having my network of colleagues on LinkedIn refer me to their colleagues and contacts. - Anna Sabramowicz, Instructional Storyteller, elearnerengaged.comMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  60. 60. Show Appreciation Appreciation goes a long way towards building connections and showing your humanityMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  62. 62. Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  63. 63. Something for everyone[Title ________] WorkshopMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  64. 64. Who’s on Twitter?Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  65. 65. Who’s on Twitter?Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  66. 66. Who’s on Twitter?Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  67. 67. Who’s on Twitter?Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  68. 68. What’s happening?Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  69. 69. Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  70. 70. Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  71. 71. Can be used to:  Connect with like-mined people – for business or pleasure  Communicate with customers (Customer service, promos/offers)  Monitor conversations about your company  Create and Increase brand awareness  Attract new client/reward current clients  Increase website trafficMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  72. 72. TerminologyMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  73. 73. 140 charactersMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  74. 74. Home FeedMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  75. 75. RepliesMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  76. 76. RT[Title ________] WorkshopMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  77. 77. People talk about places they loveMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  78. 78. Good reads, good vids, cool eventsMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  79. 79. Get/Give helpMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  80. 80. Help!
  81. 81. Username & BioMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  82. 82. LINK TO?
  83. 83. About.Me or a Specific Web Page NOW YOU KNOW ABOUT ME FIND ON SOCIAL
  84. 84. Why it’s great Twitter relationships:  Connect in a safe environment  “Butt in” to a conversation without being intrusive  Everyone is accessibleMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  85. 85. Lists  A way of organizing/categorizing followers  Keep track of interesting people  Others find your content valuable Slide from: “Twitter for Business Workshop” – Tanya Roberts & Monica HamburgMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  86. 86. Fun with Lists Consider:  What kind of lists would help you keep organized/sane ? Special People Content specific Location specific Data Slide from: “Twitter for Business Workshop” – Tanya Roberts & Monica HamburgMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  87. 87. Fun with ListsMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  88. 88. Can subscribe to other’s listMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  89. 89. Advice – Jessica Grajczyk: Re: Twitter: “I monitor my stream and active users to keep on top of upcoming networking events, job listings and other opportunities, as well as to build relationships through sharing opinions, humour and useful information. “ - Jessica Grajczyk, Copywriter @JessGreyMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  90. 90. Advice – Alyssa Smith “I use Twitter to approach celebrities who I feel will reflect and endorse my brand in the way I wish it to, and also use twitter and Facebook to promote new pieces of jewellery, special offers, competitions etc. etc. ” - Alyssa Smith, Founder and director of Alyssa Smith Jewellery Limited @AlyssaJewelleryMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  92. 92. Leverage Your Supporters At no other time has it been as easy to find and connect with people who are already interested in what you have to offer. And find new people who might be.Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  93. 93. If You Build It…. They will come Not magic.Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg It does require effort.
  94. 94. Managing It doesn’t have to take up all your time:  Employ some tools to make it manageable (e.g. Hootsuite)  1 hour -1.5 a day (e.g. set aside 2 quick checks for each platform a day)  The more you engage, of course, the better  Consider it part of your marketing/promotion timeMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  95. 95. Managing Remember:  Don’t feel obligated to respond absolutely immediately – overall, most things can wait a few hours, or even a day.  Don’t always have to be signed in.  You want social media to enhance your life - not take over your life.Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  96. 96. Online to Offline “Id say the most beneficial way to use social media to build contacts is in conjunction with networking events and face to face meetings.” “…Some of my best friends have been made through the sharing of humour and common experiences on various social media platforms. I love the internet” - Jessica Grajczyk, Copywriter @JessGreyMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  97. 97. I love the internet too! Thank you for letting me talk to you about it Monica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  99. 99. Resources/Reference Materials I’ve bookmarked some useful articles at: (= (This presentation is also bookmarked there.) HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  100. 100. Me Monica Hamburg General info: About.Me/MonicaHamburg Business: @monicahamburg on TwitterMonica HamburgAbout.Me/MonicaHamburg
  101. 101. Thank You:
  102. 102. Alyssa Smith -
  103. 103. Jessica Grajczyk –
  104. 104. Victoria Ronco, @refashionvancouver
  105. 105. Anna Sabramowicz, @elearnerengaged
  106. 106. Isabella Mori,