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Raportin kirjoittaminen

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Raportin kirjoittaminen

  1. 1. Rakenne • johdanto • tulokset, menetelmät • johtopäätökset • yhteenveto, suositukset • introduction • results, methods • discussion • conclusion
  2. 2. Kieli ja tyyli • passiivi We have estimated that approximately 80% of SMS text messages are sent by people under the age of 30. It is estimated that… I made the research on… The research was conducted… • neutraalit verbit (think, feel, pleased) Data management systems can help out users to diagnose problems. Data management systems can assist users to diagnose problems. I am pleased to include/I include details… Details of the research can be found in Appendix 3.
  3. 3. Kieli ja tyyli selkeä rakenne ja kappaleet  sitovat ilmaukset (however, in fact, finally)  synonyymit  toistaminen, täytesanat A database has three main parts. These parts are rows, columns and fields. A database has three main parts: rows, columns and fields. The basic, fundamental essentials of an operating system are simply and briefly these. The fundamentals of an operating system are...