New Books, 1-15 January 2011


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New Arrivals in MGU Library

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New Books, 1-15 January 2011

  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Science and the Indian Tradition: When Einstein Met Tagore By David Gosling India experienced an intellectual renaissance during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, that owed as much to the influx of new ideas from the West as to traditional religious and cultural insights. This book examines the effects of the introduction of Western science in India, and the relationship between Indian traditions of thought and Western science. It charts the early development of science in India, its role in the secularization of Indian society, and the subsequent reassertion, adaptation and rejection of traditional modes of thought. Ii looks at the detailed beliefs of Indian scientists, including Jagadish Chandra Bose, SN. Bose and P.C. Roy, and reflects upon how individual scientists could accept particular religious beliefs such as reincarnation, cosmology, miracles and prayer. It discusses some of the adaptations of traditional Indian beliefs with insights from Western science, in particular the place of science within the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore and the 1930 discussions between Einstein and Tagore on the nature of reality. It is argued that the Hindu, Muslim and Christian philosophical and religious traditions have nothing to fear from scientific theories such as evolution and a unified field theory; indeed they may be mutually compatible. David Gosling’s book provides here a detailed assessment of the results of the introduction of Western science into India, and the book will be of interest to students of history, philosophy and science alike. Oxon, Routledge, 2007. Location (MG University Central Library: first Floor, shelf No. 303.4830954 P 7). New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books 1-15 January 2011 Library Science, Religion, Sociology025.04/ Q01 Raman Nair, R Digital library basics. – Ess Ess, 2010027.7/ N71 Raman Nair, R Sustainable university library development. – Ess Ess, 1997181.48/ P4 Das, P K Modern Vedanta. – Rahul Publishing, 2004201.5/ P6 Kaka Kalelkar Religious harmony. – Gandhi Sahitya Sabha, 2006205/ K8 Gandhi, Mahatma Ethical religion. – Navajivan Publishing, 2005266.009 54/ P01 Gandhi, Mahatma Christian missions: their place in India. – Navajivan, 2007294.403/ P9 (R) Bhattacharyya, N N Jainism: a concise encyclopaedia.- Manohar Publishers, 2009294.592103/ P7 (R) Bhattacharyya, N N A cultural index to Vedic literature.– Manohar Publishers,2009294.592 404 6/ K0 Gandhi, Mahatma Discourses on the Gita. – Navajivan Publishing, 2008297.095 4/ P81 Mushirul Hasan, Ed Islam in South Asia.- 2v.- Manohar Publishers, 2008297.409 54/ P6 Green, Nile Indian Sufism since the seventeenth century.-Routledge,2006303.483 095 4/ P7 Gosling, David L Science and the Indian tradition. – Routledge, 2007303.4830954/ Q0 Arun Bandopadhyay, Ed Science and society in India: 1750-2000.- Manohar, 2010303.4840954/ M4 Rao, M S A, Ed Social movements in India. – Manohar Publishers, 2008303.61/ P1 Sharma, S R, Ed Theory and practice of nonviolence. – Cosmo, 2001303.610 954/ M5 Ostergaard, Geoffrey Nonviolent revolution in India.