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Common prefix


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Common prefix

  1. 1. Udonthani Rajabhat University
  2. 2. Prefixes referring to amount or numberPrefix Meaning Sample WordBi Two bifurcateCenti Hundred centipedeDeci ten decimate
  3. 3. prefix Meaning SamplewordMicro small microfilmMilli thousand milliampereMono one monotoneMulti many multicolored
  4. 4. prefix MeaningSample wordpoly- many polysyllabicsemi- half semifinaltri- three tricycleuni- one
  5. 5. Prefixes Meaning “not” (Negative)Prefix Meaning Sample Worda not anonymousanti against antidotecontra against, opposite contrabanddis apart, away, not discourage
  6. 6. Prefix Meaning SampleDis- apart, away,not dissuadeWordIn/il/ir/im not incapable Illiterate Irrelevant Impossible
  7. 7. Prefix MeaningSample WordUn not UndecidedNon not NonfictionPseudo false Pseudo- octave
  8. 8. Group 51. Nalinee Sanitchone 551208031052. Phutsadee Seehasombat 551208031163. Rattiyakorn Satthaklang 551208031224. Sineenat Posawang 551208031275. Kansita Phophatsathit 551208031366. Piyapong Isaranuwat 551208031217. Chananchida Khanthee 55120803137