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Target Value Design Workshop Intro

This Level 2 Workshop is designed to prepare you for certification by Lean Construction Institute - Canada as a Lean Project Coordinator.

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Target Value Design Workshop Intro

  1. 1. Lean Design Workshop Learn how to facilitate an integrated design Target Value Design to deliver projects like the Mosaic Center Living Building Challenge/NetZero Mosaic Center at significantly less cost. This workshop will also help prepare you to write the exam & become certified by LCI-Canada as a Lean Project Coordinator Arrange for a workshop or more info
  2. 2. Project Manager Saskatchewan Forest Centre Why Target Value Design?
  3. 3. Lean Design Workshop Part 1 1. Business Case • Busted Budgets • Inefficiency & Bad Behavior • There is a Better Way 2. How Lean Creates Value • Customer • Flow • Stop to Solve Problems & Eliminate Waste
  4. 4. After Lean • Save $1.6M plus used $600k of contingency • Key: Wood to concrete structure • Amazing results: Still delivering LEED Gold 50% less energy with a $100k contingency Lesson Learned … No more project without the Whole TEAM on Board Before Lean
  5. 5. Demonstrate that triple bottom line economics work On target to deliver the highest level of sustainability for the same cost as a traditional build. The return on investment will be in the productivity of our people, recognition as good stewards of the planet and having no energy bills. Dennis Cuku Net Zero projects at no extra cost @ Lean_tobe_Green
  6. 6. Traditional Lean Project Delivery
  7. 7. Lean Design Workshop Part 2 1. Getting Started with Lean Design • Assemble the TEAM • Define the Target • Build a Team 2. Lean Design System • Develop a Plan • Collaborate to create value • Design to Target 3. Collaboration Tools • Defining Value (OPR, 3P & VSM) • Best value decisions (CBA, IDP & Prototyping • Work Environments (Physical, Virtual & Visual • Checklists
  8. 8. TEAM
  9. 9. Moneyball What does Beane know about TEAMS Billy Beane Keynote at LCI San Francisco
  10. 10. Not a Team It takes a TEAM to deliver a WOW Project Team
  11. 11. University of Winnipeg Science Complex & Richardson College for the Environment Integrate Team & Systems
  12. 12. Value Design Deliver to the Target Cost
  13. 13. Hitting the Target with Lean Design Hey you Made it to the End! Let us know what you think about taking this or other Lean Lab Workshops or more info