-Gandhi Peace Foundation,1985303.66/ N11 Gillett, Nicholas Men against war. – Gandhi Book House, 1991304.237 095 4/ P7 Malinar, Angelika, Ed Time in India. – Manohar Publishers, 2007305.56095482/ P6 Hardgrave, Robert L The Nadars of Tamilnad: the political culture of a community in change. – Manohar Publishers, 2006305.56330954/ P8 Pinch, William R, Ed Speaking of peasants. - Manohar Publishers, 2008305.800 1/ P71 Hammersley, Martyn Ethnography: principles and practice. – Routledge, 2008305.891495/ P7.1 Ishii, Hiroshi, Ed Nepalis inside and outside Nepal.- Manohar, 2007305.891495/ P7.2 Ishii, Hiroshi, Ed Political and social transformations in North India and Nepal. – Manohar Publishers, 2007306.74/ P8 Lakshmi Vishwanathan Women of pride: the devadasi heritage. – Roli Books, 2008307.760 954/ P8 Heitzman, James The city in South Asia. – Routledge, 2008307.772 0954/ M2 Singh, K S, Ed Tribal movements in India. - 2v. – Manohar Publishers, 2006 1
  2. 2. Economics, Art, Literature, Travelogue327.172/ M4 Devi Prasad Peace education or education for peace.- Gandhi Peace, 1984333.709/ P7 Ranjan Chakrabarti, Ed Situating environmental history. – Manohar Publishers, 2007338.195 4/ P9 Dorin, Bruno Agriculture and food in India. – Manohar Publishers, 2009338.954/ P8 Mahendra Dev, S, Ed India’s development: social and economic disparities.-Manohar, 2009355.020 954 6/ P6 Malik, V P Kargil: from surprise to victory. – HarperCollins, 2007355.809 54/ P5 (R) Jaiwant Paul, E Arms and armour: traditional weapons in India.- Roli, 2005363.7/ P8 Hannigan, John Environmental sociology. – 2nd ed. – Routledge, 2008391.20954/ Q0 (R) Kapur Chishti Saris of India: tradition and beyond. – Roli Books, 2010491.232 1/ P6 (R) Monier-Williams, Monier Sanskrit-English dictionary. – Manohar Publishers, 2006613.2/ H9 Gandhi, Mahatma Diet and diet reform. – Navajivan, 2002641.337 2/ P1 Jaiwant Paul, E The story of tea. – Roli Books, 2004641.5/ Q0 Kiran Rao Cook IT. – Roli Books, 2010709.540 903/ P7 Suhag Shirodkar Captured in miniature: Mughal lives through Mughal art. –(R) HarperCollins, 2007725.170 954/ Q0 (R) Bindu Manchanda Forts and Palaces of India: sentinels of history. – Roli, 2010726.109 5/ P7 Himanshu Prabha Ray Sacred landscapes in Asia. – Manohar Publishers, 2007779.935 223 0954/ Jaiwant Paul, E The unforgettable Maharajas: one hundred years ofP3 photography. – Roli Books, 2003780.954/ Q0 Coomaraswamy, A K Essays on music. – Manohar Publishers, 2010808.851/ P6 Tandon, B G Raj orators: speeches of eminent Indians during the Raj. – Ane Books, 2010In 822 RAM/M/ P0 Rama Sarma, M V Mahatma Gandhi: a play in three acts. – Sethi Publishing,2000In 823 ANJ/C/ Q0 Anjana Basu Chinku and the wolf boy. – Roli Books, 2010823.010 8/ N5 Bond, Ruskin, Comp Green book. – Roli Books, 2007891.433 GIR/T/ 111N6 Girish Chaturvedi Tansen; tr by Sarala Jag Mohan. – Roli Books, 1996915.04/ P1 Ibn Battuta Travels in Asia and Africa: 1325-1354. – Manohar, 2006915.496 04/ P2 Greta Rana Mount Everest. – Roli Books, 2002 Gandhian literature920 GAN/ G2 Gandhi, Mahatma From Yeravada Mandir. – Navajivan Publishing, 2004920 GAN/ H81 Gandhi, Mahatma Selections from Gandhi. – Navajivan Publishing, 2008920 GAN/ H9 Manubehn Gandhi Bapu-my mother. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN/ J5 Gandhi, Mahatma Ashram observance in action. – Navajivan Publishing, 2006920 GAN/ J51 Gandhi, Mahatma The story of my life. – Navajivan Publishing, 2008920 GAN/ K0 Gandhi, Mahatma All men are brothers: life and thoughts Mahatma Gandhi as told in his own words. – Navajivan Publishing, 2005920 GAN/ K51.1-K51.10 Pyarelal Mahatma Gandhi. – 10 v. – Navajivan Publishing, 1986920 GAN/ K7 Prabhu, R K, Ed The mind of Mahatma Gandhi. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN/ K83.1-K83.5 Gandhi, Mahatma The selected works of Mahatma Gandhi.