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  1. 1. By Meredith Gummerson
  2. 2. Paul’s MissionsThe Beginning of It Paul travels the Roman All Empire performing miracles and bringingChrist is thought to the word of God to have died and the resurrected Jews, Gentiles, and Around Pagans alike. 33 AD Around The Conversion of 47-57 30 AD Saul AD Saul, who was originally part of the persecution against the church becomes Paul after an encounter with God on the way to Damascus
  3. 3. Christian s Blamed for Fires in Rome When accused of starting the 6-day fire that consumed ¾ of Rome, Nero blamed the Christians and used some of their bodies as human torches 48AD 68 AD 64ADCouncil of Jerusalem Paul’s Execution An early church After being held a council where it was prisoner in Rome fordecided that Gentile years, Paul isChristians didn’t have executed and becomes to follow Mosaic law a martyr
  4. 4. Destruction of Jerusalem Luke and JohnRome crushes the Jewish Revolt and destroys both the temple The gospels of Luke and city causing Christians and and John are written Jews to further separate. 71 AD 70 AD 90 AD Coptic Church is Founded Mark brought Christianity to Egypt where he founds the Coptic Church.
  5. 5. Martyrdom of Polycarp Polycarp, the bishop of Smyrna and author of the inspiring Letter to the Philippians is burned at the stake for refusing to worship the Emperor 107AD 156ADFirst recorded use of Introduction of the term Catholic Montanism St. Ignatius, bishop Montanus , a paganof Antioch, uses the priest who converted term “Catholic” to to Christ, beginsdescribe the church in Montanism which his Letter to the placed much emphasis Smyrnaeans on the Holy Spirit
  6. 6. 1st Organized Persecution of Irenaeus writes Christians by Decius Against Heresies All citizens were required toIranaeus, the Bishop make sacrifices to the of Lyons wrote emperor in the presence of Against Heresies to an official and attain afight Gnosticism and certificate saying they hadfurther define Christ done so 230 AD 180 AD 250 AD On First Principles It was written by Origen, a Christian scholar and theologian
  7. 7. Christian Population Makes Up ¼ of Roman Population Of the 60 million people making up the Roman empire, it is estimated that 15,000,000 were Christians. 270 AD 301 AD Antony Leaves for 300 AD Armenia Declares Dessert Christianity the State Religion Antony converts toChristianity and goes to Armenia was the firstlive in the desert living country to make an ascetic life that Christianity the statemarks the beginning of religion. Christian monasticism
  8. 8. The Great Persecution Begins Diocletian and the other emperors issue edicts limiting the rights of Christians and ordersburning of Christian texts and buildings. 313 AD 303 AD Constantine’s Conversion and the Edict of Milan After Constantine has a vision of a cross, he converts to Christianity and ends the Great Persecution with the Edict of Milan.