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  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP BusinessObjectsSolution PortfolioSAP BusinessObjects ExplorerIn order to make everyday businessdecisions, business users need intuitiveaccess to corporate information. Unfor-tunately, traditional business intelligence(BI) tools, which often require significanttraining and an understanding of analyti-cal methods, sometimes do not meetthe needs of business users. Recentsurveys show that these users oftenrely on “gut-feel” decision making.Many users say that they don’t have thetime or the ability to learn how to usethe powerful BI tools that could providethem with much-needed data. Some-times they depend on IT for theiranswers. However, IT may already facea backlog of requests that preventstimely responses. Gut-feel decisionsand dependence on IT support canresult in a poorly informed workforce,which in turn can result in an underper-forming organization.These same business users have noproblem, however, searching for infor-mation online or browsing for books onAmazon.com. What if your organizationcould combine the simplicity of Internetsearch with the power of BI?SAP BusinessObjects Explorer™software brings together the simplicityand speed of Internet search with thetrust and analytical power of BI toprovide immediate answers to businessquestions (see Figure 1). Businessusers can employ familiar keywordsearches to find information hidden indata sources. They can then navigateto and explore the data directly;no existing reports or metrics arenecessary. SAP BusinessObjectsExplorer, part of SAP® BusinessObjects™BI solutions, leverages the metadatalayer (the semantic layer, or universes,of SAP BusinessObjects technology).In addition, it takes advantage of thesecurity, trust, and administrationservices provided by the SAPBusinessObjects BI platform – therebyspeeding its deployment and reducingIT backlog.SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is de-signed for ease of use, allowing you todo the following:Start by entering a few searchkeywordsView results and then explore via anexploration panelEXPLORE YOUR DATA WITH SAPBUSINESSOBJECTS EXPLORER™FIND IMMEDIATE ANSWERSTO BUSINESS QUESTIONSSAP BusinessObjectsExplorer™ software combinesthe simplicity and speed ofsearch with the trust andanalytical power of businessintelligence. It enables youto find answers to yourbusiness questions intuitivelyand to share the informationwith others.Figure 1: Instant Access toRelevant Information
  2. 2. Automatically generate charts foroptimal resultsShare results via e-mail and otherformatsInteroperate with SAPBusinessObjects WebIntelligence® softwareAccess secure, trustworthyinformationSimplicity and Speed of SearchSAP BusinessObjects Explorer userssimply enter a few search keywordsto find the most relevant informationinstantly from across all their applica-tions and data sources. Data sourcesand metadata are preindexed sothat users can search and exploreenterprise data sources such as opera-tional systems and data warehousesdirectly and with near instantaneousspeeds. No preexisting reports or met-rics are required.Analytical Power of BISAP BusinessObjects Explorer pre-sents the most relevant keyword searchresults first and complements theresults with additional contextuallyrelevant details. In addition, SAPBusinessObjects Explorer automaticallygenerates the type of chart that bestrepresents the information. For exam-ple, when displaying the percentagebreakdowns of a multientry data set,it generates a pie chart; when compar-ing revenue and profit for multipleentities, it displays a bar chart (seeFigure 2). Information workers benefitfrom this self-service discovery with-out needing to understand where thedata is located or how it is structured.The experience is as easy as browsingan online store.For example, a liquor distributor wouldlike to understand wine purchasingbehavior over various regions. Whenshe types “wine sales region” into asearch box, SAP BusinessObjectsExplorer finds and presents a chartthat shows wine revenues acrossorganizational regions. Recognizingthat time is the most relevant attributeassociated with regional wine sales,the software automatically displayssales by year. Meanwhile, the liquordistributor has a choice of otherBusiness users canemploy familiar key-word searches to findinformation hidden indata sources. They canthen navigate to andexplore data directly;no existing reports ormetrics are necessary.Figure 2: Generation of Charts That Best Represent the Information
  3. 3. categories for viewing data if shewishes to see new information. Forexample, to browse by a characteristicsuch as sweetness, she can switch theview from revenue to inventory and drillto more granular details that describetypes of wine and subregions. As shespontaneously and iteratively navigatesthrough new information, additionalinformation choices are presented toher – all at the speed of thought.Insight derived from SAPBusinessObjects Explorer can beshared readily with others. Users cansend the link to SAP BusinessObjectsExplorer via e-mail and instant messag-ing applications and share their insights.Search and exploration findings canalso be exported to Microsoft Excelfor further sharing options.SAP BusinessObjects Explorer alsoprovides the flexibility of integratingwith SAP BusinessObjects WebIntelligence software. Users canexport insights discovered in