- 5v. – Navajivan, 2006920 GAN/ L2 Pran Chopra The sage in revolt: a remembrance.-Gandhi Peace, 1972920 GAN/ L3 Santha Rungachary Pilgrim centenary: a remembrance.-Gandhi Peace, 1973920 GAN/ M31 Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s life in his own words. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN/ M75 Srimati Kamala Mahatma Gandhi: an American profile.-Gandhi Peace, 1987920 GAN/ M92 Manmohan Choudhuri Exploring Gandhi.-Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1989920 GAN/ M93 Diwakar, R R My encounter with Gandhi.-Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1989920 GAN/ N23 Rothermund, Dietmar Mahatma Gandhi: an essay in political biography.-Manohar,1999920 GAN/ N45 Radhakrishnan, S, Ed Mahatma Gandhi 100 years.-Gandhi Peace Foundation, 2009920 GAN/ N57 Radhakrishnan, N Gandhi: the quest for tolerance and survival.-Gandhi Media,1995920 GAN/ N73 Payne, Robert The life and death of Mahatma Gandhi.- Rupa & Co, 2005920 GAN/ N8.1-N8.24 (R) Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi for 21st century.- 24v. – Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1998920 GAN/ N83;2 Gandhi, Mahatma Mahatma Gandhi: letters to American. – B V B, 1998920 GAN/ N87 Yogesh Chadha Rediscovering Gandhi. – Arrow Books, 1998920 GAN/ N91;1 Mohanan, B, Ed Gandhi’s legacy and a new human civilization. – Gyan, 1999920 GAN/ P13 Ravindra Varma Gandhi: a biography for children and beginners.- Navajivan,2006920 GAN/ P25 Pyarelal Going to wipe their tears. – Navajivan Publishing, 2002920 GAN/ P31 Gill, S S Gandhi: a sublime failure. – Rupa & Co, 2003920 GAN/ P42 Gangrade, K D Moral lessons from Gandhi’s autobiography and other essays. – Concept Publishing, 2004920 GAN/ P43 Lala Gopal Prasad Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in 21st century.- Classical,2004920 GAN/ P44 Shri Ram Sharma Gandhi: the man among men. – Radha Publications, 2004 2
  3. 3. 920 GAN/ P53.1-P53.5 Misra, R P, Ed Gandhian alternative. - 5v. – Concept Publishing, 2005920 GAN/ P54 Hunt, James D An American looks at Gandhi. – Promilla & Co, 2005920 GAN/ P55 Ratan Das The global vision of Mahatma Gandhi. – Sarup & Sons, 2005920 GAN/ P73 Gandhi, Mahatma An autobiography or the story of my experiments with truth; tr by Mahadev Desai. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN/ P74 Gandhi, Mahatma Self-restraint v. self-indulgence.- Navajivan, 2007920 GAN/ P75 Lavanam Gora Gandhi as we have known him. – Gyan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:070/ P0 Bhattacharyya, S N Mahatma Gandhi: the journalist.-National Gandhi Museum,2000920 GAN:113 8/ H9 Prabhu, R K, Comp Mohan-mala (a Gandhian rosary). – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:113 8/ N6 Suman Khanna Gandhi and the good life. – B R Publishing, 1996920 GAN:113 8/ N8 Nisha Bala Tyagi Goodness: the Gandhian way of life.-Gandhi Peace, 1998920 GAN:200/ J5 Gandhi, Mahatma My religion. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:200/ P0 Raju, P A Gandhi and his religion. – Concept Publishing, 2000920 GAN:20211/ K1 Gandhi, Mahatma In search of the supreme. - 3v. – Navajivan Publishing, 2002920 GAN:20211/ K2 Gandhi, Mahatma My God. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:202 2/ N0 Gandhi, Mahatma Fellowship of faith and unity of religions. – Gandhi Books, 1990920 GAN:204/ L1 Gandhi, Mahatma Pathway to God. – Navajivan Publishing, 2009920 GAN:204/ P6 Ravindra Varma The spiritual perceptions of Mahatma Gandhi.