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Myofascial release-presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Myofascial release-presentation

  1. 1. Myofascial Release: The Missing Link in HealthcareBeautiful, Bountiful, Bliss - This is the human energetic body.
  2. 2. What is John F. Barnes Myofascial Release?Myofascial Release is a safe, gentle, hands-on technique thatworks on the level of the fascia to open the restrictions, thus releasing blocked energy and restoring health.
  3. 3. This picture captures the traditional view of themusculoskeletal system, without relating it to the dynamic fascial system.
  4. 4. What is fascia?Fascia is connective tissue. It is in everyliving organism, plant and animal. Fasciais made up of collagen and elastin fibersand ground substance (fluid and proteins).The connective tissue is formed intomicrotubules on the order of nanometers(one billionth of a meter). Themicrotubules carry fluid, and arecrystalline in nature, which makes themperfect for conducting energy andinformation. The microtubules areconfigured in bundles and connected innetworks.
  5. 5. Microtubules are in every cell,surround every cell, connect all 70trillion cells in the body into a 3-Ddynamic web of connective tissue.Since X-Ray and routine diagnosticimaging are not able to capturerestrictions in the fascialsystem, the underlying cause of theproblem is often missed.
  6. 6. What causes Myofascial restrictions? Physical or psychological trauma, inflammation, poor posture, repetitive motion and scar tissue can dehydrate the fluid components of fascia exerting enormous pressure, up to 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures (nerves, blood vessels, muscles, osseous structures, and or organs) and inhibiting vital communication in the body. Sometimes we go into a state of dissociation at the moment of trauma to survive. The body experiences a freeze response and this positional, physiological memory becomes imprinted into our mind/body. This positional memory gets locked in the subconscious, without conscious awareness. This keeps the body in holding or bracing patterns that lead to symptoms. Eventually this produces pain, headaches, anxiety, restrictions in motion and disease.
  7. 7. What conditions can be treated with Myofascial Release? Headaches and migraines Trauma - physical/psychological Fibromyalgia Neck and back pain Chronic fatigue syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome TMJ syndrome Restriction in motion Stress and tension Scoliosis Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders Post-surgical dysfunction and scar tissue Pain in the arms or legs Orthopedic problems Sports injuries
  8. 8. What causes Myofascial restrictions to let go? The Fascial system is a piezoelectric tissue, which means, mechanical energy can be converted to electrical potential and vice versa. The therapist applies gentle sustained pressure into the fascial system through compression, traction or moving a body part against gravity, which creates an electrical current. The current allows for rehydration of the fascial system and return of energy flow.
  9. 9. John F. Barnes Myofascial Release 11 Certified Advanced Courses Taken MFR 1 MFR 2 MFR 3 Unwinding Advanced Unwinding Rebounding Cervical Thoracic Fascial Pelvis Quantum Leap Subtle Energy-Therapeutic Touch Skills Enhancement with John Barnes at Therapy On the Rocks, Sedona
  10. 10. Can you describe the hands-on techniques? There are hundreds of MFR techniques available to the therapist in a treatment. The choice depends on the location and the nature of the fascial restrictions. The individual will feel connections to other restricted areas. As well, the therapist observes for vasomotor response, an area that signals hot, red, sweaty. That is the area to be treated next. Through the unwinding technique, the body can find positions in space where memories, associated emotional states and belief systems come to the conscious level. When the information comes to the conscious level, the individual can make a choice to let it go and make a change. MFR treats the whole body. When the whole body is treated, there can be complete elimination of symptoms.
  11. 11. What can I expect? Increase in whole body awareness Resolution of restriction, emotions and belief systems that impede progress Elimination of pain Return of energy flow and health As the course of MFR treatments unfolds, you will feel and see yourself as an integrated body of light with increased conscious awareness and connection.