SAPBusinessObjects Explorer to SAPBusinessObjects Web Intelligencereports. They can fully leverage thefunctionalities of SAP BusinessObjectsWeb Intelligence software to createadditional calculations and charts andthen format tables on the exporteddata. This enables them to exploreunexamined areas of business viaSAP BusinessObjects Explorer andto do deeper analysis on SAPBusinessObjects Web Intelligence.Secure, Trustworthy, and Quickto DeploySAP BusinessObjects Explorer is builton the SAP BusinessObjects BIplatform, services, and functionality.BI platform security is applied acrossall SAP BusinessObjects Explorersearches and exploration, which helpsto ensure that users have access onlyto permitted data. User search resultsand exploration functions are availablefrom the launch pad of the SAPBusinessObjects BI platform. Thesefunctions leverage the semantic layerand common business terms that havebeen standardized across the businessand with which people are comfortableand familiar.This single view of the truth, along withtrusted data quality and integration andreliable platform services, helps ensuretrust and confidence in decision mak-ing. SAP BusinessObjects Explorerleverages existing investments in SAPBusinessObjects solutions, reusing ex-isting security, metadata, and other BIplatform services, which makes it easi-er to administer and quicker to deploy.Delivering Self-Service BI to AllBusiness UsersSAP BusinessObjects Explorer offersvalue to your IT staff and to businessusers. The software empowers organi-zations to extend the reach of BI toall business users. By increasingself-service BI and maintaining IT con-trol, SAP BusinessObjects Explorerempowers the business while reducingIT report creation backlog.With immediate insight into all of thedata, business users quickly andintuitively find answers to all theirbusiness questions – so they are betterinformed and equipped to make timely,confident decisions. Ultimately, SAPBusinessObjects Explorer helps enablehigher-performing organizations.For More InformationTo learn more about SAPBusinessObjects Explorer, call yourSAP representative or visit us on theWeb at www.sap.com/explorer.By increasingself-service BI andmaintaining IT control,SAP BusinessObjectsExplorer empowers thebusiness while reduc-ing IT report creationbacklog.Insight derived fromSAP BusinessObjectsExplorer can be sharedreadily with others. Userscan send the link to SAPBusinessObjects Explorervia e-mail and instantmessaging applicationsand share their insights.
  4. 4. QUICK FACTS www.sap.com/contactsap50 096 095 (10/11)©2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP, R/3, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, PartnerEdge, ByDesign,SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, and other SAP products and servicesmentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks orregistered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and other countries.Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects,Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius,and other Business Objects products and services mentionedherein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Business Objects Software Ltd. in the United Statesand in other countries.All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks oftheir respective companies. Data contained in this document servesinformational purposes only. National product specifications may vary.These materials are subject to change without notice. These materialsare provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”)for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty ofany kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions withrespect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group productsand services are those that are set forth in the express warrantystatements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothingherein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.SummarySAP BusinessObjects Explorer™ software combines the simplicity and speed of Internetsearch with the trust and analytical power of business intelligence (BI) to provide immediateanswers to business questions.Business ChallengesImprove end-user adoption of BI tools to enable fact-based decisionsReduce IT report creation backlogKey FeaturesSimplicity and speed of Internet search – Enter a few search keywords to find the mostrelevant information instantly from across all data sourcesContextual exploration – Gain additional contextually relevant details when searching –no data model or data knowledge requiredAutomated relevancy and chart generation – Work with a solution that presents themost relevant keyword search results first and automatically generates the chart thatbest represents the informationBusiness BenefitsHigher performing organizations, thanks to pervasive BI and fact-based, timely decisionsEnhanced role for IT as a proactive business partner supporting and even drivingbusiness changes, thanks to shorter time to delivery and heightened agilityFor More InformationTo learn more about SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, call your SAP representative or visit uson the Web at www.sap.com/explorer.Corporate Office297 Suedberg Road Suite 300Pine Grove, PA 17963(877) 844-7476Baltimore/Washington Metro(443) 283-8442Philadelphia, PA(267) 386-8240Harrisburg, PA(717) 370-6034info@alteksolutions.comwww.alteksolutions.com