- Rupa & Co,2006920 GAN:204 3/ L7 Gandhi, Mahatma Prayer. – Navajivan Publishing, 2002920 GAN:294 5/ M7 Gandhi, Mahatma The essence of Hinduism. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:294 5/ P9 Gandhi, Mahatma Hindu dharma. – Diamond Books, 2009920 GAN:29452113/ H9 Gandhi, Mahatma Ramanama. – Navajivan Publishing, 1992920 GAN:2945924/ J9 Gandhi, Mahatma The message of the Gita. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:302 14/ K3 Gandhi, Mahatma The way to communal harmony. – Navajivan Publishing, 2008920 GAN:30334/ N9;1 Jana Anand Gandhi’s leadership. – Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1999920 GAN:30334/ P6;1 Anand Kumarasamy Gandhi on personal leadership. – Jaico Publishing, 2010920 GAN:30334/ P61 Nazareth, Pascal Alan Gandhi’s outstanding leadership.- Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1999920 GAN:30361/ J0 Gandhi, Mahatma Satyagraha in South Africa. – Navajivan Publishing, 2008920 GAN:30361/ K0 Gandhi, Mahatma My non-violence. – Navajivan Publishing, 2007920 GAN:30361/ M5 Gujral, M L Thus spake Bapu or dialogues between Gandhi’s spirit and the scribe. – Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1985920 GAN:30361/ N1 Weber, Thomas Conflict resolution and Gandhian ethics. – Gandhi Peace, 1985920 GAN:30361/ N7;1 Mathur, J S Ailing world: Gandhian alternative.- Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1997920 GAN:30361/ P0 Ajay Shanker Rai Gandhian satyagraha. – Concept Publishing, 2000920 GAN:30361/ P01 Ramjee Singh Gandhi and the new millennium.- Commonwealth, 2000920 GAN:30361/ P1 Himansu Roy Poverty of Gandhian philosophy. – Concept Publishing, 2001920 GAN:30361/ P6 Ravindra Kumar Gandhian thoughts. – Gyan Publishing, 2006920 GAN:30361/ P8 Ratan Das Gandhi in 21st century. – Sarup & Sons, 2008920 GAN:3071412/ P0 Ashu Pasricha Gandhian approach to integrated rural development.-Shipra,2000920 GAN:320 5/ P1 Asha Kaushik Politics, symbols and political theory: rethinking Gandhi.-Rawat,2001920 GAN:330/ M5 Romesh Diwan, Ed Essays in Gandhian economics.- Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1985920 GAN:338 9/ P0 Bhole, L M Essays on Gandhian socio-economic thought.- Shipra, 2000920 GAN:338 9/ P01 Pradhan H Prasad Gandhi, Marx and India. – Manak Publications, 2000920 GAN:338 9/ P6 Ram Binod Singh Gandhian approach to development planning.- Concept, 2006920 GAN:340/ P4 Gandhi, Mahatma The law and the lawyers. – Navajivan Publishing, 2009920 GAN:350 /K5 Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhiji expects: what the father of the nation expected of people’s representations. – Navajivan Publishing, 1996920GAN:352 17/ J9 Gandhi, Mahatma Panchayat Raj. – Navajivan Publishing, 2006920 GAN:361/ J1 Gandhi, Mahatma Sarvodaya. – Navajivan Publishing, 2009920 GAN:361/ J4 Gandhi, Mahatma Sarvodaya (the welfare of all). – Navajivan Publishing, 2008920 GAN:370 1/ P2 Ramakant Shukla Gandhian philosophy of education.- Sublime Publications,2002920 GAN:613/ H2 Gandhi, Mahatma Key to health. – Navajivan Publishing, 1942920 GAN:613262/ J9 Gandhi, Mahatma The moral basics of vegetarianism.-Navajivan Publishing, 2009920 GAN:615535/ J4 Gandhi, Mahatma Nature cure. – Navajivan Publishing, 2009920 GAN:67702852/ P0 Mohit Chakrabarti The Gandhian philosophy of the spinning-wheel.-Concept,2000920 GAN:769563/ P2 (R) Jain, P C Gandhi in stamps.- Aravalli Books, 2002920 GAN:954/ P8 Gandhi, Mahatma India of my dreams. – Rajpal, 2008920 GAN:954035/ G8 Gandhi, Mahatma Hind swaraj or Indian home rule. – Navajivan Publishing, 2008920 GAN:9540357/ N2 Nand Kishore Singh Mahatma Gandhi and non-cooperation movement.-Anupama,1992920 GAN:9540359/ N9;1 Rafiq Zakaria Gandhi and the break-up of India.- Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1999920 GAN:95404/ P1 Bhashyam Kasturi Walking alone: Gandhi and India’s partition.- Vision Books,2001920 GAN1/ P0 Arun Gandhi The untold story of Kasturba. – Jaico Publishing, 2008 3
