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New arrivals December 2010

  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Sustainability or Collapse? An Integrated History and Future of People on Earth By Robert Costenze ….et al. Specialization in science is now increasing tremendously in response to the advances achieved in technology and methodology. Even though it is positive in many respects, it creates barriers between disciplines which will hinder progress. Interdisciplinary approach is essential to have a broader view of an issue, for problems rarely fall conveniently into the water tight compartment of a single scientific area. MGU has planned the Library and Information Science Research Centre with such a view and this book will be of interest in all subject areas for it deals with interdisciplinary communication and innovative problem solving which can be adapted in any sphere of human activity. Human history, as written traditionally, leaves out the important ecological and climate context of historical events. But the capability to integrate the history of human beings with the natural history of the Earth now exists, and we are finding that human-environmental systems are intimately linked in ways we are only beginning to appreciate. In Sustainability or Collapse?, researchers from a range of scholarly disciplines develop an integrated human and environmental history over millennial, centennial, and decadal time scales and make projections for the future. The contributors focus on the human-environment interactions that have shaped historical forces since ancient times and discuss such key methodological issues as data quality. Topics highlighted include the political ecology of the Mayans; the effect of climate on the Roman Empire; the "revolutionary weather" of El Niño from 1788 to 1795; twentieth-century social, economic, and political forces in environmental change; scenarios for the future; and the accuracy of such past forecasts as the limits to growth . London, MIT Press, 2007 (Location: MGU Central Library, Ground Floor, Shelf No. 304.2. P7) New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books December 2010 Library Science, Philosophy, Religion020/ P4;1 Ramesh Babu, B, Ed Information, communication, library and community development. -2v. -B R Publishing, 2004020.72/ P4 Kumar, P S G Research methods and statistical techniques. -B R, 2004020.76/ P91 (R) Bhooshan Lal Multiple choice question bank for library and information scientists. -B R Publishing, 2009020.954/ P4 Vashishth, C P, Ed Library and information profession in India. –2v in 3 pts. -B R Publishing, 2004025.04/ P35 Kumar, P S G Information technology: basics. -B R Publishing, 2003025.04/ P47 Kumar, P S G Information technology: applications. -B R Publishing, 2004025.32/ M5 Singh, S N Cataloguing manual AACR II. -B R Publishing, 1985026.33870954/ P8 Kumar, P S G Business/ industrial librarianship. -B R Publishing, 2008026.340 095 4/ P9 Kumar, P S G Law librarianship. -B R Publishing, 2009026.630 954/ P8 Kumar, P S G Agricultural librarianship. -B R Publishing, 2008027.054/ P8 Kumar, P S G Archival librarianship. -B R Publishing, 2008027.054 83/ P8 Kumar, P S G Library movement and library development on Kerala and Lakshadweep. -B R Publishing, 2008079.541 7/ P7 Keisham Sangeeta Devi Local dailies, information and people. -B R Publishing, 2007133.90135/ P4 Webster, Richard Practical guide to past-life memories.- Jaico, 2005150.195/ P1 Lacan, Jacques Ecrits: a selection; tr by Alan Sheridan.- Routledge, 2007181.4/ L2;1 Radhakrishnan, S The basic writings of S Radhakrishnan.- Jaico, 2008201.762 2/ P9 Loewenthal, Kate Religion, culture and mental health.- CUP, 2009202.2/ P6 Hardo, Trutz The karma handbook: reincarnation and healing.-Jaico, 2006203.1/ P8 Balse, Mayah Encounters with men of miracles.- Jaico, 2008 1
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