  4. 4. Biography, History920.054/ P6 Kaka Kalekar Profiles in inspiration.- Gandhi Sahitya Sabha, 2006923.1 BEG/ P0 Preckel, Claudia Begums of Bhopal. – Roli Books, 2000923.1 GAN/ P7 Rathore, L S Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner. – Roli Books, 2007923.1 GAY/ P4 Dharmendar Kanwar Rajmata Gayatri Devi. – Roli Books, 2004923.1 MAO/ P4 Lynch, Michael Mao. – Roli Books, 2004923.1 MUS/ P4 Neville, Peter Mussolini. – Routledge, 2004923.1 NUR/ N4 Jyoti Jafa Nurjahan. – Roli Books, 2001923.2 JAY/ P8 Jayaprakash Narayan Selected works.- Manohar Publications, 2008923.2 MOH/ P4 Rafiq Zakaria The man who divided India: an insight into Jinnah’s leadership and its aftermath. – Popular Prakashan, 2004923.2 RAF/ P2 Rafiq Zakaria Price of partition.-Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 2002923.2 SUB/ P2 Tapan Banerjee Mystery of death of Subhash Chandra Bose.- Rajat, 2002923.7 LIN/ P7 Khatija Akbar A teacher’s tale: Miss Linnell of Mahbubia Girl’s School and Welham Girl’s School. – Roli Books, 2007927.914 3 SAT/ P7 Roberge, Gaston Satyajit Ray. – Manohar Publications, 2007927.963 58 SAC/ P8 Vaibhav Purandare Sachin Tendulkar: a definitive biography. – Roli Books, 2004934.01/ P9 Osada, Toshiki, Ed Indus civilization. - Manohar Publications, 2009954/ P47 Jha, D N Early India: a concise history Manohar Publications, 2008954/ P55 Ahsan, Aitaz The Indus saga: from Pataliputra to partition. – Roli, 2005954/ P56 Braj Ranjan Mani Debrahmanising history: dominance and resistance in Indian society. - Manohar Publications, 2007954.03/ P7 Bates, Crispin Subalterns and the Raj: South Asia since 1600.-Routledge,2007954.035 9/ N7 Mushirul Hasan, Ed India partitioned: the other face of freedom.- 2v- Roli Books, 2007954.035 9/ N8 (R) Tirmizi, S A I, Ed The paradoxes of partition (1937-47). v 1. – Manak, 1998954.133/ N8 Prasant Kumar Pradhan Gandhians’ rise to power. – Commonwealth, 1998954.147/ P3 Krishna Dutta Calcutta: a cultural and literary history. – Roli Books, 2005954.2/ N5 (R) Pramesh Ratnakar Banaras. – Lusture Press, 1995954.2/ N8 (R) Sarnath Banaras. – Roli Books, 1998954.58/ N9 (R) Sanjay Acharya Bhutan: Kingdom in the Himalaya. – Roli Books, 1999 Full text of all Doctoral Dissertations accepted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 1983-2008 can be accessed at the web site: All Research Guides and scholars are requested to check the site as well as the printed draft bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of MGU available at the University Library and provide data for updating the site and the bibliographyBook suggestions can be made using formats available at the MG University Library Websites. List of New Additions duringearlier months also can be had from the library web site.We would like to receive your comments on the titles selected during the month. Your remarks on anybook with content of inferior quality; (Given in writing or as e-mail to can helpus to control the quality of collection development .Please visit library news in sites and for further details. Please participate in the qualitativeimprovement of collection development.Prepared by Technical Section, Mahatma Gandhi University Library, Priyadarsini Hills, Kottayam – 686560, Kerala India.URL:, E-mail: Telephone: 0481 2731018. 4